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  1. Don't think I've played a TDM mission with such a lively, lived-in, squalid (that's a compliment) city.
  2. I love a good train heist. Had an excellent time with this, thanks! And congrats on your first mission!
  3. After being spoiled with so many great entries in the contest, we have another amazing mission! I also think it's a good idea to put up an unofficial poll for this one too to see where it would have landed. Thanks Goldwell (and everyone in the contest) for raising the bar!
  4. Great mission, seems small at first, but lots to do! Am glad Grayman's work could be finished.
  5. Wow, what a mission. The design, story, and humor really make this one memorable. I say memorable, but now I can't remember where I found fuse 1. I do remember it took me much longer to find compared to 2 & 3. Hopefully someone else chimes in with a hint.
  6. Thanks for this mission! The increased AI sensitivity on Expert took some getting used to, but helped with the immersion. The good architecture and story sells it further. All around great mission, and looking forward to Part 2!
  7. I generally don't like this style of mission, but the story, atmosphere, and gameplay were all excellent, and I had a lot of fun with it. Thank you!
  8. I especially enjoyed the parts at the end. Some performance issues, and not able to without alarming everyone. Pretty fun mission overall!
  9. Short, but sweet. The small quantity of mostly low value loot definitely brings me back to Thief 1, and the warehouse itself has Thief 2 vibes. Good first mission, thanks!
  10. For a couple square blocks this was very dense with activities and loot (I only managed 4 secrets). Great job joebarnin!
  11. That happened to me as well. Also finding the took way too long, even noclipping around. Otherwise a great mission, huge and sprawling, the different areas feeling very distinct.
  12. Thanks for this fun city mission! Very dense with activities.
  13. Glad to see 21:9 ultrawide support in 2.08. Would like to request 32:9 though, as that's what I'm using. I can set the resolution manually in the config, and it works perfectly in-game, but the UI, and Menu are still stretched.
  14. This mission definitely gave me those T2 City mission vibes (some of my favorites). Never did find the way into the Blacksmith's, but was able to finish the mission without it. Thanks to everyone involved in this epic project!
  15. Great mission! Lots to do and lots of little details for such a rushed build.
  16. Missed my chance to play it on Halloween, but I still appreciated the spooky atmosphere. Good story, and voice acting too!
  17. As has been said before, fun, small mission, with good design/atmosphere (especially that stormy upstairs library). Thanks!
  18. Needed some hints with this one, but very well done. Thanks!
  19. Very tight mission. Lots to do in what seems at first to be a small space. Thank you!
  20. Wow, this mission was a lot bigger than I was expecting. Love when you get up to the
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