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  1. Right. I already had changed the "o" screen, it seems to be better now: Although the arrows need to be shifted a bit left to be center of the "Objectives" text, where the red line is. Will do so now. Done. Also moved them a few pixels down, so that even with three lines there is hopefully no overlap.
  2. Not quite the same thing but I saw that if I clicked left mouse while a readable was on screen: My blackjack hand would stay raised until I clicked attack again. This was playing 'the Transaction', the first mission I've played with TDM 1.04. In previous versions I think I'd get a normal BJ swing if I clicked attack to make a readable go away? I experienced that (see attachment) when I triggered the cutscene with my blackjack out. The sword just appeared. (Is there more than one? What's that on the side of the BJ?). Afterwards I did a few experiments: If I trigger the cutscene with my bla
  3. Just to mention the original topic. The in-game objective screen has a bug which causes the back-button overlap unaesthetically with the objective text, if the text spans for two lines.
  4. Hey there! Ingame all object textures are missing and replaced by plain black color. Only the textures of NPCs and floor/wall/ceiling are displayed. I am not sure if the problem lies in my hardware ... every time i start the updater it claims "size mismatch, getting it." at most of the .pak copies in my tdm folder. My specs are: Intel Core 2 duo processor T8100 - 2.1 GHz ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT 2GB DDR2 What is your suggestion how to solve the problem? Greetings, .jdb
  5. Can you copy more of your console error? Also, is the screen you are trying to play from designated as your Primary display? (I would try the 195 WHQL version tried in this thread if you haven't already.) Finally, this may sound strange but some Spyware has been know to hook into the Device Manager registry keys (the symptom is usually a blank white page when opening the Device Manager), you could try running Super Antispyware or some other anti malware then running the driver cleaner then reinstalling the drivers. If it were my system, I would also download the latest BIOS from ASUS i
  6. be aware that this might drop performance a lot - if the particles are longer on screen, the engine has to draw more of them.
  7. Change the gravity to 0, speed to -500 and the z offset to 240. Now the patch is in the middle of the rain instead of the very top, this makes it harder for the patch to go off screen while looking at the raindrops. And since it is the speed of the particles making them fall and not gravity you can angle them for wind effects.
  8. Got another hanging save with the "alchemist". Seems like it should be normal gameplay, upper mansion, just had stolen the rod in the upper mansion where we are supposed to steal some gems. This hang doesn't start the game though. The loading screen just stays after the loading bar fills up and disappears. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EDLP2NDR
  9. This is a huge update. Thank you for the dedication which result in all these new features and bugfixes. It's a huge step forward and an enormous work TDM folk !! Some findings and questions after updating: I started with 'Too late' and 'Knighton Manor' for checking all the new goodies which Santa TDM brought us Taffers. I've both re-downloaded them from the new game menu to have the latest versions. 1) IIRC there had been a SFX along with mantling in 1.02? Anyone else not getting that sound or is my memory wrong? 2) In 'Too late' jumping doesn't make any sound any longer. I do no
  10. err.. my tdmlauncher.exe doesn´t even start after update, all i get is title TDM screen and
  11. Thinking laterally I'd say that in `Patently Dangerous' you do not need to fight anyone: the mission can completely be ghosted or played only using Jack the Black. About the load problem: did you tested the unmmodded doom 3? Can you start a game play a little, and reload? Usually doom 3 is slow on start and fast on reload. In your case it seems it is always slow. I was wondering if it was really a TDM problem.
  12. I also solved this problem this way: - started the game. - started the game again, now it is pitch black. I used the console to quit. - copied the default DoomConfig.cfg into .doom3/darkmod directory. - started the game again, now it works fine. Maybe it deserve a note in the FAQ?
