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Good guide to improving graphical fidelity of Dark Mod?


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I've recently gotten my hands on the new, standalone Dark Mod 2.0, and I must say that it looks and sound absolutely gorgeous and plays fantastically! However, I can max out the settings (except Antialiasing - somehow, I suspect 16x is meant for multi-GPU configs, not single-GPU configs like mine), and while I'm quite pleased with the graphics quality, I still want to push the settings higher still. However, I'm not exactly familiar with the graphics and sound variables used to tweak a game's graphics and sounds for a game based off of the open-sourced idTech 4 engine, so I've tried to find a good guide to help me tweak the Dark Mod's settings - to no avail. As such, does anyone have any advice on what variables and values to use for increased graphical and aural fidelity?

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TDM is basically all maxed out by default. For futher graphical improvements, the engine would have to be extended, which I hope to happen soon.


AFAIK this. It'd be great for some graphics gurus to improve the engine on a few fronts like radiosity, maybe soft shadows?, things like that. They'd go a long way to improving the look & feel of the game. But performance would be an issue too.


The other thing IMO we need are more good looking assets, just good-looking objects and textures.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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I guess if you are trying to do some deadendthrills type stuff, you could try adjusting the texture LOD Bias of your video

driver. In OpenGL this doesn't usually work so well.


You can also try these tweaks:



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Graphics are fine as they are, improvements on this side of the game would be nice, but I guess they are on the lower end of the to-do list. Only thing that really seems weird is the huge difference in quality of some textures. Some do have higher quality than similar ones in new released AAA titles, others look like thief 2.1, which only matters cause of the huge contrast, of course. This kind of game will always be a "gameplay first" type of thing and I guess that is everything you could possibly look for.


(by the way, what are the next big steps planned for development, just asking :)?)

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Only thing that really seems weird is the huge difference in quality of some textures.


Yes, this is a side effect of collecting textures over the course of six or seven years, from multiple sources. Some of the earliest ones don't stack up very well. If there are especially bad ones you notice, we do try to upgrade them.


(by the way, what are the next big steps planned for development, just asking


You'll notice some character upgrades in the next update.



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