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  1. Open the console "CTRL + ALT + TILDE" Then invoke con_noPrint 0 so that the console data will render at the top of the screen Then invoke getviewpos 1 Then leave the console and capture a screen-shot and revert these settings.
  2. Equipped this item, used it and found I couldn't get it off the screen. Remains after a quicksave and load.
  3. Btw, I'm running into the same problem after updating to 2.09. Tried changing all of the aforementioned CVARs, but nothing solved it. I ended up updating to one of the test builds (I think test15973-8787). I'm on a laptop with an Intel UHD 620 and a dedicated nVidia GeForce MX150 here. Switching GPUs doesn't change anything, except that the screen is turning all white on Intel, instead of all black on nVidia. I haven't tried wiping the entire TDM tree to see if any old assets (like glprogs) might be lying around, conflicting with the downloaded ones. I also haven't tried yet recompiling TheDarkModx64.exe, to have the glprogs copied over afresh in the post-build step. edit: a fresh download of 2.09 is working, so it seems something in my existing darkmod/ tree is messing things up.
  4. I (and we) have not read your darkmod logs yet, studentmaniac. And i still want to read them, because capability check written in them and can show other things. (and if there is a driver issue, we can also see that in the log. Than we have proof) "I'll not go fiddling with codes and notebook as I am naïve and technologically illiterate when it comes to these things." Please hold on! Then I write some easy instructions for you, which i did also for other people. instruction: open the file explorer and go to your darkmod folder. open file darkmod.cfg (right click > open with > notepad), look for value for setting "seta logFile", change the value "0" to "2", and the save the file. open file "currentfm", change its content to "training_mission", and the save the file. open a command prompt/powershell window in the tdm folder: In file explorer > click on menu "file" > open in powershell. Or in file explorer, hold your shift-key on keyboard and right-click in a empty space (shift+right click), > in the quickmenu select "open powershell / command prompt" here Or hit windowskey+r to open the execute window. input "cmd" and run.This wil open the black command prompt window If the game is located at c:\games\darkmod, enter the following line and hit the enter-key: cd games\darkmod Then run the following command by entering the following line and hit the enter-key: .\TheDarkModx64.exe +condump tdmwontstartlog.txt +map training_mission +quit this automatically start tdm, create logfile tdmwontstart and quit. This create a file "tdmwontstartlog" and we want to see its content. Open the file and post its content in the topic, or attach the file to the topic. (You can also look if there is a qconsole file in your fms\trainingsmission folder, but i doubt it.) end.
  5. If it were not compatible, you should be getting a black screen because nothing could be rendered without textures. But in practice, it does render, just with confused texture associations. It looks and feels very much like a bug, but unfortunately I don't (yet) have access to an AMD device myself, so it' very hard to debug...
  6. Addendum: if image_usePrecompressedTextures "0" -> BLACK SCREEN (game is working)
  7. Using my normal config settings, which worked fine a couple months ago, I'm now getting a nearly dark screen when starting a mission with SVN assets/code. I built the Windows binaries from the current SVN source, so it's up-to-date. The presentation is as if there is no lighting from in-game lights, and ambient is very very low. Anyone else seeing this? SVN is supposed to be kept bug-free, so that folks can work with the latest assets and code. If this isn't already being worked on, could the devs pls take a look at it and bring SVN back to expectations? Thanks.
  8. I want to know what is written in the qconsole.log, when you load the mission "A House of Locked Secrets" directly. This by generating a new darkmod.cfg, change the log setting in darkmod.cfg, change the name of current mission in currentmission.txt start the mission from commandline, automaticly quit and look for qconsole.log inside fms folder "ahouseoflockedsecrets". Generate a new darkmod.cfg, by renaming darkmod.cfg (to something else) and start and quit darkmod. open darkmod.cfg, look for value for setting "seta logFile", change the value "0" to "2" Change the content of currentfm.txt to "ahouseoflockedsecrets" hit windowskey+r to open the execute window. input "cmd" and run. This wil open the black command prompt window If the game is located at c:\games\darkmod, enter the following line and hit the enter-key: cd games\darkmod Then run the following command by entering the following line and hit the enter-key: .\TheDarkModx64.exe +map monastery.map +quit This will automatically start TDM, load the mission and quits. See if there is a qconsole.log inside folder fms\ahouseoflockedsecrets end.
