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  1. Start your favourite sadly song and play this video ;-((
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    2. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      Thank you for depressing the fuck out of me! <reaches for the happy pills>

    3. pusianka


      Also had a dog with similar illness. We cared for him till the very end and gave him all we could. He died peacefully in his old age. I don't understand the people who are able to kill animals. I personally am not able to kill, even a fish.

    4. Sir Taffsalot

      Sir Taffsalot

      I had to kill a bird once. My cat brought it in to my flat and it was alive but not moving. My cat had broke its spine. I thought that the kind thing to do would be to put it out of its misery. I smashed its head on the kitchen table. It stopped moving. I put it in the bin. 30 minutes later I heard it moving in my bin. I took it out and smashed its head on the kitching table again. It stopped moving. I put it back in the bin. 30 minutes later I heard it moving in my bin again. This time I tri...

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