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  1. "Damage Dealt: <A> and received: <B>" could become "Damage dealt, received: <A>, <B>" "Times saved: <C>" and "Times loaded: <D>" could become "Saves: <C>" and "Loads: <D>" Also: What is it with the mixed title and normal case where "Dealt" is upper cased but "received" is not? And if we could aknowledge, that 16:9 or even wider screens are the norm now, the whole dialog might get a bit wider too (i assume that font size changes are not an option for accessibility reasons).
  2. Don't need a law for that. As it is now, evidence about police brutality is just ignored. It works fine as long as the judges are corrupt too...
  3. Afghanistan, the Country two world powers failed to conquer while killing lots of civilians (and a few Taliban, but mostly civilians). Sure, lets bring in more troups, waste more billions worth of warheads and let drones drone over the populations heads day and night so everyone learns to love the occupation army. Guess that will teach them, that we are the good and they are (or just have?) the bad. Sure, the Taliban rape and kill women and children there. They actually do. But the reason they are able to is, that the whole region is a proxy warzone. Bring more troups and you just prevent that from ever changing. Admit defeat and stop giving other "islamic" (well, Russia is probably still involved somehow) states a reason to supply the Taliban weapons for the fight against the west (which only is possible to be done in Afghanistan, because the west is present there). Just leave!
  4. Pretty clickbaity topic indeed. But for weapon limits you might want to look at this thread:
  5. Not sure, whether Steam would accept TDM. But if yes, it all boils down to whether there is a volunteer willing to fight with the ultra-heavy-weight legal trolls owned by Eidos or Square Enix, which may or may not just be waiting for TDM to emerge on Steam. I couldn't fight em trolls even if i wanted to as such legal intermezzos can get extremely expensive. So if someone has that resources and is willing to take the risk, getting TDM on steam may prove to be surprisingly easy for them...
  6. They indeed don't have to behave realistic - but believable behaviour adds an important part of that "immersive" to the "sim". And inconsistency is a thing you can plan for. You know, that guards can turn their head, so you take that into account when moving around.
  7. In that regard, TDM is modeling the more believable and less predictable behaviour. That probably is the reason for the lowest alert increase to not count towards the stealth score. But going for zero stealth score instead of zero alerts could be a way to mitigate that a bit.
  8. In missions like Thief's Den (where the way home to your safe spot isn't included in the mission), you can keep the evidence on you as narratively, you would get rid of it later before going back to your own thief's den...
  9. Well, it is evidence, so you have to get rid of it. Under no circumstances should you have it in your belongings when the city watch comes searching for it. In general, my definition of hardcore ghosting would be: Apart from the fulfilled objective, there is no evidence (not enforced by mission design) that anyone was there.
  10. Legally, a script converting maps from other games to TDM wouldn't be a problem. But you would not be permitted to release the generated derivative works to the public without explicit permission by the party currently owning the rights on the original maps. The legally correct way to make such a script useful to the TDM player base would be to add a feature to TDM or provide a standalone executable, wich lets the user select the original map from their legally aquired local T1/T2/TDS installation and generates/installs a playable TDM map from that. The generated map may not be distributed or used in any non-private context (fair use rules apply in countries wich have them though, so letsplayers may or may not still be able to monetize their play time). For the probable case, that the script's output would not be playable without further adjustments or additions, such adjustments itself could legally be made available publicly as long as they themselves are not derivatives or contain (parts of) the original maps. Like downloading entire fanmade maps now, there could be map-specific patchset downloads wich contain commands and assets needed to make the conversion results playable. The player would still need a locally installed copy of the original game, but deriving a TDM map, pathing it and installing it in TDM would be automated so for the user it could be almost as easy as playing an original TDM map. Technically, Building such a converter script is a lot of coding work. It is highly likely, that the generated output needs further modifications to become enjoyable by the common TDM player - so that project would definitely need a mapper too. But generating the patch sets from the script result and the final version is a solved problem since the 70ies. So the hard parts are the converter itself and the post-conversion editing. Integration into TDM does not have to be present from the start to make the project useful to a considerable part of the community and get beta testing reports. As a player, i would love to replay the original maps in TDM too. For me, improved graphics and mechanics do considerably add to the fun and immersion while playing - and the mechanics can't really be improved in a closed engine. I hereby opt in as a beta tester. I own T1/T2/TDM on GOG and am able to use the command line to execute scripts for extracting maps and applying patches given to me. I might or might not be able to apply easy adjustments in Dark Radiant to the resulting maps and generate new patchsets from the result.
  11. Apart from a huge fourth wall collapsing all around me, the mission is a nice and short mansion heist, with a welcoming touch of non-KOS guests. This time the blackjack restriction did not bother me at all, as the guests don't enter private areas... I someohow expected a way bigger second part of the mission though. Normally, the fun just starts when you discover the crack (or rather canyon this time) in the matrix... Could also profit from a tiny smidge more subtlety... The FPS where slideshow-ish outside and still pretty bad inside despite there actually not that much eye candy lying around (maybe its the transparent windows or there are unsealed rooms). Despite the huge FPS issues, it was fun to play as a blackjacking art collector on hardest.
  12. As long as it will be playable on Linux (with Wine or without) i don't care about who publishes it. MS started hating Windows, so there will be no acceptable Windows ever again. I am moving my games from Windows 7 to Gentoo right now.
  13. That could be anything from a hardcore first-person stealth-or-die to yet another light-stealth special-move-combat beat-'em-up LotR franchise like all the ones that came before. It is a shame, that game trailers do not even hint at the general genre of the game. Could literally even be a trading card game with scinematics between rounds. But playing Gollum in a hardcore first-person stealth-or-die would certainly be the best i could ever hope for. So i guess we can rule that out. Second-best would be a Styx2/3-like. But that would still be way off the mainstream (even though, Styx2/3 are console games). At least, a trading card game is also unlikely - so there is still hope...
  14. It isn't AAA smooth (and actually can't ever be with instant input reaction). But it is definitely good enough for the player shadow and would also improve mirror reflections a lot.
  15. Thank you for keeping updating this great mission. I had to download the update manually, but then enjoyed comming back to the shop. Obligatory nitpicks:
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