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  1. When I run "tdm_update.linux" the first thing it does is make sure it's up to date, which is fine except two things: 1. When it relaunches itself, it breaks the connection to the terminal screen so no amount of "^C^C^C^C^C" will stop it. 2. It changes directories somehow because it tries to download the whole mod again in ~/.doom3/darkmod/darkmod. Any ideas? Thanks, Richard
  2. Well I ran the updater twice and it still is doing the same thing. I notice though that even with the training mission it kicks me from the loading screen and I have to start it again. The thing is the training mission loads, where as the other ones just give me the error. Gonna just remove all of the files and re-download the whole thing just in case I have an invalid file some where. I'll tell you how that goes if I manage to fix it or get the same results. EDIT: Doing some crazy fast searching of your guys' Wiki and found this which totally sums up a bunch of issues I was having... Game
  3. Something weird for sure, I got stuck in the dl mission page, it kept saying i could dl this map, the updated maps i already got, but my missions to play screen was empty. restarted the game and this one was still in the list to dl, but was also in the play list. started fine though. -- Two visual bugs i'm noting... 1: the lockbox texture is mis-aligned again/still. arggg, I know I fixed it before 2: there's a new skin on the timber beds, white sheet. Must've been a specifc model texture because the normals are all wacky. Looks like crap... anyone making skins should check in game with l
  4. Guys, i am a big fan off the Thief series. Been playing it since earle 2000, and of course been playing TDM all the way. The thing is, i didnt have this problem before with TDM. I installed some missions yesterday, when i started i saw that all the graphic settings were on low somehow. I put the settings back to high, but still i have a very bad quality. It wasnt like this before, i have the most updated TDM. You guys know anything about it? I cant even see the blue text when in settings, which says that the game has to be restarted etc. Am i doing something wrong? I compare the TDM screens
  5. No i am playing with a regular computer screen, Asus. Like i said, a couple of months ago i didnt have any trouble running it. Maybe its because of the new updates etc for TDM? Should i delete everything and reinstall it? I use Doom3 in Steam.
  6. How much RAM do you have? When I used to play games with hardly any memory and I would quit the game, I would stare at a blank screen for seconds while the desktop was reloaded. This will happen if you try to run TDM on something like 1 GB of RAM with all settings cranked up.
  7. Ok, my GTX670 turned up today and Ive got all 3 screen hooked up but again TDM just wont play ball.Ive setup a single surround resolution of 5040x1050 via the nV control panel and TDM dosent list the res and forcing via the wiki artcle dosent work either. Can someone help me this as I know its works as I had TDM running on my old 5870 ages ago. That said I found this entry on the WSGF.rg website - http://www.wsgf.org/dr/doom-3 In the meantime I found this new app call "flawless widescreen", Im going to join the forum to see if a dev over there can create a plugin for our mod.
  8. My new PC came pre-installed with twin GTX580 graphics cards. Using just one, Dark Mod plays fine with excellent performance. When I checked Nividia's control panel I see only one card was enabled so I enabled both. Now in Dark Mod, in-game I see what I think is normal res but low colour, perhaps only 256 colours is my guess. I took a screenshot but as I pressed the key, the display showed correctly for a moment then went back to low colours and, of course, the saved screen looks OK. The only colour settings I can find are for the desktop and video playing. I got the latest Nvidia drivers
  9. Seems to be working now. It was to do with the Texture Anisotropy setting. If I reduced it then the graphic fault disappeared. But even when I then put the setting back to full it was still OK! Anyway, performance was not noticeably improved in my one test (compared with one card I mean) - probably because the rendering performance was maxed out but it was the multiple AI that slowed it down and probably that's more affected by the main processor than graphics processing. That screen error might be nothing to do with dual cards but simply that I bumped all the settings up full to see what
  10. Er.. no. I've still got lots of things to sort out and I took a quick look at this. I see it already has doom listed and I think it has the darkmod icon so presumably it read that when I played it because I've not typed anything in - unless it was pre-primed with doom3. Anyway, where does that leave me. I've no idea what the profile means or how to change it or what is wrong. All I know is that in Dark Mod all the display is a mess. It might even be 16 colours for all I know. Lots of speckles - you know like when you substitute mixed color pixels to simulate more colors. This is just blind gue
  11. caedes: When the gamma resets, could you please open the console and look at r_gamma? Is this value the same that you use, or was it changed? (If r_gamme stays but the screen changes, it is some external program. If r_gamma also changes, that it must be something inside TDM doing the change).
  12. Could it be a software firewall opening a "communication attempt by the thedarkmod.exe" notification window and you cannot see it, because the full screen game application blocks the view and you cannot even alt-tab out? This has happened to me with some other games.
