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  1. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4893 I found a very problematic issue in the engine. I'm running TDM 2.06, 64bit executable, Linux version (openSUSE Tumbleweed x64). The issue is as follows: Previously, if a bad script or definition or missing asset error occurred, TDM would crash back to the main menu and the error would appear in the console. It seems this is no longer the case and something worse happens instead: Errors will now cause the process to freeze, shortly followed by a permanent black screen. The reason why this is annoying is because alt-tab switching still doesn't work. To recover the operating system, I need to hit Control + Alt + F1 to go to a different runlevel then use 'top' to find the TDM process followed by a 'kill -9 PID'. Can anyone else confirm this and fix the engine locking up on internal errors?
  2. I was finally able to fix my Black Screen problem. I had tried all the solutions listed in this thread but I still wasn't able to get TDM to work without the dreaded Black Screen so I decided to improvise and combine a couple of things that other people had found successful. This is exactly what I did: I renamed my Doom 3 directory to Doom3. Installed the torrent version of TDM and installed the patch. Launched TDM but didn't install the training mission nor any other mission instead I went directly into the "Settings" and changed my video settings. I then quit the game completely and then relaunched TDM and that's when I encountered the Black Screen so I quit the game (Alt+F4). I then went into my darkmod folder and deleted the "gamex86.dll" file and the "doomconfig.cfg" file. Launched TDM again and it worked fine. Note: I'm not sure if renaming my Doom 3 directory to Doom3 really helped but I noticed that someone else had tried this and I noticed that some of the documentation referenced Doom3 not Doom 3. Additionally, I didn't install the training mission or any other mission because on a previous attempt to fix the Black Screen problem I had installed the training mission to initiate the Black Screen and then I ended up having to delete the training mission and any files associated with that mission in order to get TDM to work. I just found it was simpler to initiate the Black Screen by going directly into the "Settings" and making some video changes. I'd hazard a guess that you could fix the Black Screen problem by just going in and deleting the "gamex86.dll" file and the "doomconfig.cfg" file from your darkmod folder but I'm too tired of messing around with this thing to test out that theory. I hope this information is helpful to someone.
  3. I edited my previous post with the updated log. I can only dump the log when I'm on the first screen after loading the mission. The console won't open when the screen goes black.
  4. Heya, I've been playing this great mission by Goldwell and while it was really enjoyable, I've encountered a few minor bugs(at least I hope they're minor O_O), and a major one. 1.) There is a safe in the office of the third floor(one with lion head ornament), which contains some loot. I was able to pick up all of it except a single purse with some spilled coins. No matter which angle I tried, couldn't pick it up for some reason, even after restarting TDM few times. 2.) There is an optional objective of putting a certain orb into a cauldron. Apparently, it should start some sort of cutscene, but nothing happens. 3.) Watched a video on YT by FenPhoenix, in which he put a rat into some sort of stew, and the protagonist said a funny line. Tried to put the rat into stew, but nothing happened, except the rat glitching through the pot, rotating furiously for a few seconds. 4.) The final and most severe one I've encountered. After finishing my objectives(except the orb ritual -_-' ), I appeared in a train after being teleported. The end credits started to roll, and the screen remained black. The mission didn't finish, and I could still hear my footsteps, sound of drawing my weapons, but there was no HUD. Tried reloading bunch of times, but no results. I'll try to dash through the mission again tomorrow, hopefully it'll work. Cheers! (^__^ ) (\_/) <-----crappy whale
  5. ***SOLVED*** See Steps Quoted in bottom post Hi, I am running Linux Mint 17.1, MATE desktop and compiz. My system (64 bit) has onboard Intel HD3000 video chip. I used the updater downloaded from the site to install the darkmod updater into a darkmod folder in home as per the instructions. I checked and my system does have the ia32-lib installed. The install seemed to go without hitch, on running the updater, files just began appearing in my darkmnod folder. However, when I try to start TDM by doubleclicking thedarkmod.x86, I hear the sounds and can hear my mouse scrolling over options and the music is playing fine. But the whole screen is black and I had to to a hard shutdown to get out. I have searched around, but only see suggestions of changing a doom config file (which I don't have with this standalone version) I also saw some mention of various screen resolutions. I am running on a laptop with a secondary monitor (laptop is closed and the laptop screen is disabled) set at 1920x1080 via VGA (HDMI port is toast) Is there something I am missing? Maybe a setting in the Darkmod.cfg file? Is there a way to get out of TDM without a hard shutdown? Some keystroke, as I try different things to see if I can get this working for my system? Here is what is in my log file, I don't see any errors: Thanks for any clues or tips!
