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Floating triangle of shadow


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I'm encountering a bug in a WIP (using 2.06). I'm fairly certain it's something that I've heard of before, but I can't remember any details about what might be causing it, nor can I think of a decent term to search for.


The problem is in one particular room; there is a single triangle of shadow that seems to float in the player's vision. It is not affected by objects behind it; it appears to be floating in the air rather than being cast on surfaces like a normal shadow. It only happens when looking in one direction at one specific area. As the player moves, the triangle stays in the same spot on the screen, but gets smaller or larger as if it is getting closer or further away.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'd post a video, but it's happening inside a room that I don't want to reveal.

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Ok, I removed some of the top secret stuff and recorded a video. You can see that the triangle is not a typical shadow being cast by something, and is draws in front of all models.



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The problem I had was related (I believe) to the softshadow/FBO glitch (I'm using Intel graphics cir. 2015), where it "burns in" the shadows at the time you turn soft shadows on / start time, and then the shadow stays placed there and moves with the player's view and rendering in front of everything. I don't recall them growing larger or smaller though. And it was along with the sparklie glitch.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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Have you bound anything to the player?




I can start deleting things in the room one at a time to try and track it down, but I feel like I've encountered or heard of this same issue before. But I guess if it's not familiar to anyone else I might be imagining it.

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