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  1. A rough list of FMs I've completed so far: Exhumed, Lockdown, The Tears of St. Lucia, Lockner Manor, Living Expenses, Mad's Mountain, Rightful Property, The Parcel, Flakebridge Monastery, Rake-off, Too Late, Thief's Den, Chalice of Kings, Siege Shop, Pandora's Box, The Outpost, Trapped !, Thieves, and all of Sotha's FMs exluding The Lich Queen's Demise. I've played a lot of other missions, but regrettably, haven't finished most of them yet.

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    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Ha ! :-)) Fret not, milady, I plan to play some of the larger FMs you've made too. :-)

    3. RPGista


      Give Winter Harvest a try.

    4. Petike the Taffer
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