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  1. Ah, ok, thanks. But it's actually pretty funny without the fix, so I'll continue without it.
  2. Finally decided to give Death to Spies a shot, as I felt that itch for some espionage. Since this series isn't rated so well, I figured I'll start with part 2, the best rated one, to see if DTS is something for me at all. I am on mission 2. So far it's fun and I love the athmosphere. Feels really authentic when you put on an SS-uniform and then all of a sudden all soldiers shout their nazi-greetings at you. Some of the "German"-signs are pretty funny, 'though. For example, there was one sign that reads "Achtung. Hohe Anstrengung", which is supposed to mean "warning, high voltage", but it
  3. From their website: So, that sounds to me like you accept cookies, when you're using their extension, which is why it is so important to also delete cookies and block trackers.
  4. STiFU

    Free games

    ABZU is on Epic Store. It's a relaxing diving game. As a scubadiver myself, I found it quite nice, but generally, it's not too engaging. When you're feeling down, sick or hung-over, this game is definitely a nice change of pace.
  5. Or you simply agree, but block all trackers and delete all cookies after leaving the site, see my above post.
  6. I am playing Sniper Elite 4 at the moment. It's my first game of the series, so I didn't really know what to expect. It's a rather stealthy game and I really like the idea that enemies slowly triangulate your position, to find out where you (the sniper) are hidden. I Started on "Hard" difficulty, but it was kind of boring because you had that minimap that showed you where all enemies are, whether you have been detected or not, how far enemies can see you etc. Then, I switched to "Hardcore" which thankfully disabled the mini-map, but also the aim-assist. Without the latter, the game is imp
  7. Clicking through multiple layers? Wow, that sounds horrible. I always just use Adblock as well. Just choose one of the black lists for your country and you're done. Some sites can detect adblock, so you'll have to whitelist them, which can be done it two clicks in adblock. I used to use NoScript, which blocked any sort of script executions on websites. That is probably the safest method to surf the web, other than a VM of course, but it is also the most annoying method. As long as you don't browse very dicy sites, I don't think you will need something as strict as NoScript. Nowadays, I on
  8. Finger crossed for a remake of SH 2!!! SH4 kinda blows.
  9. STiFU

    Gaming Novels

    I don't know if you knew, but there is a novel by our @Moonbo accompanying his two FMs. It is definitely enjoyable! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17925104-shadowcursed I once had a novel for the Hitman series (maybe 15 years ago) because I was a huge fan of the old games, back in the day. I never finished that book, 'though. I just am not that much into reading, while there's tons of games waiting to be played.
  10. Looks promising. Whishlisted! Good luck with the development of this game.
  11. Just explore the world, man. I remember, the traveling system felt weird at first, but I'd say the story and character interaction makes up for it. Regarding Terminator: Resistance, isn't that a shooter rather than stealth? I've read mixed reviews about this one.
  12. I'll just copy-paste my steam-review... So, Fidcal, this game is definitely worth sticking around for.
  13. I read somewhere that they don't intend to go xbox-exclusive. Whether they will stick to that statement, that's a whole other story. I for one hope they put some more money into Quake Champions! Such an underrated game!
  14. So, I finally also got to play TLOU2. The game had its moments, but I don't know, it kind of left me sitting here unsatisfied. So yeah, part 2 doesn't even come close to part 1 for me. It was an intense experience, but I wouldn't repeat it. Does my opinion concur with the content of this thread? I didn't read it because I am too late to the party (for fear of spoilers)!
  15. Yeah, a collective thread like this is a good idea. There are a couple of streamers among us, the most recent addition being @Micropoint. If I remember correctly, @Cambridge Spy and @V-Man339 also stream, or at least record youtube videos. I am also curious to know whether @FenPhoenix also streams or just does let's plays on youtube?
  16. I recently saw a video of a GTA V graphics mod, that featured screen-space reflections (SSR). It was a night-scene, and it was raining, so the street was reflective. The car reflected all sorts of lights and surroundings, and the street reflected the car including those reflections on the car itself. I am pretty sure the reflections on the car were created by a cube map and the rest is SSR. But I kept wondering if multi-bounce reflections would be possible with SSR. Anybody ever heard of something like that? At first I thought, a fairly cheap approach (that would yield similarily incorrec
  17. Hospitality is a pretty well known Drum & Bass festival and this year it was actually held in minecraft.
  18. Controller support has just recently been added. Maybe, a dev-build will be released, so you could try your PS4 controller then. So far, we have only tested xbox controllers.
  19. Just FYI, I just found out that you can either provide hints for visual assist, or enable deep macro parsing (which will slow VA down a bit) to resolve this issue. Sources: https://forums.wholetomato.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8594 (BOOST.TEST) https://forum.wholetomato.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9052 (Google Test)
  20. Had a quick look at google Test. Apparently, it is also based on Macros. I've only had experience with boost.Test so far, which also heavily uses macros and frequently confuses Intellisense/Visual Assist (no auto-completion, etc.). But aside from the broken Intellisense, boost.Test is pretty comfortable to work with. I'd be interested to hear about your first experiences working with google test and how well Visual Studio (which version?) handles it.
  21. That's amazing!! This thread has become very technical, so the average forum user probably stopped reading it. You should post that video also in this referenced thread, to let people know about this cool new feature.
  22. I guess then the new ones are probably more for you than for me. In the first games, it was actually a real challenge to get a silent assassin rating, i.e., kill only the target without being seen or leaving evidence on the scene. The first Hitman games all had first person mode, but nobody ever used it. Yep, a huge sandbox rather than a tightly crafted but non-linear gameplay experience... I hate sandbox games, so, eventhough I preordered Hitman 1, I never touched it to this point. I will eventually, but... I really hate sandbox games!
  23. Wow, that's quite extreme. Yes, gameplay is not the strength of this game, but it thrives on its awesome visuals, soundtrack. atmosphere and story. I loved it! I see that game in the same category as games by Naughty Dog: Excellently directed, but weak on the gameplay front. What about Prey? I haven't played it, but it's first person and an immersive sim with stealth, so that should check a lot of your boxes. Other than that, I guess we will have to wait for Cyberpunk 2077. I am afraid, the immersive sim as a genre is almost dead...
  24. I haven't played the two Hitman reboot games, as I was kind of put off by the fact that they're more or less sandbox games. The originals, which I have all finished more than once, are a lot less open and, conversely, a lot more challenging. I think Hitman 2 was actually my least favorite of those games. I think it peaked at "Blood Money". Anyway, you probably won't find the original "Hitman 2 Silent Assassin" for the PS4 as it is sooooo old, but it is on Steam.
  25. You can always tweak the AI to be super human, if it is not challenging enough for you. In the options menu, you will find setting for AI hearing and seeing. Other than that, the Moonbo missions are both excellent and on the tougher side of the difficulty spectrum. Requiem is the first mission.
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