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    Free games

    Such a shame that I just recently replayed quake 2 with mods. The mods already made it look quite decent, but thie version obviously is way better. I just checked it out. I love how you can just change the skybox and it changes the whole scene illumination.
  2. I usually lean into the chest. However, there is one issue with that: The lantern does not move with the player while leaning. So if you need the lantern to see the contents of the chest, you have to crouch-mantle on it, to get a decent light exposure.
  3. I'd rather not hide stuff like that behind general settings, as players would have no clue what this setting actually does. I am also not opposed to just offering configuration of the frob highlight via the menu. After all, one of our aims was to increase accessibility.
  4. If I remember correctly, there is a proper line of sight check in the frob detection. Could there maybe something be wrong with that model? Very suprising finding indeed.
  5. STiFU

    Oh shit.

    Yeah, history has shown that Americans invading Afghanistan really works out great..............
  6. Totally Prince of Persia vibes there.
  7. The original frob-highlight was a total hack: As we didn't have the full source code available, we had to resolve to increasing the brightness of objects via the material definitions. Not only is this inefficient, but it also clutters up the material definitions. So, the goal was to fully implement the grob highlight in GLSL, and giving the user the option to customize their frob highlight (thereby increasing accessibility), and while we're at it, fix the frequent criticizm that you cannot see the frob highlight on brightly lit objects. That's where the idea of the outline was born, which you can easily disable through the cvar "r_frobOutline ". Without the outline, the frob highlight should look pretty close to the original hack, at least that was the goal. To prevent the outline from showing through objects, use the cvar "r_frobIgnoreDepth".
  8. In that case, you are likely using chrome or an android phone and stored passwords in some browser. That data gets synchronized with your google account, if you don't deactivate that functionality. I recommend disabling all password storage in all your browsers and use a proper password manager to generate and store unique passwords for each site. I can recommend Bitwarden for this, as it is very comfortable to use and runs on all the main platforms. With with stuff like this, user-comfort is a very important factor, as I'd find it annoying to always tab between apps to enter my login credentials into a website. I use Chrome with the Bitwarden addon. I enter my master password into the bitwarden addon once when starting Chrome, and the addon will fill out all login credentials automatically.
  9. Either the TDM servers got hacked or, much more likely, you used the same login credentials for numerous sites and another site got hacked. You can check your credentials on haveibeenpwned.com. With what tool did you get that report you screenshotted?
  10. There are definitely more people posting bullshit on a regular basis on this forum and it can be quite exhausting sometimes to keep up the discussion with them. Also, it's not even that @peter_spy posts bullshit, because most of the time, he is actually just stating facts, but every now and then he can become rather vulgar, I'll give you that.
  11. I can totally understand how that is mighty annyoing. However, in the future, when the point of "no more energy" has arrived, just let it go with a brief "Please accept that you are wrong and that I will end this discussion by not posting anymore." or something like that.
  12. What NBohr suggests might be an option I could live with. Old FMs must be left as they are. Shockingly, I haven't played The Painter's Wife, yet. So, I shamefully have to admit that I don't know what the Team behind that FM pulled off with respect to the auto-map feature. That bing said, a thief-style auto-map is definitely more acceptable than a fully fledged "you are here and look in that direction"-pointer.
  13. I wholeheartedly dis-support all that has been sugested here, sorry! What you need for decent navigation are a map, a compass and landmarks that let you correlate 3d geometry with the 2d map and that's it. The Dark Mod has always been strictly against the hand-holding game mechanics of AAA-titles. We consider our players to be intelligent human beings that don't require hand-holding and I don't understand why we should change that now, after all these years of success. If anything was going to be changed in the core mod in this regard, we'd first have to have an internal discussion about this and I almost guarantee, that a feature like this would not come through. (Of course, anyone is free to release custom mods of TDM.) @duzenko please hold back on any commits to core-svn regarding map changes until we've had such an internal discussion.
  14. STiFU

    Free games

    A Plague Tale ist free on Epic right now. I guess most of you guys have already played it, but if you didn't, you should give it a shot. Art direction, atmosphere and sound design are absolutely incredible. Granted, gameplay is not the best, but it is still worth giving it a shot!
  15. I am totally against mini maps and GPS-like navigation systems in games. It's the game designer's excuse to not do proper world design and it kills immersion.
  16. Jim Browning, the virtual superhero fighting scammers all over the world, almost got scammed out of his youtube channel. Goes to show that nobody really is safe! Always be careful online, people!
  17. I really have to get more into the parallelism capabilities of std. I knew about std::transform etc., but so far I never had an application that required multithreading where using this made sense. Also, most of the time, I find using openMP or IPP much easier/quicker and it is also supported by VS2005, which we somehow still have to support (at work) for many of our modules... However, std::async somehow completely slipped through my web. Interesting concept.
  18. I am a big fan of GIT, but a colleague recently ran into an issue that lead me to question everything I thought I knew about GIT. Maybe some of the GIT-Gurus on this forum can shed some light into this issue. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68557395/why-does-this-git-merge-not-result-in-conflicts
  19. I thought the same thing, but I figured I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's see if he shows up again.
  20. You consider "three weeks in advance" last minute? Can't help you with that makeup, 'though, sorry. And regarding that Quadro card: You are kidding, right? Quadro-Cards are not really meant for regular consumers. They are used primarily for general purpose GPU-computing, i.e., heavy number crunching tasks. If you've really got that much money to spare, just get an Geforce RTX 3090.
  21. Music is usually too distracting for me while coding. That being said, before Corona, when I still worked at the office instead of at home, I still listened to music occasionally when my colleagues were too loud. The type of music depends on my current mood, but I generally lean more towards rather unconventional music or music with incredible audio engineering. When working on creative stuff, I like to listen to music that fits the setting I am trying to achieve.
  22. Gotta love that ashtray-laby moment with the soundtrack. Most astonishing part of the game!!! I am glad you came around to it after all.
  23. Although I am not a mapper, I voted for option 1, as it is consistent with the way models are handled. For models, each vertex stores uv coordinates for a texture. The uv coordinates are normalized to the texture, which means that the upper left corner of the texture is (0,0) and the lower right corner is (1,1), which is independent of the underlying texture resolution. This ensures that using a higher resolution version of the same texture will still look right. Having this methodology also applied to brushes makes sense to me. However, as already pointed out, I am not a mapper, and if this type of processing hinders the workflow of mappers, I guess an option should be implemented that enables users of DR to swap between these texture scaling methods.
  24. Instantly, when I read the topic title and author, I was like "oh no, it's gonna be one of those again". Sorry @Kurshok, but your threads are always hard to follow and borderline hate-speech. Thanks @Destined for taking the time to analyze this thread and calling Kurshok out. I usually just skip these threads these days...
  25. Some details on making things breakable: We also had an internal discussion about natively supporting bashing of doors back in 2010, which I will link for reference, but as it is an internal discussion, there is no public access to it. To summarize, it was decided to not go forward with this, as it adds nothing to the gameplay of TDM.
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