  9. I recently switched from a 27" FHD screen to a 34" 1440p 21:9, and now I see this : https://i.postimg.cc/t4Xb2gV0/ws5-2021-04-07-20-37-05.jpg
  10. Same problem (black screen on v2.09), same solution (setting r_glCoreProfile "0"). System specs:
  11. I'm building my first FM in DR, and for some reason, when I'm testing my unpackaged build, on world spawn there's a fixed square overlay in the lower left screen corner, a few cm on a side, with vague contents that morph as the player moves. It could I guess be a secondary camera (perhaps downward facing). This square doesn't appear when running other FMs in Win10, so it must be a problem with my build. No odd spawnargs on the info_player, and nothing I could find in the wiki or forum. Any help as to what this is and how to find it/turn it off would be much appreciated.
  12. I believe this is the closest to a crash log I can manage. The screen goes grey as though the game will start up before going back to desktop. Darkmod.logDarkMod.temp.log
  13. _apitrace_record3.cmd works, but 1 and 2 result in the black screen.
  14. Ok, I'll try to get some more information, but that would need more complicated steps from you. 1) Run tdm_installer without any custom checks, and make sure it installs release209 properly. Do not use test/dev versions for this! 2) Delete "currentfm.txt" file in TDM installation directory (if it exists). 3) Download apitrace from this link. It is a 7z archive with a folder inside. Unpack the contents of the folder into "C:\apitrace". Make sure that path "C:\apitrace\bin\apitrace.exe" indeed points to the executable! 4) Download attached zip file. Unpack its contents into the root of your TDM installation directory. Make sure you see files like "_apitrace_record1.cmd" in the same directory where you see "TheDarkModx64.exe". 5) Action time Run "_apitrace_record1.cmd". It will start TDM game, and after a bit of time you will hear music. Now press Ctrl+Alt+Tilde (~) to open console. Type "condump 1" and hit Enter. Then exit game by pressing Alt+F4. Note that you'll have to do it blind, so verify that both "1.txt" and "res1.trace" have been created in TDM directory. 6) Repeat point 5, but now run "_apitrace_record2.cmd" and execute "condump 2". 7) Repeat point 5, but now run "_apitrace_record3.cmd" and execute "condump 3". 8|) Take files "1.txt", "2.txt", "3.txt", "res1.trace", "res2.trace", "res3.trace" in TDM installation directory, and pack them all into 7z/zip archive. Upload the archive somewhere and share it for download. P.S. And if you start seeing the menu instead of black screen in any of the runs, of course report it 209_blackmenu_apitrace.zip
  15. i dont use triple buffering. I don't use the video driver settings I can't turn off VSync. since there will be Screen Tearing
  16. I have the same problem too, and I also have a Radeon card. On Linux, however, instead of a black screen, it produces a bunch of colored artifacts obstructing view on the menu. I'll try both test versions and see the results1000
  17. test15973-8793 and test15973-8795 both result in the black screen no matter if it's seta r_useNewBackend "1" or seta r_useNewBackend "0".
  18. I have a Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. test15973-8778 works but test15973-8797 starts with the black screen.
  19. @Jedi_Wannabe, "dev15976-8815" is the very first dev build. Are you sure 'dev15976-8815' gives you black screen but release208 works properly? I hope you do not restore config file when switching versions?
  20. Yesterday I installed 'The Dark Mod' version 2.05 on my computer. ('tdm_update.linux' worked great, but took FOREVER. The resultant 'thedarkmod.x86' file is 6.5 MB in size.) My issues: When starting the program (./thedarkmod.x86), I get great audio, but only a black screen (window).When running on full desktop mode (not in a window), both monitors go black.I can hear clicking when I move the (invisible) mouse pointer within the black screen. Unfortunately, the only way I found to get things back to 'normal' is to do a 'CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE', since I cannot get the mouse pointer to my desktop (when running in window mode).I cannot see what errors I may have gotten when launching from the command line, because of having to re-start my session (see line above). My computer system: OS: Linux Mint 17.3 (64 bit) CPU: Intel Core i7-3610QM @ 2.30 GHz x 4 System RAM: 8 GB Video Controller: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Video Card: AMD / ATI Heathrow PRO [Radeon HD 7850M/8850M] Video RAM Available: 2048 MB Displays: Laptop [1920 x 1080 (16:9)], Standalone monitor [1920 x 1080 (16:9)] Anyway, from searching the forum for possible things to do to get video, I changed the following lines in my Darkmod.cfg file: seta com_videoRam "2048" seta r_aspectRatio "1" seta r_fullscreen "0" seta r_customHeight "900" seta r_customWidth "1600" seta r_mode "-1" seta sys_videoRam "0" Still, I get the black screen (window). My Darkmod.log shows: Any thoughts on how to actually 'see' what is hiding inside the black screen (or window)?