  6. no need to explain so i finally got the updater to work right and then switched to the nvidia driver and the game works great. i may have to tweak settings simply because it is running the GPU hard and the fan is nuts, but that is not due to the game itself, but the display setup is what i suspect. it is kind of annoying but the problem lies with the fact that it is a laptop, and i have a secondary monitor since the main one went out. if i could figure out how to completely bypass the built in monitor then it would probably behave much better, but i guess i may have to start saving for a refurb desktop from new egg or tiger direct. EDIT: ok, something new to add, for those who want the game to go to their external monitor in linux machines. If they use their Nvidia control panel or equivalent, and save to a new xorg config file, then they can force the laptop monitor off, and make the secondary the primary monitor in the xorg settings, which will allow the game to play in full screen on the external monitor, and the GPU will run a lot cooler. I was having issues with the graphics due to the fact i could not run it in full screen because it was forcing the laptop monitor back on (albeit without the back-lights behind the LCD, so basically black with faint details) and until i adjusted things i had to try playing in windowed mode, which is not very GPU friendly. Still have yet to figure out the controls and what the objective really is in the first mission, but i know it runs ok. I got killed by the first two guards. Now i have to find out if i can balance the graphics settings just right for better eye candy.
  7. First, please update your video drivers to the latest version. (to, at this moment version 390.65) Then check if the problem still exists. If so, could you post an application log for us? First check if there is a darkmod-log-file in your tdm folder. if so, open the file with notepad and copy its content to this topic in a spoiler-tag. If not, please create one and please post its content in a spoiler-tag. (See wiki article: Debuggin _TDM systemerrors) Tip: use my tdm launcher to load TDM executable with the arguments) And how about running tdm temporary, windowed and/or low sreen resolution? see instruction in topic: running-tdm-results-in-black-screen - entry406879 - edit - Using tdm arguments: +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 1 (or select the options in the tdm launcher) We got also a wiki, with some solutions: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ#Troubleshooting http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installation
  8. Hey guys I just installed TDM for the first time, after seeing it released as a standalone game. I am running Win 8.1 on an older pavilion g7 hp laptop with intel hd graphics and an i3 core. At first the game seemed to work, I was able to get to the main menu and even change the resolution settings. However as soon as I tried restarting the game to make the changes happen, it returned to leave me with a black screen. Just to reiterate: when I start the game now, the screen turns black, the resolution of the screen changes to 640x480 and a few seconds in I can hear the menu music and the scroll-over sounds of the buttons. I can only quit by using the Taskmanager. I tried all sorts of compatibility settings and I am running the game as administrator. in addition, I have already deleted the .ini and cfg files to let the updater download newer versions, to no avail. I appreciate any help I can get, because I really want to play TDM!
  9. Playing in several different missions, it seems that black or very dark areas of the screen seem to take on a bluish-gray tinge, and stand out very strongly. This is visible in a variety of places - dark portions of wall near windows or sky; the spaces between cobblestones or other patterns and guards in shadow are especially so. It's less apparent in sections of the screen near my character, and also more apparent on the top half of my monitor than the bottom half. I've fiddled with my ingame brightness and gamma, turned the LOD up and down, recalibrated my monitor's display, and installed the most recent video drivers, but it still persists, both ingame and in screenshots. Black areas on other people's videos and screenshots appear normal, so I don't think my monitor itself is the problem. My video specs are: Video card:AMD Radeon HD 6700 Monitor: SyncMaster 920NW/920LM (I do have it set to 32bit color) I've also attached a screenshot; the wall in the mid-right of the image looks bluish-grey and is more visible than it should be.
  10. So I was following a tutorial on GUIs, and I since discovered that my installation (or TDM itself) seems unable to load both the custom GUIs (when you use the console command "testgui xxxxx.gui"), or the GUI editor that is supposed to come included in DOOM. The first simply fails, saying that the game cant load the gui, and the screen turns black (I´ve tried with a few different ones, even stuff from the startmap pack, and the results are the same), and the editor actually loads up, but when you click "new", nothing happens; when you try to load any gui, it says it cant import it or load it, and when you exit the program, TDM crashes, is unable to continue. Is that only on my end, or has the gui functionality somehow changed during the standalone process? Perhaps some of it hasnt been ported yet?
  11. And if you get a black screen, there is a error in your gui-code. And the console will display the number of the codeline.
  12. Goog Evening I just loaded Dark Mod like an hour ago, and got this Problem with the missing Textures or missing dynamic light not shure, and the Smoke being just black squares. And i know there is another thread with about the same Problem, but i have the 2.0 standalone and as far as i understood i dont have to install doom to play this one, so the other thread is not realy helping me either. I tried about every button in my settings and i followed the faq Textures are missing, screen mostly black Look into your darkmod.cfg inside your darkmod folder and check that the following settings are like shown below: seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" seta image_useNormalCompression "2" seta image_useAllFormats "1" seta image_useCompression "0" seta image_preload "1" even if im not sure thats the same problem. if that faq entry would be the right one, i looked in the DXDIAG, but there is no way to change anything in there. Textures are missing, shadows are pitch black Try disabling the AGP surface accelerator in DXDIAG. So non of the things i tried did change anything so please help me to fix this. MFG DamKoVosh Edit: P.S. the screen is much darker then its supposed to be, but the only thing u should see is some things having textures, while others havent.
