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Looking for Beta Testers (again!)

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I'm looking for 3 beta testers for a non-Steele mission entitled Braeden Church.


William Steele: In the North took place in Braeden Church after it was restored by Lord Harckoff's ancestors. The new story takes place way before that, back in Father Grimmore's day. (It's highly recommended that you play In the North before playing Braeden Church.)


It should be ready in a couple days.


It requires 2.06, so you'll need to be running smoothly on that before we start.



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Still need any testers? I'm new to TDM, but it's quickly become one of my most played games. Very interested in contributing to the community and maybe starting to build my own levels with DarkRadiant. I'm currently in school pursuing a degree in Computer Science, so if applicable I'd also be willing to apply my programming knowledge and skills toward the project as well.

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Sure, another tester would be nice. I will probably post a fixed version sometime later today, so if you could wait for that to show up, you won't waste your time on the first version.


New mappers are extremely welcome. The forum is a great place to ask questions, and new mappers usually start their journey with this tutorial.


As for programming, we can always use new programmers. Do you run TDM on Linux or Windows?






1 - If you haven't played William Steele: In the North, I suggest you complete that before beta testing.


2 - The Braeden Church beta thread is here.

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I play the game on Windows, but do a have a few Linux VM distros (Debian, Mint and Kali) that I mess around with here and there. I wouldn't say that I'm a master of Linux, but I've got an intermediate understanding. At the moment I work mainly in C++, Python, R, Java, Javascript/HTML/CSS and have done a little bit in C#, PHP, C, Clojure, Go and Kotlin. I've watched a few of the basic overview videos on DarkRadiant on YouTube and have built a very small test level of just a few rooms so far. I'll check out the Braeden Church thread and I believe I do have the William Steele series downloaded, but have yet to play it but will likely load it up and play through it within the hour. Thanks for the links and I hope that in the near future I'll be able to contribute content and maybe even do a bit to help with the actual development of the game.

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Sounds good. Going to finish up Into the North now and then I'll load up Braeden Church and if I come across any issues I'll let you know in the other thread.

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