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Thief 4: Tweaks & Fixes:


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About the tweaks

*Remember to disable the mouse smoothing in the ThiefInput.ini if you dislike the filtering

*Disable the VSync and force it with the Scanline Sync of RTSS+Afterburner (now the game is silky smoooth)


There's a never solved audio mixing problem: https://steamcommunity.com/app/239160/discussions/0/1638669204731038878/

Proof: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p2sbrw11zzlcb0n/AB.mkv/file

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Hello everyone,

After all those years... back with Garett (Thief 2014) with nVidia 3D Vision

I'm trying to use 3D Fix Manager to create a profile to activate the '3D Depth Hack' but it doesn't work...

The profile is created and recognized : Unreal Engine 3/3D Direct mode On/DirectX 10 or 11/3D Depth Hack : Override global Setting x2
I activated the wrapper 3dmigoto (DirectX 11) 1.3.16 (32 Bits) and created a Hotkey to toggle the 3D depth to 1 with the Tab key (to test the fix) but nothing si working.

Here is my config:

Windows 7 64 bits

nVidia drivers tested : 387.92 / 425.31

Thief 1.4 (Steam ID 239160) tested in 32 and 64 bits

Can somebody help me ?

Many thanks !

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On 2/28/2014 at 2:50 PM, Bikerdude said:
  • Disable in-game fog -
    • Go to Thief\ThiefGame\Config ThiefGame.ini and then find [Engine.WorldInfo] andgo to line 66
    • And then change mbEnable=TRUE to mbEnable=FALSE and then save the file as read only.

Your advice causes new bugs...  For example, in the first Сutscene of the game, the smoke from the pipes does not become realistic.

The right Solution:


DefaultPostProcessSettings=(mSSAO=(mbEnable=TRUE, mIntensity=1.0), mWind=(mbEnable=TRUE, mbAffectVelocity=TRUE, mVelocity=(X=25, Y=10, Z=10)), mFog=(mbEnable=TRUE, mbEnableOutdoor=FALSE, mbEnableColor=TRUE, mOutdoorTex1=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mOutdoorTex2=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mOutdoorTex3=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mLayerOpacityCurve=PROG_3D_PostProcess.FogNearPlaneDensityCurve))

This needs to be done in two files: ThiefGame.ini and DefaultGame.ini

The fog is being removed in many places... It is not possible to completely disable fog in this game through the config

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Open Hex Editor. I recommend HxD. Find  thiefgame.u.

To disable shroud - Make a backup of thiefgame.u and then search (in Hex value) for:

    02 CD CC 4C 3F 36 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E
    Replace with: 02 00 00 00 00 35 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E

     to disable white flash :

    33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 CD CC CC 3E 38 A9 4C C0
    Replace with: 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 00 00 00 00 38 A9 4C C0

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