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  1. It is mission-specific. The water always was mirror-like there.
  2. I reported the ultra bright lockpick highlight, but the last beta seems to have fixed it for me. So maybe, the bug evolved into something else. Better be carefull when exploring the darker corners of that engine...
  3. Not a joke - just outdated. Nobody still drives around and buys CDs. It is all online now. But a SkidRow subscription still is the most reliable source for games without DRM (GOG comes next).
  4. I would very well like a significant part of the mainstream to finally start considering thinking about asking for any meaningful context in games at all. But i really doubt, that will happen soon...
  5. Obviously, violent games - and making that games - isn't for everyone. It never was and never will be. I don't see that as a problem. That some people have to do any work that is offered to them just to make a living - that is the real problem here. Everyone - including that poor character artist - should be allowed to decide what they don't want to do without a constant fear of whether they can pay their next rent. It would indeed be great if such needs and neccessities would be a thing only experienced in games...
  6. I never had the impression, that the gender or color of the enemies mattered in any shooter at all. They all die the same and as long as there aren't only black or female enemies, the only people who care are the lunatics who are ignored by everyone anyway... And over-the-top violence isn't a new special thing either. In some countreis having too much of it meant that you may not advertise the game. But there is and always was plenty of it. But if anyone is interested in a non-AAA zombi survival game with extensive crafting and zombies in all colors and shapes: 7 Days to Die is pretty good. It also features a voxel-based world, that looks way better than Minecraft.
  7. Statistics like that literaly are designed to catch the mainstream's flavor. So if you are searching for something wich isn't mainstream-flavored they are a lot less useful. Read some randomly chosen reviews wich don't hate or cheer and ignore the scores.
  8. Wow, they really aren't prepared for success. Wonder how that servers are expected to survive Cyberpunk 2077... But at least that shop works well, when they are not overrun - the epic store never performs even remotely acceptable regardless of traffic. Update: The run is over, servers work fine now.
  9. While that forum is still located in the "Internal Development" group (probably for historical reasons), it has been open to the public since January 2018.
  10. I tried playing on my work PC (Ivybridge i7 quadcore with integrated HD Graphics 4000) once and it was literally unplayable because of single-digit FPS. So i would not expect the iGPU support to be missed a lot...
  11. The most snuff experience i had, was Manhunt 2. That game had crappy graphics for todays standards. But the gameplay and visual effects where right on point. That beast was meant to be a serial killer simulator and it felt very real. But this game here does not look like they are trying to get the player feel anything like being a killer. It looks like a (although exceptionally pretty) stealth shooter where you kill "the bad guys" so they don't kill you or conquer the world. Would probably still try it - if it wouldn't be console only...
  12. I guess, it is more of them being unintuitive. The thing with footstep sounds is that some players use their feet for walking in real life. They unconsciously know, how different shoes (or bare feet) sound on different surfaces. They also would not expect a thief going about his business wearing clogs. In my opinion, the actual hearing of the AI does not need tweaking. But there definitely is potential for tweaking what the player hears. Maybe an extra slider for footstep sounds in the sound settings would be the ultimate fix. That way the players having a selective footstep deafness could keep them at their current level.
  13. Arx Fatalis is a really good first person RPG. Everyone who did not play it already should really give it a try (especially now that "Arx - End of Sun is dead" and there will therefore probably never be another Arx...). I already got my copy years ago though from GOG for a buck or two though...
  14. The tradition is to ask for testers here and then direct them to another thread in the betatest forum for their reports as the actual testing begins. That way, the actual betatesting thread only contains the actual betatesting stuff like reports and new versions (this betatest is strictly invite only, so there are no new versions in that thread though). Historically, access to the betatesting forum required asking a moderator for permission. But that changed in January 2018. Since then everyone can just go there and get their sneak preview. But most keep ignoring that section when they are not involved in betatesting themselves... Personally i treat the betatest recruitment threads as anouncements about new missions to come (and sometimes i even join the testing). Although it would certainly not be conceptually wrong to fully contain all betatest-related stuff to the betatesting forum, i am glad, that that isn't the case. Asking here is definitely incresing the chance to reach more potential testers, wich in general leads to more testers. That leads to a higher realease quality and i really like to play high quality releases...
  15. No, piracy would not die. If there are pirates with enough skill who want to pirate it, they will. They will recreate the game or break into game-company-owned servers if they have to. But pirating also already is a non-issue for the big companies. It still happens, but most gamers and non-gamers just buy their games in one of the well-integrated and easy-to-use stores (steam on PC, the manufacturers shop on consoles). Advances in DRM/antitamper tech (Denuvo) and the increased orientation towards multiplayer/massive-multiplayer probably did not even have a real impact here. Most people just opt for the easy way, if they can afford it. While aquiring pirated releases is not hard at all, it always meant and still requires, that you know where and how to get a malware-free scene release without exposing yourself (not becoming an uploader or using a non-logging VPN provider). It has become easier to browse for and buy games in one of the better shop (the epic store still sucks). And modding would not die too. Try to imagine Skyrim without mods. It is obvious, that not only the indie games will keep supporting mods. Now that consoles are powerful enough to handle them, Bethesda supports them on consoles too. Bethesda already tried to go mmo and they saw that "it just works" not so well... It is possible to add mod support to game streaming and i am sure (if they ever go the streaming route), Bethesda would do it to keep its unique selling point. There is also an economic incentive to have your customers use their own hardware to play the game. Servers may become cheaper every day. But they are not free, while the customers' hardware is (from the game maker's point of view). Game streaming is a convenience feature wich will be used to open new markets. There are potential players, wich don't play yet but already own a smartphone and internet-connected TV. Some of them might be willing to use a game streaming service regularly or even buy dedicated hardware if you manage to get them hooked... It also is an obvious way to switch to a subscription model. But we already see people moaning about the explosion of video-on-demand providers each having their own set of exclusive content... It will be no different in the casual gaming market (wich is the biggest gaming market) when there are more than two streaming services. Selling the game for a one-time fee seems to be the greedier choice anyway for studios shipping as soon as the updater works...
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