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Oh. Oh. Oh.

I was never interested in crime series, but I love Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This Vince Gilligan guy and his associates are incredible. (I think I first learned his name from X-Files credits back in the nineties).

I am really looking forward to this. Me wonders if this Walters Whitst willst returnst as well? :)




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He did do a bunch of Xfiles episodes. He wrote a ton of episodes for them, including one of my favorites "Drive" (which also stars Bryan Cranston). I'm definitely looking forward to El Camino, (especially now that I live in New Mexico and can say "Hey, I've been there!" whenever I see those beautiful nature timelapses, haha)

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How did you know I was searching for those barrels!?!?!? And Drive was about: 

Bryan Cranston's character basically had to stay in motion all the time. If he slowed down anything lower than 50 miles per hour he'd die. So Fox Mulder of course, is the one driving him around and they get involved in a cross country car chase. It's basically the plot of Speed but with the super secret shadow government. Really good episode, even if the premise (or my poor retelling of it) sounds silly.

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I don't understand how you could have the complete X-Files box set but have not watched the entire series at least eight times.... but to each their own, I guess, haha :P

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Well, I have started with season 1 ca. three years ago...and somewhere during watching season 2 I started with TDM mapping. :)

Currently I am half through the third season. Though these early seasons already carry the mysterious mood, I must says that I think the first two seasons have not aged too well...and they include a lot of crazy storylines one would not want to see here on TDM! :)


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Pinkman was cool in BB. Until he stopped doing drugs. Didn't like him that much after that. :D

BB seasons 1 and 2 were among the best stuff i've ever seen in a series, by the way. The series quickly went to the worse in the later seasons, though. One of those series which get famous, and then they need to go on doing episodes, and the whole plot, story line and character writing suffers... typical for so many popular US series (Prison Break, The Walking Dead, True Detective, you name it...).

IMO, what they should rather do is mini series'. And then decide whether or not they will go on with the same story, and characters, and have a plan in the backhand, and take the time to execute everything nicely.

The trailer doesn't exactly excite me, BTW. Already looks like a serious lack of ideas, lol...

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