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  1. Some of the files still have the hum: mantle_pull01F, for example. Were these meant just to be sound tests, or is that the actual intended delivery?
  2. I wouldn't recommend using thee/thous for pagans...they shouldn't sound too much like Builders.
  3. When I was writing the scripts I would usually have a series of "default" lines for each bark, and then one or two "specialty" ones that can be added for specific character types. For example, there are default "Commander" vocals, but there are also "City Watch Commander" vocals, which are about 80% the same lines, but with a few extra thrown in relating to citywatch related things. You could do the same with pagans, and have both urban and non-urban, that share 80% of the lines.
  4. I did modify them. Certainly since 2.07 the chest prefabs should only have frobbable lids. If not something has gone wrong somewhere.
  5. The easiest way is just to only make the lid frobbable. That's the way the container prefabs have been for the past two years.
  6. Not to mention that if AI were to get suspicious by doors opening by default, players would never know whether it was safe to open a door or not, since they can't tell whether an AI can see it. You'd be penalizing the player for something they have no control over, which is poor game design. AI do, in fact, turn to look at doors that open in their POV, even if it's not a suspicious door, so they don't completely ignore them. I've always decided in my head that these old doors blow open or closed from time to time...same drafts that keep putting out the lights.
  7. Most people tend to assume their ideas are easier to implement (by a lot) than they actually are.
  8. Not only that, the player shadow doesn't even work properly, due to the lack of animations. So that would be another issue that would have to be dealt with. It is an immense project that would require work in half a dozen different areas of the game, all for a result that might make the game less fun for 95% of players.
  9. Setting aside any questions about how difficult this would be to do (or whether the end result would even be desirable), how is it you think this system of additional traces, scans, and collision checks won't decrease performance?
  10. The cleaned up version Goldwell posted was fine, so obviously there are ways to deal with the hum if the actor can't get rid of it herself. As for the delivery, I didn't find it very convincing either--it sounds like the actor is just mimicking what she heard, without knowing what the sound is for. Those mantling sounds are for a character pulling themselves up from a hanging position--there should be a sense of exertion, of the entire chest compressing. These sound more like someone clearing their throat. I don't think being an experienced team member is a requirement to make either of those observations. Nor is it a requirement to edit the files. I'm the one who did the editing and processing of virtually all of our vocals, and I just used Audacity and trial and error.
  11. There is currently no release date for 2.08.
  12. That fixed it. I loaded up the Training Mission, noclipped around for a bit; I didn't notice any missing textures. Didn't see any unusual console errors either.
  13. I updated SVN to see if I could confirm the problem, but when I try running the game all I see is a black screen. I can hear the music and the sounds of the options, but can't see anything, even when trying to pull down the console.
  14. Given that we don't even have the manpower to get the updated werebeast working well enough to release, who are you expecting to "do some different fantasy humanoids"?
  15. The term "werebeast" implies that it's a shapeshifter. I don't know if that's in the wiki or not, but I know my original intent when I added them was that they were some type of lycanthrope. They're not a race and wouldn't have their own culture, though pagan tribes may look on them favourably (shamans or druids might learn to shapechange into beasts).
  16. There's a massive difference between the lines needed for the PC (mostly grunts) and the lines needed for an NPC (500+ lines of dialogue). Frankly, the necessary vocals for a female PC could probably be gathered from the three existing female NPCs. What is harder to accomplish is replacing the player hands with female versions.
  17. She pops in on discord from time to time.
  18. I think it's fairly obvious to anyone who has been here a while that the community is smaller than it used to be. Video games tend to have a short shelf-life. Ten years for a fan project is pretty impressive, really.
  19. It's not really a money issue, it's more of a manpower issue.
  20. Did the game get darker recently? I'm unaware of any history of complaints of greenish color noise caused by the game being too dark. Ambient brightness isn't necessarily safe. It depends how bright the mapper chooses to make it. The ambient brightness of an outdoor, moonlit scene might be significantly different than that of a deep cave. The difference between being totally invisible and being able to be seen by AI a few feet away can be fairly subtle.
  21. So the intended effect is for things to change brightness when you turn your head? Given that so much of the game revolves around being able to identify dark/light areas, I'm not sold on that as a good idea.
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