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    Thank you STRUNK and Geep for posting so many new stuff. That's a good distraction for everybody these days. Thus I have decided to post a few more pics from my upcoming mission before we go beta. And for those who want see more, here comes an ingame video from the starting point showing a peaceful and silent lakeshore...with an invisible infiltrator in action! https://streamable.com/ixzp0
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    Made a new fancy stove. Stove.pk4
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    A while back Atheran made use of cloth simulation to create covered versions of various kinds of furniture. While others and I have been putting these models to good use in our FMs since then, they didn't get taken up in TDM's core assets because of numerous issues. So I've put a decent amount of time into fixing these issues, and can confirm that they were numerous indeed. Automatic mesh generation sure causes a lot of collateral damage, as the cloth UV map was split into a thousand shards, the shadowmeshes didn't work and intersected with the cloth, excess/missing verts and faces everywhere and materials were messed up. But I think it was worth it: They all sit around 3000 tris. Could probably shave off several hundred off each model's shadowmesh, but I suppose they're mostly intended for dark, cobweb-filled rooms and mansions anyway. Here's a download (just drop or extract the .pk4 into your FM). I've also uploaded them to 2.08 (Rev 15867)
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    I hate to join the chorus of negativity but I honestly feel like Vulkan itself is a bad move. It pretends to be a modernized "clean slate" OpenGL but it really just encourages vendor lock-in since it is so closely tied to the hardware. It is mostly big industry players getting together and going "why do we need a flexible open standard when we are the only players left?" then collaborating on a standard that will only work for big industry players. The only thing I can say for it's defence is that OpenGL has been tainted by Nvidia's overwhelming ARB voting influence which has caused AMD to always be crippled in OpenGL performance. With Vulkan, AMD can equal or best Nvidia because they can force developers to write to their hardware directly. AMD is mostly behind this Vulkan push. They started things with their "Close to Metal" GPGPU initiative then developed Mantle then co-developed DX12. All these moves are addressing two issues at AMD. The aforementioned Nvidia control of the OpenGL standard and the fact that their driver teams are short staffed and less capable than Nvidia's. Why hire more OpenGL driver devs when you can get engine developers to write their own drivers via the Vukan or DX12 API? I can't fault it as a "strategy" but I'm not a fan of it as a standard. I guess PowerVR is pretty glad to see it too though. They also were living in the shadow of Nvidia's voting power in the OpenGL ARB and were happy to have a way to bypass that too (and even happier to offload driver development to engine devs).
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    The "Movie Theatre Method" could I think be adapted to non-fullscreen video. And see the other topic about "Playing ROQ Video Files" . Really, there needs to be some current R&D using modern codec, and separate wiki writeup, by someone actively working that angle, and maybe covering magic mirrors, dioramas, portals. Not going there me-self.
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    Not sure I've got it ALL figured out, STRUNK, or ever will, but I beat on it with a stick for a while, so here's my findings on the wiki. Enjoy: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Full-Screen_Video_Cutscenes That probably does it for what I'm adding to the wiki about video in the current cycle. Got some bits & pieces to add to other topics.
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    Also worth mentioning that @stgatilov has fixed some rendering issues with animated .md3 meshes (they should no longer stop rendering when there are many onscreen or in the map). Is it enough to update the wiki, or should post #2 also be up to date?
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    TDM's engine has sufficiently evolved from its Doom3 origins that any such port cannot (easily) be copied over to TDM. In this particular instance, the Doom3 Vulkan renderer is based on the BFG version, while TDM is not, so the difference is even greater. That being said, Vulkan is currently not something that would benefit TDM too much and might even hurt it. As duzenko mentioned, support for older hardware is still important, which means we have to maintain the OpenGL renderer. Having to maintain an additional renderer (Vulkan) on top of that would only increase the bug count and maintenance cost. At the same time, many of the immediate issues that TDM faces in terms of performance can (and will) be addressed with OpenGL and do not require Vulkan support, at all.
