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  1. Just in case you wouldn´t know, yesterday Diablo 1 was released on GOG with functional multiplayer! :o

    1. Petike the Taffer
    2. Anderson


      But not for free :/

    3. Tarhiel


      Yeah, not for free, but it´s great achievement nonetheless, that game have been legally unavailable for some time. Plus it´s only there, there´s no other store offering it.

  2. I just noticed Bikerdude was banned? When? What happened? He was one of the long standing members and content creator :o

    1. Epifire


      This is great. Lotta fanfare going around for the recent update. I'm hoping we may yet see some new blood arriving to our community upon the steam release.

    2. Obsttorte


      Here is also a new article by Gamestar, germanys biggest gaming magazine. http://www.gamestar.de/news/pc/3309958/the_dark_mod.html

  3. Aaand I pushed that magic button on a Steam Greenlight :)

  4. Cannot help but brag - finally, I too belong to PC gaming master race: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K Motherboard: ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING - Intel Z170 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 GPU: MSI GTX 980 GAMING 4G HDD: Kingston HyperX FURY - 120GB Seagate Desktop SSHD - 2TB Blu ray: ASUS BW-16D1HT Skriňa: CoolerMaster Storm, Trooper Edition Cooler: Zalman CNPS9800 MAX Source: Be quiet! Straight Power 10 800W and Monitor: Samsung LS27E500CSZ - LED monitor 27" Darkmo...

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    2. Epifire


      Mine is a Falcon Northwest rig I had built in 2012. It's just starting to show a bit more age now. Still kickin great though!

    3. Tarhiel


      Falcon looks sweet and it´s good to know they will last so long :)

    4. Epifire


      I didn't get mine custom painted, but when I need a new rig I know where I'm going again B)

  5. Golden Skull is golden :)

  6. Just finished House of a Locked Secrets. Speechless.

    1. AluminumHaste


      It's a good one, that's for sure.

    2. Sotha


      Aye! Certainly one of the top tier missions. Professional quality.

  7. Listening to Dragonfall - DC OST. Perfect. Tose of you who haven´t played the Dragonfall yet, do consider. Imho, one of the best games of this year.

  8. Wasteland 2 all the way - starting today! :) One happy backer here :)

    1. Airship Ballet
    2. Tarhiel


      Aand comabt is really hard for me, maybe it wasn´t the best idea to start your first game on Ranger difficulty :P

    3. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      I did exactly the same thing, and did the entire Ag Center without ever visiting a trader. The saboteur took me so, so long to beat. Those rabbits, though... it's a serious love/hate relationship with the game.

  9. Thinking about what should I install next (pondering about Baldur´s Gate: EE), after finishing ME3, which was very, very bad :(

    1. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      You should get 6 people together and have a big nerdy Baldur's Gate night, drinking game optional.

    2. jaxa
    3. Tarhiel


      I like the sound of that :D

  10. Thinking about what should I install next (pondering about Baldur´s Gate: EE), after finishing ME3, which was very, very bad :(

  11. Almost one year in Debrecen today. Heading to Aquaticum to day, to have some fun...

  12. Reputation to uphold is very well constructed mission, both gameplay and aesthetic-wise (+ no lags on my low-end machine)!

    1. Springheel


      Thanks! Glad to hear it.


  13. Completely addicted to Shakepseare Sisters:

  14. Still in awe from Requiem :)

    1. Obsttorte


      This is definetely a high quality mission. I had the pleasure testing it, and I can tell you that beneath some minor glitches the mission was playable from the start. Moonbo really knows how to do that work.


      This is definetely at the level of the Original Thief FM's.


      Well done.

    2. PranQster


      Oooh cool. I'm looking forward to this one. Time to take a break from DR and play these new missions.

    3. Tarhiel


      He can consider me sold for his novel :)

      And price is affordable as well. Looking forward to another adventures of Bolen :)

  15. Having a blast in Fallout:New Vegas!

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    2. Tarhiel


      I´m playing it for the first time and I am incredibly proud about my achievement - killing Caesar right in his tent. Only me, yours truly (sniper with high speech skill and Patientia), Boone and ED-E, he he he :)

    3. Baal


      Cool. How does that effect the story? And what does the NCR have to say about it? :)

    4. Tarhiel


      Well, everybody´s talking about "somebody" who killed Caesar, or just giving opinions about it. NCR are happy in general, but those more wise already noted, that Legion is not retreating and that they heard it was led by somebody else than Caesar.

  16. Having a blast in Fallout:New Vegas!

  17. Reading Bacigalupi´s Windup Girl :P

    1. Glyph Seeker

      Glyph Seeker

      I've read good reviews of that on io9.com!

    2. Tarhiel


      Sorry, I just´ve found you comment. That book is brilliant, alongside with Miéville´s City & City! Although I liked the short stories book (Pump 6) better, but only because the point will emerge quicker than in full-blown novel :)

  18. i desperately need to save money for a new gaming rig!

  19. "In fear I headed this way and that, I had a taste of blood and chocolate in my mind, one as hateful as the other..." Herman Hesse, Steppen Wolf

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