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End of year apreciations/awards?

Mr Lemony Fresh

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Hey everyone.


I quite like the forum and this mod and I thought it would be nice if the people who worked the hardest to make it good (and the mod) were awarded some kind of recognition.


For instance,


-Most friendly/helpful

-Fan mission of the year

-Most dedicated to adding to the assets/ busy team member




I think it'd really wrap up the year on a positive note to end on

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a positive not




A negative yaught.


Or a nautical yacht.




But seriously. It sounds like a good idea (though it's a long way off) and obviously has good intentions, but in a way these kinds of things whether folks will admit it (or not) can "disappoint" the many "losers!" (:P) while only slightly gratifying the "winner"... resentment builds and chaos reigns and darkness falls and we are left with the shattered remains of competition where once stood a cooperative community.


Argumentative, you say?


Hyperbolic, you say?


-Olive Thee Sand Mower

"A Rhapsody Of Feigned And Ill-Invented Nonsense" - Thomas Aikenhead, On Theology, ca. 1696

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HAHA i got wrapped up in something else and forgot to finish it before i posted it :D


Well, the fan mission of the year would be great I reckon, since there's a pretty good flow :)


And the more specific and significant they are, the less chance there is of making mistakes.


Plus since there would be no prizes except recognising, surely people wouldn't be getting upset over not being picked :)


As for "winner" I think putting the 'most' more 'best' label has that effect, but something like 'mod of the year' sounds a lot less pretentious.

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I would rather that any accolades go to the coding and development team.


All year long people ooh and ah about pretty maps, models, textures while those guys do the extremely dry, boring, and (most important) difficult task of coding the fundamental parts of the game engine get no response.


The sad thing is that they are all so grumpy about this lack of appreciation that they often tear newbs a new one when these kids start asking things like other engines besides Doom 3 (because newbs don't understand the eons of work that coding takes), so their grumpiness scares away any potential good-will from the less technical members of the community. (Then you add guys like me who was a Beyond3d forums regular and out-of-habit likes to speculate about new 3d tech... I'm a jerk :().


Then, even if the community did know more about their work, they would still have trouble gauging how difficult or important one coders work is verses another's.


So instead the coders must live with the knowledge that the maps wouldn't work as well as they do without their work and secretly acknowledge their part of that magic.

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I concur.


Greebo is certainly a saint.




I vote that there is a "Greebo of the year" -prize, which goes automatically to the hero doing most of the coding..


I don't mind if there was a map of the year -contest around new year, but I think these FM building contests are more fruitful for the community: lots of new maps and lively community. In the end, without a steady flow of new maps, the fruits of the coders would go to waste since there was nothing to play. The coders DO play the mod, do they?


-The mapper's best friend.

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That's why I suggested the team member thing :)


I think what's crucial here is that everyone thinks of this as a way to encourage the things that make this mod and it's forum possible, and it goes without saying that the active, hard working team members deserve a mention.


Of course I'm not being thoroughly specific, and I'm sure someone else might do a better job of categorising the awards, so focus on the actual idea of encouraging deserving members to do well.

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Those of us that put a lot of time and energy into the mod certainly appreciate your appreciation. Motivation for working on a project like this, especially after a number of years, is not guaranteed, and having your work recognizes certainly helps maintain it.


I'm not sure "awards" are the best way to show appreciation, however.

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I think if anyone wants to donate anything, they could start with some professional-quality models, animations, textures, and sounds and that would be more than welcome. ^_^

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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