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  1. Another known issue, when in game bring up the console and type "r_showtris 1" and look to see where the texture turns black is a vert point or if two or more brushes intersect. If its a vert then move the vert point, if its a brush then see if you can make said brush inot a func_static
  2. Thanks again. one thing though, what is it that causes textures the to turn black? seems like one of the more occuring (?) errors
  3. Hellooo. Resurrecting this topic cause a fella here seems to have figured out a cool way to make rain: ...and because I can't seem to get it working! I'm fairly new to the concept so perhaps that's at fault here but I really think it should make sense and work. I made a .mtr file in darkmod/materials called mysky1.mtr where I copied the quoted script to try it out. I put the newly made shader of tdm_rain_light and skinned my former rain patch with it (could this be the mistake?). It says "shader not found" all over the texture even though it directy refers to my mtr. file with all the fancy
  4. r_fovRatio = 0 means it is ignored. So that is all right. It still smells like an ATI driver issue - I think I saw such a distortion before. Have you tried changing the screen aspect and resolution in the menu and restarted TDM?
  5. Hello, I was able to run TDM demos and 1.0 just fine back in the day, but never really had time to play TDM. (Sorry.) But now, I decided to blow the dust off, upgrade TDM to the latest version, and enjoy the new versions. Only TDM doesn't run at all nowadays. I get the loading screen, after which the game shuts down. For the record, other Doom 3 mods seem to work just fine. I'm on Linux. Here's what the log says: ------------------------------- using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory using ARB2 renderSystem found DLL in pak file: /home/wwwwolf/.doom3/darkmod/tdm_game02.pk4/gamex86.so co
  6. Hi all Due to Baddcog, who helped me out very nice and patient with the first problems while creating my very own models (and many hours of trial and error) I got the first models working nicely ingame since yesterday and I'm working diligently on new ones. Since I'm creating complexer models, I got the issue, that the textures are not showing properly in Dark Radiant. They are simply white. In The Dark Mod the models (and textures) work fine. It's the thing only with new created shaders and only partly (not every new texture I create is white and not the whole model). For the .dds I us
  7. I'm running the Steam version of Doom3 under Wine (see elsewhere for my efforts with the native Doom3), and I'm encountering an unfortunate interaction with the restart required to "install" a mission and Wine. I start darkmod in the approved way, the menu screen comes up and tells me I have no missions installed. I select to install the training mission The game tells me "mission installed" and then restarts Darkmod exits Steam reports Error: This game is currently unavailable (Application running). When I restart darkmod, it tells me again I have no missions installed. What's going on here?
  8. I cannot leave the model field empty. There must be something there, otherwise the change is not set in the entity. If I set "model -" I get a black box.
  9. Not a bug, but a feature creep proposal. Currently we have light/sources/all-kinds-of-torch-and-candle-flames the mapper can use for custom torches etc. We do not have such a source ELECTRIC light! When mapper wants an electric light light source he can attach to a street lamp post, he has to embed a atdm:lamp_electric_grill_lit inside the streetlamp to get it to work. That means an instant +300 tris the player will never see. Ordinary light-entity cannot be used if the mappers want the AI to be able to spot if the light is off. (Ordinary light-enties have no stims.) One might ask, why
  10. well, i myself never experienced spinning sky, but most of FMs never gets past the loading screen... then i get "Doom3 has stopped working" error. Strange thing, this happened with most of FMs, but not all of them. But now everything works fine. Thanks for your research and posting, Dram. I just checked all missions which didnĀ“t worked earlier and they load up properly. For the record, i have Win7 x86, ATI HD5570, Catalyst 10.9
  11. I put the Forger into my map and the gloves and apron render solid black and show no texture on the model in DR. Aprilsister, who is beta testing, also shows no glove or apron textures in-game.
  12. Well this issue occurs, evidently, in specific systems (card I would assume). My card in particular is a mobile 6990M, where trying to start Doom 3 caused the display driver to crash. I did'nt even get into the menu nor into the loading screen. I'm on win 7 with Catalyst 11.10. As I mentioned, it does not happen for everybody, just for a few unfortunate. So to save them the time of searching for several hours, as I did , I've posted it here. As for which versions are affected, apparently it's anything above 11.9 I believe. But only worry about trying this if you have problems, otherwise i
  13. Why do i have to press attack to start missions now? There appears to be a visual bug at the start of Alberic mission - but maybe it's nothing since i'm in wine - it manifests a black square particle effects spawning in a part of the sky above the start area.
