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  1. The data doesn't seem to support that.
  2. It looks like there is light coming through a grate behind you in the second shot that is not present in the first? That is probably the source of the light, though I'm not sure why it isn't present in the first shot. Maybe the mapper set it to only appear after the other lights were put out?
  3. Gamma settings should definitely not be affecting the lightgem. If they are, that's a problem.
  4. Are you using the lightgem? That will tell you were you can stand and not be seen by guards. If you crouch, you will be invisible under normal ambient lighting conditions.
  5. It's especially dangerous when "repugnant ideas" and "hurtful and dangerous ideology" can mean almost anything, like making an off-colour joke, referring to a virus by its country of origin, or advocating for female-only spaces. Or even just sharing a tweet from someone who did one of those things.
  6. You have to monsterclip walls that have trim along the bottom (as most of the modules do) otherwise AI will bounce up and off them if they walk too close to the wall.
  7. Yes, if you were making a cross-shaped corridor, you'd want cross-shaped worldspawn in order to visportal it properly. AAS isn't much of a problem because you'd have to monsterclip the model walls anyway, but the other things could be issues.
  8. You have to make a box of worldspawn around each room because models are entities, and entities do not seal against the void. What you don't want to do is make a giant box around your entire map. From your description, it's difficult to tell why there is no .lin file. Changing the map after generating it is one reason why you wouldn't be able to load it. If that doesn't apply I'd need more information.
  9. A tiny bit of research would have told you the game was released in 2009, so no, it's not a beta version, nor "very early" to be adding graphic effects to an engine from 2004. Welcome to the forums.
  10. If something like that could be done on a mod-wide basis, with an option to turn it off, I think it would be a good idea. Other places it might be appropriate (if feasible): 1. When first equipping an arrow type ("Rope arrows will deploy a rope if they hit a wood surface") 2. During mouse-over of inventory grid ("Hold Use to throw flashbomb further") 3. When picking up movable object ("Hold Use to rotate object") 4. Large crates ("Dropping these on AI can knock them out") 5. When opening a chest ("Lean forward to reach objects easier") If I was inventing the system without any technical considerations, I'd probably have 3 settings in the menu: Beginner (shows all messages), Intermediate (shows only most commonly forgotten tips) and Off. That way, any mission can become a training mission of sorts.
  11. You're heading into spam territory.
  12. You might get more interest if you posted some screenshots.
  13. It looks like the fresnel is completely wiping out the SSAO effect along the wooden beams on the right in those recent shots. It's also washing out a lot of the shadow on the road...most of the shadows, in fact. There's not a lot of cast shadows in those comparison shots, but they're noticeably fainter in the fresnel version.
  14. Where have you saved the model? Are you using a pk4 for your custom files? You can point DR to look in specific folders, but TDM wants the model in [darkmod folder]/models unless you have put it into a pk4 and installed that.
  15. I have taken character assets from various free sites in the past, and we had a lot donated during our purge of D3 assets. I can't rule out the possibility that someone uploaded something they shouldn't have (I've never played Silent Hill so I wouldn't have recognized the character).
  16. You can force visportals closed based on distance, so you could do something like this if you wanted. I don't think there is a "fade" ability though, so you would have to hide the change somehow.
  17. Absolutely agree. What if he comes back in six months with a plan to finish it, only to find someone else finished and released it without his consent?
  18. The first 5 I looked at where already set to https. Which link is causing the problem?
  19. You know what raises expectations about the game being the same as the originals? Giving it the same title as the originals and calling the protagonist the same name as the originals and pretending like it is a continuation of the same story as the originals in your marketing materials. If they wanted to make their own unique stealth game, they could have come up with their own title and their own protagonist, like Arcane Studios did successfully.
  20. No, I remember quite clearly that he was available. They even had him in to do some early tests, apparently, but they chose to go in a "different direction". Obviously good voice acting isn't going to hide all the other flaws, but it would remove that flaw from the roster.
  21. The only thing that was well done in Thief4 was the the visuals (and that's only if you ignore the terrible character designs). The story was a complete and utter trainwreck and the writing was full of cliches that clearly weren't edited by a native English speaker. The voice acting was painful (and especially galling given that they could have had Stephen Russell--I only recently discovered that he voiced Corvo in Dishonored 2) . The constant player animations were clunky and annoying at the best of times (I stopped picking up scissors because of them) and in the worst cases actually moved you from the shadow to the light, resulting in detections that otherwise wouldn't happen. The HUD was garish and full of flashing lights--remember "the shroud" that blocked the edges of your screen for no reason? The "swoop" was a blatant ripoff of the Dishonored blink ability. The levels were linear and full of areas where the threat was only pretend (houses that had no AI and weren't even accessible to AI, for example). All of those things are objectionable regardless of whether it was a Thief title or not. Given that it was a Thief title, the erasing of the lore, the dumbing down of the stealth, and the addition of quicktime events are all unforgivable offences.
  22. Hmm, that's unfortunate. I haven't had anyone report that before. It's been a little too long to remember, but I didn't think he had to fall all the way to trigger the objective. I don't know if something has changed with physics lately, or whether you just got unlucky.
  23. "The lockpicking sound bug should be easy to reproduce, " Has anyone reproduced it yet? I wasn't able to.
  24. I guess I'm not clear on what "a feature like this" refers to. If you just want to see the prefab and nothing else, can't that be accomplished by putting the prefab on a separate layer?
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