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  1. To anyone willing to help with a minor but useful voice acting/vocal set-related project: I'd like to upload a 3,5 MB zip to a cloud, but I don't have a dropbox account (and mediafire has become weirdly unreliable for zip downloads). Would anyone be willing to share their storage space for a few weeks ? The zip file contains the player character voice files (grunts, etc.) and I'd like to share the link with VAs I've asked for help with completing the female version of the player character voice files. Just so they could have a point of comparison with the existing voice files, to have a clear idea of what we're aiming for with the female version of that vocal set. Thank you for any help with this, it's a minor thing, but would be incredibly helpful ! Cheers...

    1. Tarhiel


      Hello Petike, I have a dropbox, I can share it if you want.

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