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  1. Legally, a script converting maps from other games to TDM wouldn't be a problem. But you would not be permitted to release the generated derivative works to the public without explicit permission by the party currently owning the rights on the original maps. The legally correct way to make such a script useful to the TDM player base would be to add a feature to TDM or provide a standalone executable, wich lets the user select the original map from their legally aquired local T1/T2/TDS installation and generates/installs a playable TDM map from that. The generated map may not be distr
  2. Apart from a huge fourth wall collapsing all around me, the mission is a nice and short mansion heist, with a welcoming touch of non-KOS guests. This time the blackjack restriction did not bother me at all, as the guests don't enter private areas... I someohow expected a way bigger second part of the mission though. Normally, the fun just starts when you discover the crack (or rather canyon this time) in the matrix... Could also profit from a tiny smidge more subtlety... The FPS where slideshow-ish outside and still pretty bad inside despite there actually not that much eye candy l
  3. As long as it will be playable on Linux (with Wine or without) i don't care about who publishes it. MS started hating Windows, so there will be no acceptable Windows ever again. I am moving my games from Windows 7 to Gentoo right now.
  4. That could be anything from a hardcore first-person stealth-or-die to yet another light-stealth special-move-combat beat-'em-up LotR franchise like all the ones that came before. It is a shame, that game trailers do not even hint at the general genre of the game. Could literally even be a trading card game with scinematics between rounds. But playing Gollum in a hardcore first-person stealth-or-die would certainly be the best i could ever hope for. So i guess we can rule that out. Second-best would be a Styx2/3-like. But that would still be way off the mainstream (even though, St
  5. It isn't AAA smooth (and actually can't ever be with instant input reaction). But it is definitely good enough for the player shadow and would also improve mirror reflections a lot.
  6. Thank you for keeping updating this great mission. I had to download the update manually, but then enjoyed comming back to the shop. Obligatory nitpicks:
  7. Sort of. You can't get that augmentations in character creation. But after leveling up the hacking skill a bit, you can steal the neccessary tech from a medical/military megacorp relatively early. Getting that installed is pretty costly though. And of course that tech is outlawed - so avoid getting scanned...
  8. If objective A is the only active non-passive objective and the player already has enough information about where to go for it - then no further handholding is needed to guide him. So just make sure, that the player knows where he should go next and you really don't need to ensure, that he really does so. It almost never hurts to provide an alternate way of solving an objective. But if you have fallback readables telling the player exactly where to do what - please make them disappear if the player solves the objective without them and hasn't been near them before.
  9. TDM is heavy on GPU, CPU, and RAM. The top tier Pi 4 has 8 GiB RAM, but i would still expect a slide show because of the meager CPU and GPU power.
  10. If it can run TDM, the hardware most likely supports 64bit operating systems. You could try upgrading to Linux or updating to Windows 10.
  11. I would recommend removing the always run feature. There is one recent fan mission series basically requiring running long distances to prevent player death by real-time timeout. But there you still can hold down the run key...
  12. If it is possible to use stim/response for proximity detection, binding something emitting a special stim would allow for detecting the proximity of an AI while standing still.
  13. The game sums up loot that isnt goods or jewels "gold". This includes coins. So i assume "gold" to be the canonical name of the currency.
  14. Actually, for me, stealthily K.O.ing (or killing if they aren't K.O.able) all the AI is exactly, what i try to do in any stealth game. In TDM i even make unaccessible sleepers wake up so i can blackjack them. I also leave doors open, switch lights off, or make noise (not using that arrow though) to lure guards into an ambush. I consider playing as a poltergeist to be a legitimate playstyle (did not check with the playstyle police yet though). P.S.: Blackjacking may have its quirks. But it works fine for me most of the time.
  15. Could always go through the TDM mission list and revisit the least recently played ones. Or maybe try one of those massive overhaul and new-lands mods for Skyrim.
  16. I think Ghosting, K.O., and kill limits are pretty good examples for realism vs. gameplay. Of course i wouldn't be a thief in Bridgeport as being a thief in a city packed with guards, having walls and guarded gates around every few houses, and facing a kill-on-sight death sentence as soon as anyone even sees you outside... No, i wouldn't be a thief there. But TDM is one of these power fantasy games, where you can be a ghost robbing everyone blind. Or you can be a burglar knocking out twenty people without even one dying due to traumatic brain injury. Or you can even be the thug murdering
  17. The right way to ghost-steal well-guarded main objective loot is to have the thief replace it with a cheap copy. I played missions implementing that mechanic and it felt pretty immersive. Mission authors have to think about how to keep their missions ghostable - if they want them to be ghostable. For non-ghost gameplay, the blackjack also solves the issue of guards noticing stolen things. And that mechanic just works without author intervention as long as the author does not go out of his way to break it.
  18. The odd thing going on might be, that this is the largest TDM mission created so far. It is massive and packed with geometry and entities. So it might need more than just two GiB of VRAM (but you could try downscaling the textures using image_downSize as suggested to huntaffer by nbohr1more).
  19. If you are here because TDM differs from modern games, i would start with the oldest missions. They feature less streamlined gameplay and less modular geometry. They are basically more rough and less rounded from the flow of time. Modular building and "you found N of M secrets" wheren't a thing back then. They are less rich in eye candy too - but they still look good and profit from soft shadows and SSAO.
  20. I remember that the need to carry each loot bag separately to the drop point was the boring part of the mission. I also played some dungeon crawlers and having to ride back to town multiple times to sell all the loot never added to the fun. In general, adding repetition is reducing the fun and makes the game more boring (easy repetition) or tedious (hard repetition). So if wanting more realism, reduce the number of bulky lootable things and increase the amount of light and tiny loot (like jewellery, coins, and documents). But whatever you do: Still have some lootable paintings in t
  21. That level of love for detail made games like Gothic 1 and 2 or Arx Fatalis such a long-lasting and good experience though. I really miss that in most "modern" games.
  22. I definitely would download the death star plans!
  23. It is mission-specific. The water always was mirror-like there.
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