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  1. Is Dark Mod storing settings other than video? Which video settings are you trying to change? If screen resolution then is it defaulting to 640 x 480? Try some other values. Perhaps doom3 is refusing your res even if your monitor supports it. Try 1024 x 768 to prove the theory. If so you might have to compromise.
  2. Please help I get the following message after the TDM splash screen in a popup window ERROR: Error: file script/doom_events.script, line 1041: Unknown event 'moveToCoverFrom' I am running Windows 7
  3. Hey all, I am just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem yet as I have been unable to find an open thread regarding it. I have just updated TDM with the updater, Launched the game and installed an FM as normal... TDM restarts, I go to new mission and the current installed fan mission = " " - Blank. The option to start the fan mission is there, so I click it and get a blank briefing screen then the error "Couldn't load Map: Maps/ " I have tried this with several fan missions including the training mission and I get the same problem... Everything was working fine before the u
  4. All of the above are correct Fidcal. Everything was fine during 1.0, I played many fan missions for the months leading up to the 1.1 patch. 1.1 broke it for me, and yes the console does say that it cannot find startmap... I go to start mission, select the mission I want to install... TDM restarts, I select new mission again and this what is displayed.... I click start this mission and I am met with a blank breifing screen, I click "Buy Equipment" and I get the below error... Console says that startmap could not be found?
  5. Hi I just updated my TDM to 1.01, here is what tdm_update says: TDM Updater v0.44 © 2009-2010 by tels & greebo. Part of The Dark Mod (http://w ww.thedarkmod.com). Analysing mirrors: done, found 6 servers. Fetching checksums from server... done. Comparing checksums: fms/training_mission/training_mission.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_animals01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_base01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_builders01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_heads01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_humanoid_nobles01.pk4 is ok. tdm_ai_human
  6. Hi all After talking about this a bit on the TTLG forum it seems here is a better place to post the issues I am experiencing. I can install and start missions fine. The first few saves and loads work fine too. However it always goes wrong afterwards. Loading the game crashes while inside the game, but the same savegame loads fine on a freshly started TDM. One of these three always happens: 1. Quickloading makes the game crash immediately. It doesn't even get to the 'Loading' screen. Loading any other savegame also crashes. Choosing 'Quit Mission' crashes too. If I finish the mission, the
  7. blue screen of death you get it when windows crashes, it will display a bunch of hex addresses related to the hardware on your system, saying there's something wrong with the hardware or drivers for hardware.
  8. I can't locate the new tdm 1.01 update. Updating isn't possible through the server or the updater. I'm not informed on how to use a torrent download so I'm only in possession of a 19 kb file. I could download I think from moddb but you guys haven't bothered to update the download listings so only tdm 1.0 and 1.0 corrected are there. The last update listing is for january. Why are you guys keeping up with that site? How to I make use of the torrent file? Or better still, since it's recommended, how do I make it possible for the updater to download the mod files? I can't obtain a screen of the
  9. So, I nearly completed the Training Mission in the second night. But only nearly. It happened in the Builder´s Warehouse, where you get the water arrows: Doom3.exe has made an ERROR and I´m send back to desktop. I made a quicksave when the message came about the quiver. When I reloaded, the message is out of place, it´s written nearer the bottom so the last text lines are on the game screen and I get the error again, though I do nothing. So I reloaded, ran fast back to the mossed hallway and quicksaved again! So when I´m reloading now, there is no error, I´m just send back to desktop without
  10. Strange, normally the driver should be in the software-list called "NVidia Drivers" or similar. At least it shows up there in Windows 2000/XP. The first Screen in Driver Sweeper just shows you a list of options, the ATI Drivers happen to be on top of the list. After you uninstalled the driver and are in safe-mode, you can check the "NVidia Display" checkbox here, then click on "Analyse" and after it's done on "Clean".
  11. Your welcome, but better perhaps to fix what ever in DR is conflicting with this setting..? I have another rather obscure question regarding DR.. I have 2 systems: C2Q 3.2ghz, 8800GTS/HD5870, Vista/7, 20" CCFL LCD C2D 2.7ghz, 8400M_GS, Vista, 12" LED LCD On the first system I have noticed a strange almost imperceptible lag when moving rotating/moving in camera view, as if the view in DR is playing catchup by about 0.25-0.5 second. I have changed the Mouse, the mouse driver, the screen refresh etc and none made a difference. Yet on the second system (my laptop), there is no lag at all.
