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  1. Who is actually working on new missions right now? That I, the greatest mapper of all times (and I say this in all modesty, it is innate in me) am working on something epochal is clear to everyone by now. But who else is working on new missions? Please let me, your God, know, because it's so depressingly quiet here and I don't like to post pictures all the time, because even for me it gets a bit too boastful (although justified) with time.

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    2. JackFarmer


      @cvlwThen you are miles ahead of me, I have never managed to create a real existing building in DR. That's quite an accomplishment and you're in good company, as many of our Mission Maker colleagues model their buildings this way as well.

    3. cvlw


      For what it is worth, this is the church building:

      The nature of this type of church layout is left-right symmetry which settles into a fat grid quite nicely.

      Now an interesting story to shoehorn into this thing... that is the challenge!

    4. datiswous


      Some church building modules would be nice, so peeps can build variations easily

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