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    Free games

    "A Total War Saga: TROY" is released today and free on epic store for only 24 hours! So be quick to grab it, if you're interrested.
  2. I think it is a good idea! Our ingame mission downloader and mission view has long been subject of multiple improvement suggestions. Due to the sheer mass of missions that have been released in the last 15 years, things got really cluttered and especially newcomers will have a hard time finding what they want. However, improving the ingame guis is quite a task, so a web-based application might really suit this scenario well. Maybe we could even add a linke to it from our ingame menus, so user can access it quicker. Some more things to think about Would users be able to add custom
  3. For your information, each FM has its own thread here on the forums. So, if you've got feedback, praise or criticizm regarding any FM, that's usually the place to post such stuff.
  4. I have not because my goal was to learn OpenGL for TDM. Also, GLSL is sooooo simple, it's just straightforward to learn. Yes, maybe some of the admin's could pin it.
  5. I totally get that. Those little shits make you feel things! When my son was born last year, there were quite a few complications. After 23 hours of labor and his heart-rate constantly going up and down, he was finally born by c-section. It was the most intense and stressfull experience of my life!! We spent the night in the hospital as a famility, but I couldn't get any sleep at all, because that poor guy was crying all the time except when he had skin contant with one of us. However, I was so afraid of "sudden infant death" that I made sure I was awake all the time, when he was laying on m
  6. Congrats on your kid!! This is a major live change, well worth of a new thread!!! For all other stuff, we have this one:
  7. In this thread, we analyzed the number of downloads of a single release of TDM a cool ten years ago! There's also the moddb download statistic: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/stats The statistic is a little weird, 'though, because it shows 1.3k Downloads in total at the top, whereas our files section on moddb lists 63k Downloads. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads
  8. Those are all interesting questions that nobody can answer, as we do not deploy any tracking software. Maybe _B could be answered: Two are working on and off again on DR and the number of active devs for TDM itself ranges from 5-10 accross a year. And how many activate mappers are there? Hard to tell. My gut says about 10-20?
  9. It is usually an issue with the FM or the core Mod. I mean you could try to redownload all that stuff, but I doubt it'll fix it.
  10. I only every reload if I die and try not to save too frequently. That's another nice rule to create some tension.
  11. If I remember correctly, that BOOP sound is played when a sound hasn't been found. However, if I start up Volta 1, I don't get that BOOP sound, there is just no background music at all. Console says "gigagooga_loop9 couldn't be loaded, using default". EDIT: @kingsal it's a bug in your FM. The referenced soundshader is defined nowhere in your package and it's no core asset.
  12. Hello Micropoint. You can browse favorite missions of other forum members here: If you would like to play multiple missions with a connected story, you can usually identify them via a prefix in the mission name, e.g. WS# for William Steele. One notable exception is the series by Moonbo, starting with "Requiem". There are also a couple of fully fledged campaign releases identified by "Type = C" in the mission list: https://www.thedarkmod.com/missions/?sort=missiontype Have fun! And if you enjoy playing, why not give our level editor Dark Radiant a shot? It's never too late to learn
  13. Ah, thanks. Somehow, I did not yet stumble accross std::filesystem. The documentation also directly states, that it is derived from boost.filesystem.
  14. As you already said, most of that stuff can be achieved with modern C++, except for boost::filesystem. Just out of curiousity, what did you do to replace that to maintain cross-platform capabilities?
  15. No way, we won't let that happen!! I guess we will have to work something else out!
  16. I don't think that would be easily possible. Say, there is a bugfix in the gui code that breaks some custom guis of FMs. The author of that FM is not reachable. How do we proceed? The way I see it, there are four options: A Teammember could disect the gui and try to fix it manually. --> Work-intense. The average dev probably does not want to manually fix up a dozen FMs The FM could be re-released with the default GUI, potentially with a completely different look. We just stop fixing issues in the GUI-Code. The FM is taken offline. Out of these four, I really
  17. We cannot hold back developers from fixing GUI related issues etc. At the same time, authors want to modify these GUIs to create a certain look and feel for their FM. As it is not practical, to think of all possible customizations, an author might need, we cannot really create a one-fits-all customizable GUI. Therefore, I would suggest the following: Allow authors to modify any gui file as they wish. If the author publishes a mission through the official TDM servers, he/she implicitly agrees that his custom guis will be replaced by stock ones, should his/her FM become unplayable due to
  18. "Wacken? Ist schon vorbei du Spasti, hau' ab!" (Just a little German insider regarding Wacken) Lots of stuff is going digital this year. The Gamescom actually created an mmo so that you can visit the gamescom digitally at least. It'll be free2play, so I am definitely gonna check that out. It will be my first Gamescom. Also digital this year, QuakeCon happening next weekend. However, they should really go ahead and rename it to "BethesdaCon" if you look at this timetable. What's elderscrolls, Fallout and Dishonored got to do on a QuakeCon? It's supposed to be Doom and Quake, and t
  19. I wonder if TDM could be launched without actually creating the window, i.e., just trigger a dmap in the tdm executable in the background.
  20. Another idea: Could this synchronization be achieved bidirectionally? Use-Case: Mapper checks his work ingame, finds something he/she dislikes and wants to edit, DR camera moves synchronously with TDM camera, so he can directly apply the change within DR.
  21. Wow, this is a really exciting project and will improve the workflow of our mappers significantly!! I am wondering, since we have borderless window, can it be achieved that the TDM renderview actually (optionally) replaces the DR preview? That would be incredible!
  22. Go play thief simulator, there you have an encumbarance system! The game is utter crap, but still kind of fun.
  23. STiFU

    Free games

    I think the digital delivery can take some time, for whatever reason. Did you try to log in to your uplay account again? I just checked in my uplay app and I have Watch Dogs 2 unlocked.
  24. STiFU

    Free games

    Watchdogs 2 free on uplay. https://register.ubisoft.com/ubisoft-forward-reward/en-GB
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