  12. I'm looking forward to playing "The Builder's Influence", but I thought I'd better ask this first... At the very start of the mission there is an on-screen warning: "Warning: AAS32 is out of date!" What does it mean, and can it be safely ignored? As an experiment I installed and started the old missions, that I played on TDM 1.00, and I get this warning with several (builder's influence, crown of penitence, outpost, trapped) and a similar warning about AAS_rat for a few others (return to the city, living expenses, lucia, chalice, thieves). Is this normal? I remember seeing the AAS_rat warnin
  13. Well, I updated my drivers.. nothing changed.. driver version is in the screen-shot There's just one, until i take more later, if anyone needs them.. And when I say "super smooth" it's relative, like 25 fps, which for me is great, since the game looks nice. Halo 1 maxed out still lags for me. as an example. Oh and last night the screenshots weren't saving, but today i typed in "screenshot' and it all started working, and last nights screens also were in the folder, which was empty last night.. Weird.. However they are saving at around 900kb.. which is to large, obviously.. And they a
  14. I'm worried that the reason you are having good performance is because your graphics card is not actually rendering very much and as such, is able to power through the rendering pass. Yeah if prntscrn is only giving you a grey screen when pasting into a program you can also try running in windowed mode with: set r_fullscreen 0 vid_restart Also download fraps and run that when playing the game, and use it's internal screenshot taking ability to grab screens. Also go to the nvidia control panel and check out your system information; what driver are you using? I'm running 196.86 with no issu
  15. Nice, now TDM loads up fine, no errors at all, but instead of actually running TDM, it runs Doom 3, which doesn't really work, the taskbar is visible, and the screen blinks white on and off.. But Doom 3 works fine If I go ahead and run it through Doom3.exe Any help?
  16. ok well i got my game resolution fixed for the dark mod(havent figured out doom 3 yet..) i had to switch to 4:3 1024x768 then switch it to 1920x1080 but when i get in game everything is upside down!?!?!?!??!!? edit: OK well i tried using 1280x1024 it got my character out of being upside down but the screen looks blurry and my character walks completely sideways...weird bugs.. im a huge thief fan i was really looking forward to playing!
  17. I'm writing late but there is one more way to solve it. When pops up the screen requesting the cd-key, type in console "disconnect" and that's it
  18. Hi everyone, The problem I have is when I start a new mission it installs everything. But when I press the start mission button, a screen pops up and request my cd key. Has anyone have this type of problems. I do not know how to get around this. I did put the cd numbers but nothing. Also, I notice in the Doom folder it has a trainng mission the same size as in the darkmod folder, is this natural. thanks Silent Warrior
  19. Hi all. I play Doom 3 no problem, but it installs darkmod no problem, it get me to the darkmod menue, and when I press the start mission button it ask me for a cd key. I dont understand this. I even put the startstring map name by using contl, alt ` a blue screen come on I type the mission file and it says not valid. Is this natural when I installed a new mission for example "crown of Penitence" it loads the video no problem then I press start mission it stills ask me for a cd key. The strange part that the fm mission crown of penitence is also in the doom folder as well in the darkmod fold
  20. Sounds like "classic" ati POS. My old computer with a radeon9800 had sparkles over the entire screen when playing demanding games, like doom3. The solution was to clock the core down, using ATI Tool. Inexcusable IMO that a non-overclocked out-of-the-box card needs to be clocked down to work as advertised. For my new box I got a 4850, 2 or so months ago, and I was extremly PO'd when I saw artifacts like you describe, even in Quake bloody 1 (ezquake) on occasional surfaces. Never going to buy ATI again (luckily I only bought it as a temporary solution). I also got the same artifacts when tryin
  21. In my case it does not even get to the load screen or the load bar. The game crashes immediately after pressing the quickload key.
  22. I have encountered the issue #1. At the beginning of the mission quicksaving/loading works correctly. All the saves produced are "fine". But after some moment the savegame becomes "corrupted". After loading such a "corrupted" savegame: I can play the mission as long as I want, nothing strange happens.Saving the game works OK (but the produced saves are "corrupted" in the same way).When I try to quickload TDM crashes immediately (Visual Studio catches some exception). When I try to load a save which is "fine" it also crashes. When I try to quit mission it crashes. And when I win the missio
  23. I have a similar problem. When I set the resolution to 1366x768 the resolution was 1280x720 in truth - and vice versa...not too big problem I have set to 1280x720 and I've got the needed 1366x768. Otherwise with 1280x720 (I thought it is 1366x768...) some texts - for example the longer inventory texts - slip out of the screen...not the all text, but some letters of it...
  24. Ok I did disable the Catalist AI. I tried the training mission and that now works. the mission i kept trying to load before was challice of kings. the game runs nicely but I've noticed that the Vsync just won't enable so now I get this slight screen tear while running. Come to think of it none of the video settings are changing even when I restart the game. Oh well so far so decent.
  25. Regarding the black texture problems, have you checked out the FAQ on our wiki? http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/FAQ#Graphics You can adjust the 16:10 aspect ratio in the Settings / Video menu section to fit your monitors. PS: And thanks for the kind words, appreciated.
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