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  1. Also, for some reason it often helps to delete darkmod.cfg after an update, so that you get a new one when you next start TDM. Worth keeping a backup of it in case that doesn't fix the black screen.
  2. Yes, try to update your video drivers. And if there is a darkmod.log in your darkmod folder, we would like to see it. Open the file with notepad and copy its content in this topic. in the following topics, you can find some other pointers: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/search/&q=black screen&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=58
  3. The engine always supplies the "system textures" in absence of diffuse/normal/specular textures, so should get a black texture, which multiplied by model's vertex color should give black, I guess.
  4. How about setting this screen resolution in darkmod.cfg? I dont have a big screen to test it.
  5. Image - https://i.imgur.com/zJS8zFj.jpg Solutions? Im using a custom resolution on windows 10 (140% in custom setting) Is there any workaround?
  6. Something I've changed in my map today caused it to show nothing but a black screen after it loads. I can see my lightgem and hear sound speakers that are near the starting position, but no music, no equipment, no movement, no crouching. Things I've changed: - Reworked the script file - Added a few nodrawsolid brushes and trigger entities, moved some items around - Deleted some patches My guess is the script is to blame, but even if I delete the script it loads black. I've seen this happen before in my test map that I used to test my scripts, there it got solved by dmapping again, bu
  7. This has been happening for a while (since 2.02 at least) but I'm just now getting around to posting about it but when I try to use the spyglass all I get is a black screen. Any ideas? Fully updated TDM 2.03. Thanks, Richard
  8. Nevermind, it's always the easiest solution that occurs to one last. I set the windows resolution to 1920x1080, which centers the screen on the 32:9 Samsung and TDM then is also centered with black bars.
  9. Nice to know that sollution works for your display monitor. Please note that warning screen is coming from your dell display monitor, not from TDM. On the following site you will find some sollutions for this warning screen from your monitor display: https://appuals.com/fix-the-current-input-timing-is-not-supported-by-the-monitor-display/ (also the sollution to change the screen resolution of a game)
  10. I'm running antergos linux. The game is installed, I've changed my resolution in the config file, and everything seems fine, until I load up the game. As soon as I get to the opening menu, my mouse locks to the edges of the screen, and it's nigh impossible for me to move it anywhere else. I've looked through a ton of different articles but nothing seems to help. A fix would be greatly appreciated. I cannot use the ingame config because I can't move the mouse to click on anything. I've tried running it in windowed only to have the same thing happen. I've posted this same thread on reddit but di
  11. Well well well. I don't know which of those settings made the difference (r_glCoreProfile is set to 2, by the way), but it seems to work properly now. Do you want me to try recreating the problem to determine which setting was important, or shall I just take this as a win? I've attached the console log file, there are quite a lot of warnings on loading, but maybe this is normal? Otherwise looks ok to me. For this log I just started the map, let the conversation finish, saved the game, checked the menu screen was working, climbed up towards the generator and onto the open window ... an
  12. When I have a crash on TDM 2.03 I find that the screen display is very light and the only way I can fix it is to log off from Windows 7 and log on again Is there another way round it as I assume that a change made by TDM isn't reverting to the previous standard setting
  13. Red-cyan mode works on any screen, it's the only mode that does. However it messes up the colors a lot so it's less than ideal. For VR the mode that's needed is side-by-side stereoscopy, one view on each half of the screen. It doesn't even need to be rounded with lens distortion as you see in most cases, though you will need to increase the FOV by roughly 50% since the lenses only see a part of the screen in the middle so it would appear very zoomed in. The HUD also won't be visible since you generally can't see the screen edges, all panels would need to be moved around the crosshair wher
  14. Thanks for that. Yeah I figured it was coming from the monitor, as if it can't display the output from the PC then it wouldn't be able to display any message from it too, but for those who just get a black screen & music this might help. And apologies for putting this thread in the wrong forum, thanks for shifting it, whoever it was
