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Dragging bodies upstairs?


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I'm playing Ulysses 2, and I'm having trouble with the rescue scenarios because I can't drag bodies up stairs.  If you recall, 


The hostages are in a pit.  The masked kidnapper is right beside the hostage.  I can easily take out the hostage-taker, but then I get caught because I can't drag the body up out of the pit and into the dark.  I could put out the torches but  I only have two water arrows, not enough to rescue three hostages.

The ability to pick up a body was vastly superior from a gameplay perspective.  

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Still would be nice if we could drag bodies up a little higher than knee height. The number of times I've struggled with pulling a ragdoll up on a chair to pose them for a mission.

Well, that's probably the way it is for a reason, and IIRC there's actually a console command to loosen the physics limitations when dragging a body.

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