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  1. yeah... but unless it's hidden better than treasure in Jesps missons there seam no way to register for the wiki to do so... Can someone please post a link to the registration screen? Thx.
  2. I really like Fen's vids and style very much as well. His commentary and playstyle is far above the usual boring maunder you often find in such youtube stuff. remember Let's Play vids are not primary to showcase. nor to test or objectivly review. They're first and most to entertain. Being part at someones outspoken eloquent thoughts on a first playthrough. Which in Fen's case works and entertain well to my taste. ... Looking forward to more TDM vids from you Fen!
  3. The White Rose Hotel had been adoped by Springheel.
  4. How's your progress on your campaign grayman? Any update for us??
  5. Played the first release long time ago and replayed the new version last night. The new visual touches found everythere are awesome! Also the changes, new areas & added AI are a welcome addition. Biker, you made an already very good mission excellent! It's still one of the FM's with most good nostalgia Thief flair. Definitely worth all your work hours that went into the reissue. Thanks! Definitely worth and fun having a replay even if you already played the first version.
  6. Danke Sonosuke. Genug Polishing, um mit der neuen Version nochmals zu beginnen :-) Update: Ich habe nun die (aktuelle) FM durchgespielt. Besonders beeindruckt hat mich ...
  7. ahh.. cool Sonosuke! Ich hab vor 2 Tagen gerade angefangen die Deutsche Version zuvor zu spielen. Was ist alles neu in dem Update?
  8. @ HMart If your working with a Project Map Setup (which I do advise) you have to set the game base as well: DOOM3.exe +set fs_game myprojectname +set fs_game_base darkmod +dmap mymapname +exit DOOM3.exe +set fs_game myprojectname +set fs_game_base darkmod +map mymapname +set com_allowConsole 1 Put that dmapAndStartMymap.bat with those command lines in the directory where Doom3.exe is to have it work.
  9. Splendid model like always Nosslak!!
  10. I would really like that. Good Old Games is doing really a good job re-releasing old classic tailored for modern rigs at reasonable price tags. Thief runs well on my machine with the fixes you can find on ttlg. But many potentional players are put off by any setup odyssey to get old games running on a modern PC.
  11. Yap. That's why I run windowed mode while mapping. Alt+ESC shows the running windows application tasks at the bottom. But Alt-Tab won't let me change fromTDM to the chosen application.
  12. I did a few hours of brush- and texture works in DR1.8.0-pre1 on Win XP / Nvidia Drivers without noticing any issues so far (of the functionality I usually use). Is there any particular DR function to test for? @ Serpentine Alt+Tab don't exit when running fullscreen in TDM on my XP rig. Same for the the Windows key.
  13. Absolutly. I always wondered why Tears of St. Lucia wasn't included. Being a excellent team effort to showcase TDM...
  14. Bloodline is indeed one of the finest hyprid game experience out there. Soaked with atmosphere, depth, great AI personas. And a good use of the RPG rules in a CRPG as well! ... major studios don't make such games anymore these days like Troika did...
  15. A Score to Settle Flakebridge Monastery No Honour Among Thieves Tears of St. Lucia The Transaction
  16. What a line-up ...!!! Exciting news indeed ... keep the enthusiam and endurance for this endeavor ... Make this dream come true guys!!
  17. Brethren, Ungoliant ... as you'd joined in the noob contest: So what's the status with you guys regards this campaign? Is this a pause or the end of the Novice Campaign?? No problem folks if it make sense to you to pursue mapping in a contest setting for chances to finish a first small map. Just like to know. As if the campaign efforts have come to an end I like to change things in my map. Trying to make it playable as single map (if possible). Even considering to join the noob contest later on as well in case I have more time for mapping in the weeks begining next year.
  18. @bikedude From Johannes abandoned work please send me download links of two packages: First - the one of the WIP of Johannes you like to use to merge into a FM. I add that one to the archive and the Abandoned List adoped by you. Second package - the things you won't like to use (if any) so they are free for other people to put these to some good use as well. Thanks Johannes & Biker.
  19. Thanks Dark Mod Team!! Excellent work ....
  20. Congrats' to the new release!! Thanks for the patient work that went into all that improvements greebo & also to the beta testers!
  21. You can follow my progress status in my mapping thread guys.
  22. I prefer being part of the story but just a observer taffing treasures - the feel to be in a living and breathing world of peoples' places I'm taffing through. I like eavesdropping, personal conversations of AI and every day readables a lot for that reasons. Even if unconnected to objectives or from / about the secondary people around. I'm mostly hooked by a setting that succed in creating a very dense atmosphere. I mostly find these in mystic and horror type FMs (like e.g. in Flakebridge Monestary) and Lost City or Dark Secret type ones. Good choice of ambient and spot sound is very important for me to be sucked into a FM - even more than than top-notch visual details. Settings with much intrigue between the people dwelling the city part or an estate is appealing to me as well. Bring them on! Also I really, really love unexpected events in the story (like in The Transaction) or setting (e.g. Winter Harvest). To me a good surprise or unforseen turn-around add tension, dynamic and much immersion ... like in a good book ..... please more of such ...
  23. Setting the Scene adoped by Bikerdude.
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