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  1. Yeah. If I recall correctly, after we got it for Christmas one year, we had to wait like 8mo. or something to even play it after we got a system upgrade. It would have amazing at the time if we'd also had an Oculus or anything like that. I think the devs out-thought themselves on the hand articulation though, it was nuts.
  2. It is amazing when you realize you're asleep and that you're basically neo in the matrix and can do anything and then start doing it. Truly amazing. You ever see that movie, Strange Days, where they had things called "squids" or "squidies" that you put on your head and relived an experience someone had while wearing one? Like robbing a bank or getting killed falling off a building. Freaky trip. Maybe VR will be like that one day, everything created all in your mind so you lose sight of reality...hehe.
  3. Save for lucid dreaming which I've actually had happen twice and it is a f*cking blast.
  4. Trespasser, I own that game and it brought hardware to its knees back in the day. Jurassic Park kind of game with the most wonky hand articulation ever. We spent hours running around a camp just picking up stuff and moving our wrists around with the mouse. Hilarious.
  5. @Goldwell, In your last screenshot, I've seen this in many missions and not just from you. The "Oriental" or "Persian" rug on the floor. I don't know that you've ever seen this type of rug in a home/store/etc., maybe you have, but they are very thick (around 1/4") or more and they get shuffled around on the floor. Pushed around, etc. but the edges of them remain straight unless the rug is physically "bunched up" because furniture is holding it in position in one place er whatever. The edges would only look as they do in the screenshot if the rug patch came up off the floor and the rug was not laid flat. Otherwise the edges remain pretty much completely straight. For me its an immersion thing, when I see a rug like that it isn't believable. Yes a rug gets shuffled out of square with the room, lays off angle, but the edges never are wavy like that. The fringe on the ends gets flipped up/backward/all over the place unless groomed but we can't change that in DR. Just a detail. Quite a beautiful room otherwise.
  6. greebo, I would've liked your post too but apparently you're not likable.... I disagree but...there it is, you're unlikeable. Thanks for the answers.
  7. Lux


    I'd read up enough to see "KM" and didn't know if Mirceal knew what that meant so I posted Knighton Manor but afterward I saw that nbohr1more had already posted so I removed it. dbl post!
  8. A good video with a lot of important tidbits and also a number of them that I noticed as far as the "feeling" in different areas that are instilled in the player that the narrator didn't mention. Parts of the level and animations done to effect the player; make them feel "happy", "trepidatious", "fear", etc. I guess the important bit was that it was constantly changing which makes the player think and evokes different emotions. A lot of good stuff and some things do apply in broad scope to general gameplay although for stealth game play vs. an fps, some of these things are altered or different. Still, some good things to pay attention to.
  9. Seems like if everything is snapped to grid when mapping, then the verticies should be only whole numbers with one of 4 - 3 digit suffixes. Isn't there a way when doing the calculation to just use a significant digit figure of 3. So all of our smallest grid snapping numbers are covered. 1.000, .500, .250, .125. Then add a conditional check or case that says if a number is close between one of these values, round to the nearest grid point: .000, .500, .250, .125? As a side effect, verticies that were not properly snapped to a grid size might get rounded the wrong way exposing pink caulk and pointing out that the geometery was not properly snapped to grid. I'm sure since this seems so simple and trivial there is something preventing this from occuring but I thought I'd chime in with my ignorance I know you guys are sharp but still sometimes the simple solutions evade us.
  10. Old refrigerator cardboard box + egg crate foam fastened to the inside = sound proof (ish) chamber! Or you can repurpose a closet for this with egg crate on the walls inexpensively.
  11. Looks atmospheric and enchanting! Can't wait to play through this
  12. +1 to the prefabs having their sounds changed. Many mappers are using new sounds for both chests and doors and they do sound much better. It would be nice if they were the default. +1 to what Biker said as well.
  13. And the only driver you've recently updated was for the SB Z card? Were you listening to music at the time?
  14. Cool post, Biker. I used to work at a satellite earth station and we had a couple ocilloscopes running all the time monitoring the signals and you could actually see people on screen from the TV signal, in the actual wave form. It was pretty trippy. Prior to that I wouldn't have thought you could actually see people walking around in a TV scene in the actual wave form but its there. A bit fuzzy but there. Pretty amazing.
  15. snip Probably should keep this bit to yourself and off the web/not in the forums.
  16. Finished this with a stealth score of 34 and 2508 loot. Excellent fun and very tight quarters but the patrol routes and lighting were near perfect in this regard. Harkens back to the old Thief days. The story, environments, and audio were top notch. The streets could have used a little more 'stuff' lying about but it had a really classic Thief feel to it and it was very enjoyable from the intro video which was amazing to the elaborate interiors. Really well done and an FM to aspire to. Also I'd like to add that, as another poster mentioned, maybe not a 'dead ringer' but so f@#$%!cking close to the real thing...Eidos should hire you to voice Garrett for Thief 5. (and lets hope they give it a name instead of using a stupid number title). It didn't occur to me to mention this because from your first mission, The Accountant, praise of your audio similarities were splayed all over the place and rightfully so.
  17. Have you done much circuit board soldering? The reason I ask is because if you've ever used solder braid to remove solder from pads...its a pain in the fucking ass. Get one of those "solder suckers". You just load it with a push button click and get the pad to liquid, put the tip against it and pOP! It sucks the solder off the pad instantly and because of the solder surface tension it pulls the through board stuff out too. Makes it very easy to remove soldered pins. Looks like a beast of a rig, I hope the repair goes as planned and you're up and running quickly. Great deal you got too.
  18. Caps that are popped will have a domed top on them. If the top is flat or concave a tad, they should be fine (in theory).
  19. Looks fantastic! Congrats and thanks for the Christmas present! Oops!
  20. Pretty cool (and not) http://map.ipviking.com/ Was trying to log in to BF4 and they were being DDOS'd and the bursts coming out of China were insane.

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      its a bit like fanatics on a holy crusade they think their way is best and spoil it for the rest.

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      If nothing else, it's a testament to the resilience of the Internet that it still works despite that stuff going on.... left it running for 10 minutes and USA racked up 10,000 attacks.. crazy.

  21. @Biker Thanks for posting that as I was unaware that new Z drivers were out and wanted a "hopeful" fix for speaker swapping that happens occasionally. I've read its due to IRQ conflicts and to try different slots on the mobo but I check my IRQs and they appear as good as their going to get. GFX and audio on separate IRQs. Hopefully this will address that issue. Its not frequent but does happen occasionally, like alt-tab out of a game and when you tab back in left audio is on the right and right is on the left. Seems like a driver thing to me but who knows.
  22. Lux


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id,_ego_and_super-ego Its id as in "did" without the leading "d", though prior to learning that I used to call it I.D. as well. After hearing Carmack say it that cleared it up for me.
  23. Lux

    Merry X-Mas

    Merry Chistmas to the entire TDM team and all the little forum goers, every one. Have a prosperous and lucky New Year!
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