  14. I fear that your graphic card might not be able to support compressed textures (Intel graphics are notorious for this... my laptop can't run TDM either), and since almost all textures are compressed (to be able to fit them into the video memory), you only see black. One thing you might try is this FAQ entry: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ#Textures_are_missing.2C_screen_mostly_black Hope this helps!
  15. I've seen these too and I think it has something to do with situations where you have location A | visportal | location B Location A is very brightly lit, then pitch black location B may show these strange sparklies. The geometry is flawless, so it must be some kind of engine/video card thing.
  16. ah, reinstalls get so frustrating. I just reinstalled Doom3 and patches to 1304 , then with the HD issues I re-installed windows. Now when starting Doom3 it starts and goes in game fine. When starting TDM it hangs on the TDM screen, and my cursor arrow appears. I remember this happening before but not what I did to fix it. The paths are correct. this is my log Path to tdmlauncher is D:\Doom 3\darkmod\tdmlauncher.exe Darkmod directory is D:\Doom 3\darkmod\ Darkmod directory after normalisation is D:\Doom 3\darkmod Trying default value for engine executable: D:\Doom 3\DOOM3.exe
  17. I've encountered some strange things on these curtains: http://min.us/mbcQjnDAPQ NOTE: There are two screens in this link! (w/wo error) If I am far away, they project the texture of a new model (which has to be on the screen too) to itself. This only happens if you are some steps away from the curtain and is visible best, when in dark (it kinda lights itself). Did anyone encounter this too? The console prints no object related errors (see ) The object has 1.300 Polys and was finished with Turn To Poly (maximal polygon size: 3) and Edit Poly. It was created from a Plane. I am confuse
  18. Hi, everyone. I've got a problem with resolution in full screen, it seems to be always 640*480, whatever numbers I choose in the game settings or put in config file. When I start or restart DM it may be set to 1280*1024 or any other I set previously in the settings, but actually it's 640*480. In the window mode the's another problem - resolution is ok, but part of the window is not seen, as if it's beyond the display. Win 7 x64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE., DM 1.07. Any ideas?
  19. Yeah pretty much everything is caused by the whole 'Surface Format Optimisation' setting, since it flips cubemaps and loses rotation on RTT. Hence why the sky moves in the wrong direction and the screen is painted upside down. The problem is that sometimes the setting is triggered by a profile, and other times it's the setting. If you're lucky just disabling the setting will be fine (it also makes things look a bit better). This miiight be fixed in 1.08, just having trouble finding a way to test it on my boxes, without quick testing it's hard to fix it in the most correct way. I have a tes
  20. In many cases resolution settings won't stick unless you create an autoexec.bat with them. What screen resolution and aspect ratio? Do you have your video drivers installed properly? Post your cvars so we may review.
  21. My 5750 is a 'black edition', factory OC. I underclocked it to regular speed and it was performing much better.
  22. Baddcog, note that there are two screens in the link. One near the model without error and one with another model on the screen which projects its texture onto the curtain. I made a note in teh first post now, so everyone can see that there are two screens on the page The curtain was made out of one plane which I modified via "noise" and "FFD box". Then "Turn to poly" and "Edit Poly" like in every other model I made. Even for the .dds textures I didn't do anything special. I can't figure it out by myself. I looked in the edtior: The model isn't duplicated. I tried the DDS Utitlitys but th
  23. Encountered a bug in Mandrasola, but I think it's TDM 1.05-related. Sometimes the gem lights up forever, no matter what kind of light sources are (or not) near. And when this happens, the screenshots taken are completely black!
  24. For the record, I've never had any problems with screen captures before, but trying to do so just crashed on me last night in 1.08.
  25. nbohr1more have done that, but did not work. But we are getting closer to make it work because it started to go black to load but showed error. Aluminium, i have not upgraded my video card, because tdm was working last week. the only thing ive done was to go into my nvidia consloe trying to solve the problem the game run way to fast even though i force the refresh rate 60 but still the same problem for thief 2 thanks Silent Warrior
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