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  1. Watching warmly for The Black Parade, The Broken Goddess and Blood Death Wish Ep.4. Sometimes the best things in life actually are free.

    1. Tarhiel


      Thank you for this post - I knew they were making a sequel to Godbreaker, I just forgot how it was called.

      Definitely will have it in the lens of my looking glass now ;)
      Oh, and you forgot Blade of Agony ;)

  2. was on another YMO kick the past couple of weeks.
  3. the beginning instrumental of this has been my ringtone for pretty much as long as the song has existed and i still have no intention of ever changing it
  4. you sure seem to be far more offended than the person who just wanted to know how the Ignore function works.
  5. Sad to hear, wishing his family and friends all the best. The William Steele series was definitely one of my favourites in all of Dark Mod's offerings and the next two missions had genuinely been some of my most anticipated releases across any game. I'm grateful for all the amazing work he had put in.
  6. played this for the first time today, but after a search through other people's playthroughs it seems there may be a new bug introduced with the update?
  7. i often spoil myself on game stories, not always intentionally either, so one game that's 90% story i'd like to go through fresh again is VA-11 Hall-A. i still get a lot of enjoyment and emotion out of it on replays for sure, but it would be nice to not have known the slight turns it takes further in. some other game stories i'd wanna redo unspoiled would be NieR and the Trails in the Sky trilogy. for gameplay, Call of Juarez Gunslinger comes to mind. i had picked it up on a whim from pure curiosity and was incredibly pleased by it. very fun and quick shooter that still has a simple skill tree for some sense of progression. one time i had actually tried started a clean new game only to find it still saved all the secrets i had found, which gave me a dozen or so skill points to immediately spend anyway. i'd really love to have the proper first experience again, especially if i had played it after the other CoJ games this time. it's such a step up. another would be Blood, or rather, the Death Wish mod. while i think having experience with the base game was vital for my amazing time with it, i'd overall still put it higher than my first time with Blood itself. there's a lot more fun exploration and secrets that don't feel too obtuse, especially getting to the hidden levels. It was incredibly satisfying to have found every secret exit on my own in one go. enemy balance was also less punishing for a first time, with a greater focus on the spectacle of exploding dozens of undead at once, etc. Can't wait for the fourth episode for something wholly new from it.
  8. I was really looking forward to Hitman 3 but was rather inattentive and only yesterday learned that it was out this month, and more importantly an Epic exclusive for a solid year on PC. it still looked largely like just more of Hitman 2 right down to the UI, so i guess that helps me to hold off til a discount next year. i can almost never find a reason to ever get a game first thing on launch for the full 79.99 CDN anyhow. well, I say that, but I am also looking forward to the PC port of Ys IX Monstrum Nox some time this year which will likely use that exact price point. fingers crossed they brought on the individual(s?) that fixed up the PC version of Ys VIII for a much more solid launch of this one. some smaller commercial titles on the edge of my thoughts would be Gloomwood and the next episode of Hedon. I think ultimately though, the possibility of some further Thief/TDM releases are at my most anticipated yet again.
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