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  1. STiFU

    Free games

    Mortal Shell is free on epic right now. I rated this game 7/10. Here is my review:
  2. STiFU

    Free games

    I am just not that active at the moment around here, that's all. It'll come back eventually, 'though.
  3. STiFU

    Free games

    DAMMIT! Missed that one. I had this on my whishlist for quite some time.
  4. I usually just use the unread content button, which is pretty much the same thing. But alas, it seems like I just haven't been visiting too often the last few weeks.
  5. Oh wow, how have I missed this thread for two weeks?
  6. When I read the thread title, I thought this was some Spam for Elder Scrolls Online...
  7. STiFU

    Free games

    On my 3060 Ti at 1440p, I had to switch to DLSS performance mode and reduce the light bounces a little, to make it half acceptable. Control and Cyberpunk had a lot better raytracing performance.
  8. STiFU

    Free games

    There's rumor that starting 15th, there will be a new free game on a daily basis again.
  9. Anyone here played Inscryption? At first, I was like "no, I am not going to play a stupid card game", but this game is so much more than that. It is so meta, full of 4th wall breaks, and feels so damn spooky and weird because of it. Absolutely recommended, if you can stand the visuals. I recommend not reading up too much on it, as that could easily spoil half the incredible surprises. Just know that what you see in the beginning is by far not everything.

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    2. Shadow


      I downloaded the GOG demo and while I don't really have any idea what I'm doing yet, it's very cool and compelling and creepy. and recommended to try. Still getting used to how I have to sacrifice certain cards to play others.

    3. JackFarmer


      This looks cool! Thank you!

    4. STiFU


      @Shadow the game has a ton of surprises up its sleeve.

      Here is my spoiler free steam review:

      This is NOT just a regular card game. In its core, Inscryption is a psychological horror adventure game that has you absolutely astonished, everytime it completely reinvents itself. The game is absolutely meta. It breaks the 4th wall hard, creating an immensely spooky atmosphere and so you continue playing until you find all the information to puzzle this all together. However, don't kid yourself: you will not be able to understand EVERYTHING. Not only did the developers build an incredibly deep lore, they also hid an ARG, an RL scavenger hunt of sorts, in the game files, that eventually leads to an alternate ending. And talking about endings: This was the first game in quite some time that had me in that "Wow, I am absolutely gobsmacked"-state when the credits rolled. By far the best indie game in recent years! Do not miss out, if you like something meta along the lines of "There is no Game", or "Hack'n'Slash".

  10. I haven't played God of War and A Plague's Tale. It's just a gut feeling on my part. That being said, I wouldn't mind the rankings at all. You can be sure that all nominees are of pretty high quality, so no way to go wrong with any of them.
  11. Nominations are in... What are your predictions? https://thegameawards.com/nominees I bet God of War is going to homerun this thing. Elden Ring is just too long ago and now God of War is all the hype. Best RPG for sure goes to Elden Ring, and maybe best art direction to A Plage Tale, but the remainder, it has to be God of War. Hopefully my Indie-Favorite SIFU wins one or two awards, too. Neon White also deserves a win in my book. Best adaption has to go to either Arcane or Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Edgerunners is not as good I think, but same as with Elden Ring, the hype around Arcane already dried out, whereas everyone is still kind of talking about Edgerunners.
  12. Dark Souls is a joke. Try changing the seat covers of a maxi cosi child car seat... It's utter agony! 😄

    1. Baal


      Did you remove the child first?

  13. Most modern games only use it in cutscene-like scenes, where the players eye is clearly guided towards relevant image content. Doom Eternal uses a very shallow DOF when the Doom Slayer picks up a new weapon and shows it off a little or when performing a glory kill. Elder Scrolls Online uses DOF when talking to NPCs. While the DOF-implementation of ESO is not the best, both examples work really well. In TDM, there are not really many suitable situations where this rendering technique could be deployed, so I don't think it'd be worth the effort.
  14. Uhm, there you go, I guess? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler_angles#Rotation_matrix
  15. STiFU

    Free games

    Sometimes, you don't want to do the research right away though whether the game is any good or not, so I just get the game and check it out later. I recommend using GOG Galaxy, as you can integrate pretty much all launchers there and see all your games. You can tag your games and create gamelists this way. So, these unchecked free games go into my "check reviews"-list. If the game is any good, it goes into my "Playlist"-list. Really nice games I plan to play in the very near future go into my "Priority Playlist"-list. So, to me, owning a game does not necessarily mean it enters my backlog.
  16. Thanks. This is basically what I was asking for in that frob outline thread. Nice to see some cleanup happening on our materials and a default frob highlight as well to fix missing frob highlight definitions. In what way are your macros broken? Can you post screenshots? Does the default frob highlight work?
  17. I have been an advocate for mission ratings a long time. I understand both sides of the coin of course, but the casual player likely prefers to just pick one of the best rated missions and start playing instead of reading through all the mission descriptions, potentially digging through forum entries to find a suitable mission. Things like average playtime, general mission type and player rating would be really helpful here. Or maybe instead of rating, something neutral like "number of times played / downloaded". I think that would be way too elaborate. How about rating on the mission finished screen?
  18. Well, illegal "PC-Ports" have existed a long time using regular emulators. But I guess this is a bit more convenient.
  19. I've been out of that area of research for quite some time now, but to me, the findings of that paper are no news. It was always known that vergence is the primary factor to drive accomodation, but that defocus also drives accomodation. It was never stated that defocus alone drives accomodation. So, that XR community was wrong right from the start. Every stereoscopic content drives vergence. If your stereoscopic stimulus is located 1m behind the display, your eyes will perfectly converge on that point, and they will try to accomodate to that distance. Then your brain realizes "wait a minute?! when I try to accomodate to that distance, everything becomes blurry? What is going on?", and there you have that darned unstable sytem again. How can you solve it? You pretty much mentioned all possible solutions already, except the first one in this list: Move the focal distance so far away that you don't get defocus cues. --> This is the hyperfocal distance and at that distance, we sadly do not perceive any vergence cues anymore, i.e., you see a 2d display! Varifocal distance with perfect eyetracking. --> Make vergence distance and focus distance match and combine that with artifical defocus. Multifocal or lightfield / holographic displays.
  20. Hm, that DOES look a bit extreme. Are we sure we don't have to do anything about that @Springheel, @stgatilov?
  21. For sure, it was @AluminumHaste. He always posted skillful blackjacking videos.
  22. I think a much simpler and more elegant solution would be to require the player to climb up to the vent, considering the player cannot jump or mantle while shouldering. Sidenote, it is still being discussed whether low obstacles should become mantlable while shouldering, so make sure to make the vent entry high enough.
  23. STiFU

    Free games

    To be fair, FC 3 was still amazing back then, when the ubisoft formula was not yet so massively overused.
  24. I worked on unshouldering in tight spaces a while back. In the current implementation, the unshouldering-algorithm will try to spawn the body in a small set of predefined angles. If the body does not intersect with other geometry, it will be spawned.
  25. STiFU

    Free games

    I liked the general idea of that game, but the controls were so horrible that I stopped playing eventually.
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