  15. Hi all, I just put the 64 bit version of TDM on my machine running Zorin 15.2, I figured it's based on Ubuntu so it should be OK When I ran thedarkmod.x64 I got the intro music playing & a black screen with a pop up saying - I couldn't stop TDM & had to blip the power button to get the system to shut down. So I dug around a bit on my old windows system that ran TDM on the same monitor & found the following lines in Darkmod.cfg seta r_customHeight "1080" seta r_customWidth "1920" on the Linux system they were seta r_customHeight "600" seta r
  16. Hi there ^^ After launching thedarkmod.x86, i get a complete (and sometimes partly) Black Screen on openSUSE 12.3 (Updated)
  17. Hi, I've tried to run TDM-2.0 downloaded via torrent (not from TDM website, it wasn't available there at that time) on my gentoo-x64 box. I've fixed a relative path problem by renaming the game's folder to "darkmod", but now it prints lots of errors like "WARNING:Couldn't load image: guis/assets/mainmenu/buttons_loadsave/loadmission" on startup. It finds all files in the search path, but can't load the images. The menu screen is completely black. Sound works fine, I can hear the feedback when I hover the mouse over a button. I guess not being able to see anything has to do with those image
  18. This may have been asked before but I didn't find it Whenever I take a screen shot I always have to lighten in to make the detail visible and looking at other posts it seems I am not alone in seeing this effect I suppose the next question is - can this be fixed
  19. Hi everyone, my first post here. I've been playing this game for a long time, and I'd like to start by thanking you all for your amazing work. After years of problem free TDM gaming, I recently upgraded to a new PC. I was really looking forward to playing some of my favourite missions on a better rig. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem. I start the game, select a mission and press start. When the loading bar finishes, and it says 'mission loaded, please wait', I get a blue screen of death and the PC resets. My PC works normally otherwise, and other games run fine. I tried out a few dif
  20. Arch Linux, stable build, amdgpu drivers (rx480), GNOME-SHELL DE, primary display 1440p144hz, secondary display 4k 50hz. Upon launching the game, display settings are altered from join-displays to mirrored. Also, fullscreen is impossible when attempting to run the game with the 4k screen as the primary display.
  21. Sorry for going somewhat off topic but I've seen this problem before in fhdoom and it can be a clue for TDM has well. When using a custom post process glsl shader, a small window at the lower left corner of the main window shows up, the effect works in the small window and the rest of the screen gets like you said. I know almost nothing about shader coding, but it could be connected to the way id tech 4 renders the screen first to 640x480 then converts it to the users screen size after. Here is one of the shaders with problems, for those that want to see it. Btw this code was not wr
  22. I'm noting other problems which I'll post issues for once we're up and running again. One of those is related to this one: textures for some non-frobable objects (worldspawn and func_statics) aren't being painted. The same textures will be missing through several dmaps, then suddenly they appear again, and different textures go away. It's as if a) the texture can't be found (though other surfaces with the same texture are fine) or b) the surface is behaving as if no light--not even ambient--is touching it, so it's painted black. In favor of the "texture not being found" thought is th
  23. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before; I couldn't find anything when I searched. I have two 19" monitors connected to my Linux laptop which has a nVidia card. When the secondary monitor is a duplicate of the primary, TDM runs fine at the native resolution (1280x1024), and I can see the game running duplicated on both monitors. But when the secondary monitor is set to be the extended desktop (at the right of the primary), TDM starts with blank screen, both monitors reporting "no signal". I can hear the music and mouse sound effects. Hitting the console key and tying exit shuts down t
  24. I've deleted tdm_base01.pk4 and run the update again. the problem still appers, only difference is, that the blackscreen is coming a later. for the first 2 or 3 seconds you can see a grey screen now. the driver version is 8.970.100.9001 (see screenshot) I tried to update it but it always says it's the newest one. I really think the only way to solve that problem is to buy a better grapic card.
  25. Well, when playing full screen it is a black screen with a TDM mouse. When playing windowed screen it is a black screen inside a window with a TDM mouse. Here are the screenshots.
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