  13. I strongly believe your GTX 460 is downclocking in windowed mode. 1024*768 is low resolution and, sometimes, maybe when you look up?, your GTX 460 will downclock. The solution is to increase resolution or increase antialiasing or anisotropy or increase LOD. Same thing happens with my GTX 580 when I play Thief 1 and 2. The gpu often downclocks in game and sometimes there is a little stuttering (non-steady fps). To be honest, your stuttering is much worse than I've ever seen. At 1024x768, a GTX 460 can easily run 8x or 16x antialiasing and 8x or 16x anisotropy in the dark mod. I recommend un
  14. Thanks for the answers. Overclocking is the last thing i would try. Only if no other methods are successful. What i found: I played tdm in windowed-mode (because i want to be able to switch to the desktop: But this works in fullscreen-mode only one time. After this tdm-screen comes immediately back to front after releasing the "switch-key"). In Fullscreen-mode it seems to be ok. At some locations moving is choppy; but often mission-authors warn about this in their mission describing. So this probably has nothing to do with my issue here. I will test for a time with fullscreen-mode and
  15. Whenever I try to enable post processing or bloom the screen starts flashing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgo9BwSMV94 I am running a geforce gtx 460 sli setup and have tried turning off sli to no avail. I love this mod and would be thrilled to run it with all its bells and whistles on. Any advice would be fantastic and much appreciated.
  16. Another known issue, when in game bring up the console and type "r_showtris 1" and look to see where the texture turns black is a vert point or if two or more brushes intersect. If its a vert then move the vert point, if its a brush then see if you can make said brush inot a func_static
  17. Thanks again. one thing though, what is it that causes textures the to turn black? seems like one of the more occuring (?) errors
  18. Hellooo. Resurrecting this topic cause a fella here seems to have figured out a cool way to make rain: ...and because I can't seem to get it working! I'm fairly new to the concept so perhaps that's at fault here but I really think it should make sense and work. I made a .mtr file in darkmod/materials called mysky1.mtr where I copied the quoted script to try it out. I put the newly made shader of tdm_rain_light and skinned my former rain patch with it (could this be the mistake?). It says "shader not found" all over the texture even though it directy refers to my mtr. file with all the fancy
  19. r_fovRatio = 0 means it is ignored. So that is all right. It still smells like an ATI driver issue - I think I saw such a distortion before. Have you tried changing the screen aspect and resolution in the menu and restarted TDM?
  20. Hello, I was able to run TDM demos and 1.0 just fine back in the day, but never really had time to play TDM. (Sorry.) But now, I decided to blow the dust off, upgrade TDM to the latest version, and enjoy the new versions. Only TDM doesn't run at all nowadays. I get the loading screen, after which the game shuts down. For the record, other Doom 3 mods seem to work just fine. I'm on Linux. Here's what the log says: ------------------------------- using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory using ARB2 renderSystem found DLL in pak file: /home/wwwwolf/.doom3/darkmod/tdm_game02.pk4/gamex86.so co
  21. Hi all Due to Baddcog, who helped me out very nice and patient with the first problems while creating my very own models (and many hours of trial and error) I got the first models working nicely ingame since yesterday and I'm working diligently on new ones. Since I'm creating complexer models, I got the issue, that the textures are not showing properly in Dark Radiant. They are simply white. In The Dark Mod the models (and textures) work fine. It's the thing only with new created shaders and only partly (not every new texture I create is white and not the whole model). For the .dds I us
  22. I'm running the Steam version of Doom3 under Wine (see elsewhere for my efforts with the native Doom3), and I'm encountering an unfortunate interaction with the restart required to "install" a mission and Wine. I start darkmod in the approved way, the menu screen comes up and tells me I have no missions installed. I select to install the training mission The game tells me "mission installed" and then restarts Darkmod exits Steam reports Error: This game is currently unavailable (Application running). When I restart darkmod, it tells me again I have no missions installed. What's going on here?
  23. I cannot leave the model field empty. There must be something there, otherwise the change is not set in the entity. If I set "model -" I get a black box.
  24. Not a bug, but a feature creep proposal. Currently we have light/sources/all-kinds-of-torch-and-candle-flames the mapper can use for custom torches etc. We do not have such a source ELECTRIC light! When mapper wants an electric light light source he can attach to a street lamp post, he has to embed a atdm:lamp_electric_grill_lit inside the streetlamp to get it to work. That means an instant +300 tris the player will never see. Ordinary light-entity cannot be used if the mappers want the AI to be able to spot if the light is off. (Ordinary light-enties have no stims.) One might ask, why
  25. I put the Forger into my map and the gloves and apron render solid black and show no texture on the model in DR. Aprilsister, who is beta testing, also shows no glove or apron textures in-game.
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