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  1. Piracy still works fine though. Just get yourself the sans-DRM edition from Skidrow or CPY. If you already own the game, you can get the crack from gamecopyworld.com (wich is reachable by the same URL since 1998).
  2. This, and: If multiple users of one computer want to play TDM independently, they might not want to share their saves and list of played missions. TDM lacks the "feature" of splitting static data (the game, standard missions) and user data (config, user-downloaded missions, saves, the mission-completion list) into a sytem-wide and a user-specific folder. So installation into a system-wide location would be a bad idea in this case.
  3. Indirect player detection through AI seeing the player's shadow or the player obstructing a direct or indirect (lit surface) light source has been discussed before. Such features where generally seen as too frustrating for the average player. There are probably only a few who would like the added realism even if it would come without visualization for the player. In general, in-world visualizations (apart from the frob highlight) seems to be a taboo in the TDM community (looks like it instantly converts TDM to a modern Deus Ex cover shooter). So hinting players about the possibility of AI seeing their shadow or that they cover a light source is a hard problem - if you want to have the slightest chance of the feature making it into the base mod. And even if solved, it would probably still be a feature only enabled by a minority of the TDM player base - wich itself is a minority of the stealth game player base already... And as usual: Developer time is scarce. No member of the group that would like to have more indirect detection (wich includes me) has the skill and/or time to do it.
  4. I am not that much into ghosting and jump scares. But i was able to enjoy this mission.
  5. That the server is not reliable has become obvious two weeks ago...
  6. The regular Backups of their content should be made available to the public too. In general, making the project's source and associated data available to the public drastically increases the chance of the project outliving its current maintainers. It enables non-maintainers to become maintainers in the majority of possible evente that could make the project becoming unmaintained.
  7. This post seems to imply, that backup mission servers exist. The game just does not use them. Servers going down is a common cause for community projects to die. Making the infrastructure easily forkable is one of the steps, that drastically increase the chance of survival. This time the one (and only?) hardcoded server might come back up. But please also make mission download locations configurable by text file like already done for the updater.
  8. Don't care about killing noises as half the missions forbid killing - and blackjacking is faster and less noisy anyway. But what about making the act of blackjacking emit some unavoidable noise too? Got the impression, that only the body touching the ground emits noise - wich you can avoid on any flooring by grabbing the body in flight. I remember blackjacking AI literally right next to their comrades without them reacting at all while i heared the satisfying clonk on the victims head quite clearly. The material-dependent noise of the blackjack hitting the head of an AI should be AI-hearable.
  9. How to manually switch to the backup mission download server (TDM seems to not do it automatically)?
  10. Looks like the artificial neural network processed the separate frames of the video. Whenever ther is movement, i see some edges "wobble" a lot. Is there more information about the layout of the used ANN and how it got trained?
  11. I recommend using hard disks as backup medium. They are more cost efficient and a lot faster than DVDs. Just rember to always have at least two backups and copy the backups once per year from one medium to another to keep the data from fading away (both are good advice for backups on any medium, not only hard disks).
  12. Everyone has read access to all public forums except Betatesting (that may have historic reasons) as they are visible and readable when not logged in.
  13. The pseudo mod way of doing it looks okay to me - if you get them to understand what exactly you are trying to do. If you fail at that it will not make any difference whether you are right or not as they have the resources to sue you into oblivion no matter what. The team is definitely right on not daring to risk TDM's existance over some Thief remake while they already got over hundred missions out and have lots of ideas for improving the engine further. So if you really want to do it, ask Square Enix for permission to do a fan remake based on a heavily modified fork of the id Tech 4 (Doom 3) engine wich will require Thief 1/2 to be installed. And never use The Dark Mod's name for it and never mention it in your communication about your project.
  14. I think, he will be fine with not beeing able to get help from the forum...
  15. Flash still exists in 2019?! And why do they promote Flash instead of their equally bad but selfinvented Silverlight? On Gentoo Linux there is a somehwat stripped down and easy to compile Chromium available. But on Windows you will probably have to use a binary blob containing features that someone else wants you to use (i like my new tinfoil hat - it's so shiny)... Can't have both: Easy to use and the ability to cherry-pick the features you want.
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