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Status Updates posted by VanishedOne

  1. Back again... probably only to disappear for at least another fortnight. Must be nominative determinism.

  2. The AI didn't like my lift. I fixed it. Now the Captain is taking detours just to ride it.

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    2. grayman
    3. jaxa


      I don't remember seeing AI use a lift in any finished mission. Do you know of some?

    4. PranQster


      2 or 3 AI use the lift in siegeshop.

  3. Is anyone building anything for Halloween this year? ^_^

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    2. Spooks


      Hmmm, getting me tempted...


    3. Goldwell


      Nothing from me this year, all of my mapping efforts are focused on my current WIP for now.

    4. Nico A.

      Nico A.

      I might try to build my first mission until then and can make it horror-based. I don't really have any obligation now (except looking for jobs) and my roommate is not here, so I'm not forced to have a social life for some time.

  4. Isn't it nice of the spam accounts to put their threads in Off-Topic?

  5. Playing with Soulforge-style machines. :-) Though the way AI bodies are handled looks set to spoil the Punch & Judy show.

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    2. VanishedOne


      Potentially all of those except the robots. The system can also be used for cookery. You put items in and what comes out depends on whether you matched a 'formula' the system recognises. My first attempt used the Objectives system but couldn't handle cases where the player put in all the right ingredients for e.g. cake but added a nail and a dead rat as well. Now I have something that can check for exact matches.

    3. Morat


      Sounds awesome. You've really been coming up with some cool things, lately.

    4. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Methamphetamine operation when.

  6. I have a mostly working speed potion, but since pm_walkspeed is persistent, exiting while sped up can leave speed doubled. While testing I ended up with a cumulative speed of 1120 and was fatally splatting myself on walls, T1-bunny-hop style.

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    2. VanishedOne


      It turns out the intended way for a speed potion to work was through a call to PowerUpModifier(SPEED) in Player.cpp, but in its current state that wouldn't do anything even if scripts could access it.

    3. jaxa


      I have to assume guards are going to go haywire around someone using a speed potion, since they are sensitive to movements around them.

    4. VanishedOne


      Well, at least you can run away.

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    2. Sotha


      For me, the initial status update is less weird than the flow of comments that follow.

    3. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Weird flows of comments are the best flows of comments.

    4. AluminumHaste


      I was going to find this funny, but then I took an arrow to the knee.....

  7. Does anyone have the previous gen_ornate_iron01 files? The 2.03 update seems to have redesigned the corridor seen in http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/?p=363726

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    2. Springheel


      The old "gen" textures were terribly low res and rather poorly made. The update shouldn't change much other than the specific pattern used on the trim.


    3. SteveL
    4. VanishedOne


      In other cases it may not matter much, but it's a pretty big change to the way that particular corridor looks, and I want to restore my original design. It can certainly wait five hours, though.

  8. Toning down the physics on a bouncing monocle. It's killed me once, turns allied AIs hostile, and launched a nobleman into the air.

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    2. VanishedOne


      I tried both of those. High mass had some effect, but it still bounced a lot, and hit with the full force of a 60lb monocle. With "solid" "0" it still seems to bounce off worldspawn (and if it didn't, the monocle would disappear anyway). I think this may be the physics engine getting jittery with a small object's collisions.

    3. SteveL


      Yes it's a long-standing issue. There are open trackers for arrows bouncing forever. I've never messed with the physics system, but I notice there's a "bouncyness" spawnarg that does get used by the physics system. It needs to be set between 0 and 1 or it gets ignored. Not sure whether bigger number means more or less bounce. Have you tried that?

    4. VanishedOne


      Yes. In the end I even reduced it to 0.000000001, but I don't know to what extent it helped.

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