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  1. Could that shader be used to "extrude" flat grating textures?
  2. Wow, that is a nice trick. But imagine playing a TDM map having them. If a map has knobs on blind doors, that is a minor annoyance. But making all hundreds of windows in a map look like you could somehow enter the room behind... Good luck finding the usual two to five, wich actually have real geometry behind them.
  3. With some modding, thief-like gameplay should be possible in Minecraft. Grafics-wise it would still be on a lower level than the original "Thief: The Dark Project". And the sound system and lightgem would need some love too. But it should be doable.
  4. Picking would be possible if either the pick distance is a bit more generous or the bot could not detect when someone bumps into it from behind (the bot's job description does not imply the need for tactile sensors, so maybe it has none). The bot is moving rather slow, so keeping up with wasd while using the mouse to pick it schould be quite doable. Yes, the leg binding will certainly not happen. That was a bit too unrestricted a brain storm ;) the moss arrow is my favorite too. Could also work with vine arrows, wich are probably the least used player tool (did not see any speed potions for a while, so i just assume it not being in the game anymore).
  5. That stuff is sick enough to report it. But i lost my Youtube account to their phone number collection campaign (they call it two factor authentication) some months ago. I will not pay for the account by giving them my phone number...
  6. 2.08 is currently beta. If you are brave enough, you can follow directions in the Beta Testing 2.08 thread to install it. Update regularly and keep in mind that this time the tdm_mirrors.txt has to be updated manually to get each new patch level. The beta seems to be quite playable (no crashes for me, but there are bugs - it is a beta after all).
  7. Spiders seem to almost always have some quirks to them. Sometimes you can't hit them. In other missions they don't collide with some geometry making them walk sunk into the floor (and also harder to hit). Their ragdolls most of the time go nuts if trying to drag them... Spiders have always been pretty buggy. By the way: Open the debug console and enter noclip followed by the return key to activate the fly mode wich is perfect for getting yourself unstuck. Repeat for disabling the fly mode. Never reload for sticky geometry again.
  8. It does not have to be water arrows (they are the most-used consumable already anyway). Maybe, a normal arrow to the right spot could immobilize or disable it without sounding the alarm. Or a moss arrow could jam the mechanics and hearing cone. The bot would be a static light then. Or it could be disarmable by lockpicking like mines (switching it off, like the maintenance crew would). Or maybe one could sneak up from behind and bind its legs consuming a rope arrow. There surely are more ways that feel somewhat stealthy and do not involve the blackjack or water arrows.
  9. When i first saw one, i soaked that lantern bot from all sides using water arrows. I somehow associated its energy source with water arrows and expected it to be extinguishable... Not sure, whether waterarrows or the blackjack actually should disable bots. But there should be some way to take them out silently.
  10. The game engine seems to calculate forces every frame. If you have higher FPS, it calculates forces more often. idTech 4 (the game engine, TDM is based on) was designed for 60 FPS max. There are still physics bugs when you go higher.
  11. Installed the beta and played parts of the training mission: Gamma and brightness settings don't affect the main menu and books when used. I can lighten and darken the game but menu and active/in-use readables always look the same. I found some missing geometry faces (full faces, not just single tris) in the first part of the climbing area on some horizontal beams of the construction site.
  12. Isn't it possible to actually bind the light source to the eye or head of the player's body - like it is done for a purse that is bound to the belt of an AI?
  13. In TDM, it is the responsibility of mission authors to set up the theater for readables. And most of the time that is pretty well done. It can't get more immersive than reading things in the game world as if you would actually be there and hold it in your own hands. Also, if your eyes are sharp enough, you can actually even read some of the readables without even frobbing them. For the common sheet of paper notes, the actual text is rendered right on that sheet in the game world. That is impossible to beat immersion-wise.
  14. Always try Gamecopyworld first if in need of some crack.
  15. That feature discriminates dwarves as they can't possibly leave some gold behind!
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