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  1. Thief E3 Demo Gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f8qzbfOUjA
  2. Dear Bikerdude! For the mood of the realistic, could not be to solve, that the civil people_nation piszamábam, let them sleep in a nightgown? quite foolish, that they sleep in dresses.
  3. I would like to show my drawings. They are not related to TDM topic, but I will show you that what works there. (TDM, there are concept drawings, which created the campaign Sly Project, but have not scanned them. Later.) My linkthese are my drawings
  4. Very hard to choose! : D I want them all. No matter what kind of missions will be happy to play all of them. I love the Dark mod every mission!
  5. A similar animation should be made, such as: GTA IV in Niko. Clapping, kicking the ground, scratching his head, scratches his dick XD if it rains shakes himself, stretches, yawns, and such movements are less essential.
  6. If you think I make a few pieces of colorful hand-drawn pattern.
  7. Hello Oscar! Any news? Ask a picture? I'm very curious about it!
  8. Now I finished the mission. (Unfortunately I could not sooner, because it was a lot of things to do) would have enjoyed every minute of it because I liked it, but unfortunately I went on a mission rather jerkily. Was a lot of fps drop (in the near future will have to buy a more powerful processor, it does not fall back to the fps, do not go to the intermittent gameplay) that I could climb up to the roofs, slipped through a window. The channel also had a good wander around, and I liked the Cathedral of the undead spirit. Thief mission was overall very good. I would like to see even more such Bikerdude!MeghallgatásOlvasás fonetikusan
  9. It works! Thank you for your answers my friend's behalf!
  10. masterthief

    scary games

    I could not finish unfortunately. I was already at the end of the cemetery, and at the wrong time saved. A woman who had died to protect. I feel like it was not already saved the previous position, to start the game. Later, when I wanted to play with him, I was stunned to realize that a cracked plate. Otherwise, the game was very good, and caused a couple of nights in a nightmare.MeghallgatásOlvasás fonetikusan
  11. That's right! Although this is a problem for my friend as well. The Doom3 ran her own, because it requires a CD-key. The trouble started there when I installed the patch and put it up for TDM calls and the other CD-key. Perhaps if we had him on Doom3 Roe, then it would add to the CD-key. Here in Hungary can not be Roe because you can not get it. CD-key is not legal in many web pages, but most of them are already in use. Therefore, this error should be rectified.
  12. masterthief

    scary games

    My old favorite The Devil Inside was a scary game. Had a castle killing demons and zombies, a reality show. Beside me was a camera man who came with me everywhere. A woman journalist and came to the castle, because he believed that only an organized show programs. and kidnapped by the demons. Had released two of us and take care of all the bodily integrity. Was very exciting and scary at the time of this game.
  13. Not a good one either. My friend can not permanently erase the file doomkey. Always be reinstalled. Despite pulling off the Internet, it is not good.MeghallgatásOlvasás fonetikusan
  14. Thank you! We will try, I hope there will be no problem, and fails to operate.
  15. Hello! I would like to request assistance from a friend, because you can not start the TDM. After boarding Doom3 1.3.0 patch 1304, requests that enter the CD-key. Unfortunately we could not do it. Does not accept the key to doing anything with it. Even if the Internet connection is interrupted before it responds to it or anything. Tried all the possibilities, but neither of these solutions were good. Anyone can help me not to ask for the CD-key?
  16. Happy birthday to TDM. Blessed be thy name. I bow my head before the team. Keep it up!
  17. Not Darkman, Darkmod. Web translation sucks!
  18. tdmlauncher writes: Path to tdmlauncher is D: \ Games \ Doom3 \ Darkman \ tdm_update_win \ tdmlauncher.exe Darkman directory is D: \ Games \ Doom3 \ Darkman \ tdm_update_win \ Trying default value for engine executable is C: \ Games \ Doom3 \ Darkman \ DOOM3.exe Could not find executable engine at default locations, Will be searching for command line arguments to the executable path to Doom3. Could not find 'currentfm.txt' file in D: / játékok/Doom3/darkmod/tdm_update_win/currentfm.txt Current FM also: Full string argument is: + set fs_game Darkman Starting process C: \ Games \ Doom3 \ Darkman \ + set DOOM3.exe fs_game Darkman When D3 Error spawning process: No such file or directory Closing logfile.:
  19. I have problems running the TDM. Reinstalling Windows partition and had to be performed. I installed Doom3 and the corresponding 1304 1.3.1 patch. Darkman TDM update downloaded folder, ran the exe launcher, but unfortunately it did not work for the launcher. Do not do anything. The Doom3 mod menu, it is not TDM. Apparently installed ok, no errors written in a while. Fms is included in the training mission is a folder. Is there some way to launch a TDM launcher?
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