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    Regarding STRUNK's comment about non-full screen video... If anyone has access to circa-2006 3D Realms, it reportedly features a roadhouse with a TV showing several short videos, that loops overall. This mod forum post talks about editing the .gui and video .mtr to add additional video segments (called "channels" in the TV context), but is not self-explanatory without the original files: http://forums.3drealms.com/vb/showthread.php?t=20597 Idea might be adaptable to TDM
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    Thank you for the kind words Tarhiel! It is my first mission, but this was made on the back of several authors before me and hundreds upon hundreds of hours building maps, scrapping maps, learning things, relearning things, making mistakes, haha. This has been a long time coming. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I definitely plan on continuing this story as well
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    The nights are getting colder and you need to pay your rent on time before you get tossed out into the winter air. Luckily, your neighbor told you about a mysterious merchant from faraway shores who has come to the small hamlet of Wilford's Hollow, and he's staying at the inn next door. What's more, he's brought something with him... Gameplay Notes: 1) This is a fairly small map, but I did intend for this map to be a bit harder than normal Dark Mod missions, even on the lowest difficulty setting. But there will certainly be plenty of rewards for the careful thief... 2) This map implements the func_peek mechanic by allowing players to peek through any door that has a keyhole by leaning forward. PLEASE NOTE: This function has been known to cause crashes for players using the 32-bit version of the Dark Mod 2.07 (should be fine for those running the 64-bit version). While this function has worked painlessly for some, please be aware that crashing may occur. At no point in this mission is it required to use the func_peek mechanic, it is purely optional, so feel free to not use it. Download: This FM is available via the in-game downloader FM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jNAirhBAB0MPWaXzQO6crCgJVZeOcFFl/view?usp=sharing Promotional Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bwuy0QPhaGpV32CgEdXhBIA5KgvcRueN?usp=sharing Credits: A HUGE thanks goes out to JackFarmer, Dragofer, and Bikerdude for scripting, EFX, custom ambient tracks, assets, answering a billion of my questions and doing so, so, so much more to make this mission something special. Thank you! Another GIANT thank you to my beta testers: Jedi_Wannabe, Bienie, Filizitas, joebarnin, bikerdude, Cambridge Spy, STRUNK, Lonewanderer, Rezar. Thank you all very much for your wonderful work and eye for detail! And another thank you goes out to Goldwell and Grayman for scripting help and patient guidance. Assets are from: Springheel's Superb Modules Dragofer's Delightful Assets dmw's Dazzling Textures Spooks' Spectacular Painting for the Loading Screen R Soul's Fantabulous Assets JackFarmer's Miraculous Machines and Sounds Bikerdude's Bountiful Assets ***PLAYER BEWARE*** SPOILERS lie in the depths below. I strongly suggest playing it first so you don't spoil the fun for yourself ***
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    Nice. :-) One minor detail: there seem to be hidden white marble surfaces in the mesh, which means the model loads a material the map might not need. I suggest caulking those, then having the exporter (I assume this was made in DR) skip all the caulk surfaces; it should shave off unneeded geometry.
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    Thank you - in fact, seeing these covered models in your closed alpha/beta was what got me going. I thought I could link you a better version, but that one turned out to be in bad shape too. IIRC your covered furniture is in a different model folder, will have to be aware of that when you replace them.
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    Oh my. Fantastic. I will have to replace all my old ones with these updated ones. Thank you a ton.
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    I've used the old ones in several missions; will switch to new ones in the future. Thanks for doing this!!
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    It would be great if mappers could define EFX within DR. The info location entities are needed for definition of relevant areas anyway. Thus, I wonder if there is the chance to add a new property there, something like: "efx" and when applied, it should display "Select Reverb" (similar to "Choose Model/Choose Skin" for other entities).
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    Hey, thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!
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    You'd think so, but in reality a lot of people want to play TDM on old computers, that don't support Vulcan at all That, and there's really nobody volunteering for actually doing such a move
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    Hey Bluehawk, thanks for pointing that out. You're not the only one to have experienced this issue and I have a sneaking suspicion this is caused by visportals, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. I'll be working on an update soon trying to figure out what's causing this. Thanks for playing!
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    @NeonsStyle Thanks for the kind words and the detailed feedback, I really do appreciate it. I realize I may have gone a little over the top with the flooded basement, but you live you learn. Also, full credit for the loading screen actually goes to Spooks. He has been kind enough to let me use his fantastic painting for my mission, so all props definitely go to him in that regard.
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    Congratulations on your first FM Amadeus! I just finished playing it, took me just over an hour and damn was it a lot of good classic thieving fun! For a first release you have hit it out of the park, i'm very impressed! The layout and flow of your mission was really well done, you had a good variety of intriguing locations and some very thoughtful puzzles and layouts. Your use of mixing standard assets and combining them into something new stood out to me too, felt very refreshing. The mission ran really well and you could feel it was well optimized, in terms of details and readables you did an excellent job. I found myself immersed in your world and was having so much fun going from location to location just exploring and reading. The mission was also a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be and All over all this was an excellent mission, and for a first time mission incredibly impressive, thank you! Also do you plan on making a sequel or another mission? because I would love to see more missions from you!
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