  21. Drivers are updated, hardware is the same, still using the fresnel repack and this happened. Settings shown in video, nothing changed, but hopefully something that can isolate, simplify and complete this issue. If the black box in the upper right isn't obvious enough at 9 seconds let me know, I can adjust brightness/contrast in post. I wouldn't actually know how to go about doing that, I'm savvy with software to some degree but would need help. Edit: Got another one right after. I can't cover this mission, this bug is too common and too unpredictable to route around.
  22. Hello, I'm trying to run TDM in 16:9 (1920x1080) on a Samsung C49RG94 32:9 monitor. What I want to achieve is not widescreen play (which is working), but I want to play TDM in 16:9 centered with black bars on each side. The PBP (picture by picture) of the monitor doesn't seem to support this (left or right side only, but not centered) and the monitor software "Easy Setting Box" also does not seem able to achive this. So I'm looking for way to either run TDM in fullscreen or in window mode with black bars on each side. In window-mode the two best programs I have found so far were listed here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Borderless_fullscreen_windowed - Borderless Gaming (not the also listed Windowed Borderless Gaming) and - Simple Runtime Window Editor Both were capable to bring TDM in window-mode without borders and disabled windows taskbar in the center of the screen. But the problem, that the rest of the desktop is still visible remains. Is there any known way to run TDM in (preferred) full screen mode with black bars left and right so that it runs in 1980x1080 (or 2560x1440) in 16:9 on a 32:9 widescreen monitor? Currently, if you set a lower aspect ration than that of the monitor, TDM stretches the display (Subnautica for example shows black bars in this case). If that's not possible, is there any known way how to bring the window-mode to show black bars on the side or some comparable reasonable workaround (which doesn't require to delete every icon, permanently hide the taskbar and the set the desktop to black)? Thank you very much! OGDA
  23. Did you try monitoring hardware during playback to see if something strange is happening at the moment the black block appears? Here's a thread from someone with a similar problem with the same GPU: https://www.reddit.com/r/AMDHelp/comments/hci56z/rx_5600_xt_black_squares/
  24. I understand. Thank you for the explanation. I agree about the third person model. I do not know how the stealth calculations work behind the scenes, but if they do use that model then there will be some discrepancies, particularly when compared to the view the player has in first person. The crouch model seems at least a full head taller than the first person perspective portrays. I can only imagine that it is rather difficult to animate a model like that, especially considering all of the dynamic movements the player can make. The rigid shoulders do look kind of silly when you see yourself but I can certainly look past all of that considering how rarely the player actually does see themselves. The important thing, I imagine, is that the stealth detection matches what the player sees on-screen.
  25. I am unable to get TDM to run. I installed TDM using The Dark Mod Updater v0.66 into the C:\darkmod directory. When executing the TheDarkMod.exe application, the screen goes black, my monitor indicates that there is a 'HDMI' cable connection and then briefly brings up the monitor menu buttons overlay for a few seconds. After which, the screen is completely black. At this point, neither Control-Alt-Delete nor Alt-Control-Tilde work, the computer is frozen, and the computer requires a hard power down and reboot. A second reinstall of TDM shows the same results and behavior. I have attached a .txt file of the TDM Update Log Window. My system configuration is: ASUS Desktop PC CM6850 Series Intel Core i7-2600 CPU, 3.4 GHz 8 GB RAM Windows 10 Home, 64 Bit NVIDIA GeForce GT 530 (Driver Date:5/17/2017) 6134 MB Total Available Graphics Memory Any help on getting TDM running would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! TDM Update Log Window.txt
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