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  1. I'd like to make an Ambients database that lists all the ambient assets currently available in TDM, for mapping purposes. I would like to ask whether it would be all right to use some public sound storage and playback site (e.g. SoundCloud, maybe ?) to upload short samples of these ambients ? As previews for the database overview. Feedback on this idea needed !

    1. Obsttorte


      I am not sure this is neccessary as mappers can listen to the files in DR itself. What scheme are you going to sort them on?

    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Based on their .pk4s and their folders in DR. You are right they can listen to them in DR (I do it too), but I'd also like to have a briefer repository of these on the wiki. The point of this and other databases is that you can quickly check an asset and its contents without having to launch DR, or have DR installed at the moment.

    3. OrbWeaver


      If you have web development skills, I think a searchable asset database for custom TDM assets would be very valuable. A lot of work to implement though.

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