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  1. Say, I know it's been a while since the site got overhauled from the crash. But did we ever figure out if/how to get the recent topics & replies list back? It's not a total deal breaker but it was nice for becoming a thread creeper again...


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    2. greebo


      In case you're concerned about upcoming mission titles being spoilered: the topic list on the right is permission-trimmed, it's only showing what you're allowed to see. At least it was like this the last time I checked.

    3. datiswous


      Ok but everyone (logged in) has permission to see every topic in the TDM Mission Beta Testing  section afaik. But it's good that it's filtered for non forum members at least.

    4. greebo


      Oh, I wasn't aware that every member can see that forum. It used to be per invitation only in the past, I obviously missed that this has changed.

      I didn't expect this to be possible, but there's in fact an option to select the forums that should show up in that block. I adjusted this to not show the Beta Testing forum now.

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