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Fan Mission: Sir Talbot's Collateral by Baal & Bikerdude (15/04/2015)


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Yes and no. Years ago I showed that you could block AI into a corner with crates, so AI now has the ability to impulse push items out of their way, but if your patrol routes have really tight timings, you might start getting your AI's circling each other in doorways and such.


Since it was blocking the door completely, the AI pushed the chair out of the way.

I tried putting it in the path of Sir Talbot, and he just went around the chair. Even when it was in the middle of his path_corner/wait entity, he just stood next to the wait spot instead of pushing it out of the way.

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I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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I re-played this, and just finished it. Really nice, classic mansion mission. Again, I didn't really care for the K.O. limitation (I played on the medium difficulty, and I just knocked everyone, ignoring the failed optional objective), but, I accomplished all the other optional objectives. I like that this mission feels so polished, it seems well tested.

Nonetheless, the one thing I'd definitely criticize about it is the K.O. limitation objective. It just doesn't make sense to limit the player's approach that way (and it doesn't make sense from the mission perspective either). Really can't stress that enough. Please give the player all the options to play his way, and don't force the player to play your way. Cardinal error in my opinion.

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New version is up.

Here's what's new:

  • A high quality version of the intro video
  • Subtitles made by datiswous
  • Kingsals new footstep sounds (from his excellent Volta missions) are included (with his permission)
  • Background image and ambience (music by Gigagooga) in the main menu
  • The climbable vines were made more noticeable
  • Removed the absence markers from all the loot. Guards wont be seemingly randomly alerted anymore
  • Better textures in a few selected places
  • Some model updates/improvements made by Bikerdude
  • 3 new hidden loot items
  • A lot of unnecessary files where removed from the package
  • A lot of smaller fixes
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Took the opportunity to give this excellent mission another playthrough. I'm pretty sure I found all the new loot items too! There's one I can see but can't figure out how to reach 0.0

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3 hours ago, thebigh said:

There's one I can see but can't figure out how to reach 0.0


There is a rope arrow in this mission. I assume you mean the doll.

But you can also climb on the chandelier. It is a bit tricky, but possible.


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