  13. Hello there i seem to have a problem that didn't occure yet. I checked the faq and forum posts but couldn't find anything like my problem. So here is a description: Sometimes all the light vanishes and i don't mean the black texture bug. I can still see everything, but there is no light, i still see the the flames of, for example torches, but otherwise it is just like in a dark shadow. I also notices that the AIs just act like there was no light, they don't see me, even when i am standing right in front of them. Also the lightgem stays dark, no matter how close i am to a lightsource, only ex
  14. Hello all, I just got Doom 3 installed and patched and I got The Dark Mod installed and for the most part it works. However, there's some graphical type errors I keep seeing as I wander through the training mission. At various spots throughout the mission(most of the time in the outside areas) the textures aren't displaying properly, they look black/white with some specs of color here and there... I've tried everything I can think of to fix the issues, I've looked through the FAQ, made sure to update both my graphic drivers and direct x, and I've even reinstalled TDM, but to no help... My Sy
  15. Hi, i have some questions about the tdm, maybe you can help me! do keys dissappear after you kill/stune enemys? Is it possible to pinch out flare? I read somethin in the training mission that it is possible but there was no note how you exactly do that, there is no key or something. Can i adjust size of the symbols of the items which are shown on HUd, for example when i take sword you can see that the sword is selected in the left under corner on screen, or when you take the lockpick you see it in the right under corner, because for a unknown reason i changed the size, so i cant read an
  16. You should be OK in Chalice and many other FMs because they do not use this dynamic portal sky. The problem is with this portal sky because the surface of the sky has a portal sky texture that acts like a CCTV screen with the camera in a separate skybox looking at a sky with eg, scrolling cloud textures etc. But many FMs don't use that. Instead they have a fairly static sky directly on the sky surface. They should all work OK and won't be affected by this method. This method only replaces any portal sky texture with a fixed sky. So, in Thief's Den 1 it is very cloudy, stormy, and raining. Wi
  17. It looks like the wrong font and it's cropped at the bottom. If you have changed the hud gui then I recommend you delete it and it should default to the one in the pk4. If not, exit Dark Mod and run the tdm updater again and make sure it has got all the files correctly. It's not enough just to change the font or font size in the hud - the text has to fit inside a specific rectangle so if the font size is too big then it gets cropped. You should be able to reduce the screen res in the Dark Mod Settings menus but I can't recall if the hud font shows larger or if it is scaled to be the same a
  18. Don't beat yourself up. I assumed that using the TDM Updater to download the mod would avoid the possibility of corrupted textures so I didn't even consider it. We all know who "Assumption" is the mother of right? I would just hope that this gets added to the Wiki as a possible cause of Black textures.
  19. While I can understand that you are a little frustrated with us, there's absolutely no reason to throw out personal insults like this. We get it already that you read the wiki and the forums, but believe me, if we knew the solution to your particular problem by heart, we'd tell you. It's obvious that there must be something wrong with your particular setup, as the common solution to the black textures problem doesn't draw in your case. I'd recommend double-checking your drivers and maybe try to test your installation on another computer, if you have the chance. Remember that we're not gett
  20. This only needs to be set to 1 if you are having low frame rates. This will compress all the textures again and decrease your visual quality. It has no effect on black textures. seta image_useallformats "1" should be the magic key here. Try setting it in both your base doom 3 folder and in the fan mission folder itself. You should definitely be able to see the textures.
  21. As I said above, the only setting required to fix the black textures is image_useallformats "1". We had played around with the others while trying to solve the problem back in the day, but later figured out you only needed to set that one setting. It won't hurt to have seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" set, although having seta image_useNormalCompression "2" and seta image_useCompression "1", is just going to recompress all the DDS files again at map load and increase your loading time.
  22. I had black texture bug a couple of times, but with an Nvidia card. I tried following directions on forum posts after searching as well with no luck either so based on my experience, i'd try to play with these three settings: seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" seta image_useNormalCompression "2" seta image_useCompression "1" Those are my current settings.
  23. Thank you for your replies, @ Tels Yes the card is newish, I had disabled the Catalyst AI as was suggested in another topic, but I haven't yet tried disabling the entire Catalyst Control panel. @New Horizon As I stated in the topic, I have checked all the settings listed on the wiki as being related to the black textures. The setting you mention being one of them. @Ivan the B Thanks for your reply, this seems to support the idea that this is a driver fault. The machine was built at the end of October and all the drivers were up to date at that point, I will try a few different drive
  24. The only line in the doom config that really makes any difference with black textures is image_useallformats 1 If it's set to that, everything should show up fine....unless there is a driver problem with your card.
  25. Neb

    Sky & water

    There seems to be a square in the bottom left corner of the screen where water renders correctly. I took some screenshots of the zoomed sky and underwater scenes, but there's probably little point in posting them since you can hardly make out anything.
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