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  1. Anyone here played Inscryption? At first, I was like "no, I am not going to play a stupid card game", but this game is so much more than that. It is so meta, full of 4th wall breaks, and feels so damn spooky and weird because of it. Absolutely recommended, if you can stand the visuals. I recommend not reading up too much on it, as that could easily spoil half the incredible surprises. Just know that what you see in the beginning is by far not everything.

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    2. Shadow


      I downloaded the GOG demo and while I don't really have any idea what I'm doing yet, it's very cool and compelling and creepy. and recommended to try. Still getting used to how I have to sacrifice certain cards to play others.

    3. JackFarmer


      This looks cool! Thank you!

    4. STiFU


      @Shadow the game has a ton of surprises up its sleeve.

      Here is my spoiler free steam review:

      This is NOT just a regular card game. In its core, Inscryption is a psychological horror adventure game that has you absolutely astonished, everytime it completely reinvents itself. The game is absolutely meta. It breaks the 4th wall hard, creating an immensely spooky atmosphere and so you continue playing until you find all the information to puzzle this all together. However, don't kid yourself: you will not be able to understand EVERYTHING. Not only did the developers build an incredibly deep lore, they also hid an ARG, an RL scavenger hunt of sorts, in the game files, that eventually leads to an alternate ending. And talking about endings: This was the first game in quite some time that had me in that "Wow, I am absolutely gobsmacked"-state when the credits rolled. By far the best indie game in recent years! Do not miss out, if you like something meta along the lines of "There is no Game", or "Hack'n'Slash".

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