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Fan Mission: Thief's Den Re-release by Fidcal(2010/07/04)


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Thief's Den is a re-release of the first Dark Mod tiny demo mission converted by greebo to work with the main Dark Mod release. Steal back your loot and incriminate the thief who double-crossed you! This was the first of the Thief's Den series in which you play Farrell.


Read the notes below while you ... DOWNLOAD HERE. (3MB)


Play time maybe 30 minutes to an hour first time.


This FM needs Dark Mod Update 1.02 or later.


This version has been modified to work with the Dark Mod released assets but is still essentially the same. The thief and thug models are updated and there is extra loot to find.


IMPORTANT: If you already have the original stand-alone demo version of Thief's Den installed in the same Doom 3 installation then you must delete or move away the folders: doom3\thiefs_den and doom3\darkmod\fms\thiefs_den BEFORE you install this re-release.


The original is still available as a stand-alone demo (needs Doom 3 but does not need Dark Mod installing) from http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Thief%27s_Den

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Hehe, nice! Good to have this one too.

Ich konnte mich nicht erinnern Teleportation gezaubert zu haben und doch stand ich da... alleine und nackt.

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But wasn't it packaged with/as the original alpha? http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118943


Yeah it was, but gosh, that means Thief's Den happened almost 3 years ago? Wow... *jaw drops to floor*

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But wasn't it packaged with/as the original alpha? http://www.ttlg.com/...ad.php?t=118943

I assume the thread was an announcement and the title has been changed by NH afterwards (note the "edited by" line in that post). It's definitely been January 18th, see also the quotes in that thread and our wiki main page history, I edited the page for the download instructions back then.

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well dont kill them and you are playing 30 minutes, and turn up the AI strenght to master or expert.

Ich konnte mich nicht erinnern Teleportation gezaubert zu haben und doch stand ich da... alleine und nackt.

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I did it first time in just under 8 minutes, though I did miss a whopping 600 loot. Will probably replay to get it all, and then move on to replaying Alchemist.

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I really enjoyed it the first time, probably spent over an hour taking my time very slowly soaking in the environment and every little section/spot.

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I was bored and wanted to replay the oldest mission, but since I have started the mission I can't start any other missions. When I click on "start a new mission" in the main menu, it goes directly to the objectives of thief's den :(


How can I get rid of the mod/map again? I have played every mission until now and never had such a problem.



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It uninstalled OK for me here. I don't know what has happened but try this.


Check you have not installed the old Thief's Den standalone demo. I did put the link in the first post so it is not impossible someone might have used the wrong link I guess. I believe that goes direct to the objectives from the main menu.


You must be using tdmlauncher to start Dark Mod of course. Check your shortcut; I'm sure you are if you have been playing FMs normally so far.


Make sure Dark Mod is not running.


Delete the file darkmod\currentfm.txt. You should now be able to access the missions and it should show nothing installed. That should be enough.


If still a problem then...

Rename the folder doom3\thiefs_den to say, den_disabled or whatever.

Delete or move away the darkmod\fms\thiefs_den folder.

So long as you keep one copy of the pk4 you can always re-install in the normal way.


Let us know what happens.

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Nice little mission but had something really bizarre happen after downloading the game. I went to save and there was already a quicksave game there dated 12/31/1969 @ 6:00 p.m.huh.gifHad to double check that date!laugh.gif

It took me right inside the hideout on the top floor. ( I checked and then played properly from the beginning. By the way enjoyed the roof top climb.

Edited by Thiefette
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Ignore the fact that you've been playing TDM in 1969? Just ignore that, huh?


You've got some explaining to do. None of us agreed that you could use the time machine for such frivolous (and dangerous!) silliness.


I am hereby formally calling for a convention of The Central Auditing Commission.

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