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Fan Mission: By Any Other Name by joebarnin (2022/3/10)


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The silver key is one of two needed to unlock the front door. The other is in the room you can climb into, in the upper part of the town area.

But, you don't need to keys to open the front door - you can pick the locks. There are locks on either side of the door, on pillars. The front door is in the lower part, up some stairs with lion statues. Not too far from the alley where you explored to find the silver key.


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Finished this up yesterday and really enjoyed it. It seemed to be all about the timing of things so added some tension in a few spots.


I loved the twist it took when you finally got into the mansion. Enjoyed all the puzzles except for one - the 2nd room of the elementals - I found that one very frustrating. I finally made it across only to be zapped back to a gate I had no trouble reaching anyways. After multiple, multiple tries, I just no clipped to the door :( . The others were all a good challenge. I appreciated the in game hints for a couple of puzzles - saved me from exiting and asking here. 
The guards seem to be really sensitive to sounds (even though I have my settings to forgiven), not sure why, lots of muttering and moving on lol.  Also, enjoyed looking for all the secrets :) 

Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to more missions from you. 

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@ThiefetteGlad you liked it. My other missions: Mission of Mercy, The Heart of St. Mattis, Now and Then. And I've got another one coming, probably next year.


Sorry the elementals were so frustrating. I definitely pushed the envelope with this mission. Cambridge Spy amusingly called it "Thief Meets Portal"


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