  13. Ok, I finally got it to work, but it didn't involve either of the fixes you guys were talking about. First, I would change only these options: Screen Ratio: 16x9 Resolution: 1920x1280 Fullscreen: Yes Are you sure you want exit (Ask every time?) No (in other words, I told it not to ask me every time). Then the next time I started dark mod, black screen. Although I saw the fps counter (which by the way is rather odd in my opinion to have enabled by default..) So I went into my doomconfig.cfg and started changing everything back to default settings. Still black screen. (Weird, huh?) Next, I overwrote the entire darkmod folder with the one I had originally downloaded (unaltered). It worked, but I had the same problem as in the beginning (wasn't full screen, lower res, etc.) So I begun changing options again, restarted, and black screen. Then, I simply the darkmod.cfg from the original, unaltered darkmod folder that I downloaded, and overwrote the one in my darkmod folder, and then it worked! Although oddly enough, it was still set to 1920x1080, 16x9 and fullscreen was enabled when I started dark mod. I thought it would've overwrote it back to default settings (1280x720 and whatnot), but it didn't. Instead, it worked. Although it did seem to forget that I told it not to ask me if I wanted to exit for some reason. So whatever. I'm just glad I got it to work. Although I think something strange is at play here.. Edit: As a side note, it'd be nice if there was a "mods" option on the front end dark mod menu so that I could switch to another mod. I modified my doom 3 shortcut to start right into darkmod, but unfortunately I can't switch to other mods after I do that, so I may just take that out for now and switch to darkmod within another mod.
  14. Hey! Thanks for the great help! I was able to get it running in windowed mode. There wasn't an existing darkmod.cfg file, so I created one with the seta r_fullscreen "0" command as the only line in the file. This allowed TDM to run successfully in a small window, from which I was able to adjust the video settings to run in a larger window. The game is now playable and runs great even at a 'Very High' LOD. (And, it is a spectacular and very worthy continuation of the Thief series!) Prior to getting TDM running in windowed mode, I did not see a darkmod.log file (that doesn't mean there wasn't one). I re-edited the darkmod.cfg file to contain the seta r_fullscreen "1" command, which does still cause the black screen/frozen computer issue if TDM is run normally. Then, I ran the command you posted to this thread and in the 'Debugging TDM systemerrors' online manual: thedarkmod.exe +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quit. The resulting file, pbhallamlog.txt is attached to this reply. Any thoughts on how to get TDM running in fullscreen mode? Thanks again! pbhallamlog.txt
  15. Don't need the DMAP log. Just open TDM, try to run the mission as normal. When you get to the black screen, then drop down console.
  16. Ok, apparently the problem isn't solved. The mission worked fine on my laptop, when trying again on my desktop, I get the same issue. I have tried reinstalling the Dark Mod with no luck either. When deleting the mission from the fms folder and just loading the mission from console, everything works fine as it should. It is only when I make a .pk4 file and load it via new game that I get the black screen when hitting objectives... When I put that .pk4 mission in my laptop, it worked fine... very confusing...
  17. I have similar issues unless I run TDM in the max resolution of my monitor (1920x1200). My former resolutions of 1440x900 and 1680x1050 both display improperly. The nvidia-settings utility used to have options for how full-screen programs were handled...whether to stretch or center the display with black borders, etc. That seems to have disappeared, so I can't test fixing it with that method. BTW. this has been going on for quite a while now and has nothing to do with TDM 2.0. I think it is mostly to do with changes to X, and not the nvidia driver specifically. I normally would not suggest running TDM in Wine. But, some games which act quirky in full screen can be controlled by forcing a graphics setting in winecfg. Example: I recently installed the game "Project IGI" in wine. I had some issues with display sometimes when launching the game full screen. It would sometimes display no graphics, but audio was fine. In winecfg, I made a config for IGI.exe with the following Graphics tab options set: Auto grab mouse = yes Allow the window manager... = yes Allow.... = yes Emulate a virtual desktop = yes and set to 640 x 480 The IGI game itself is set to run full screen in max resolution. Now the game launches to the main menu properly in a small window. Then it goes to fullscreen properly when missions are launched and back again when done. All display issues go away and the game (not) changing resolutions no longer re-sizes my plasma desktop panels.
  18. Yes. You can go that far. Most folks wouldn't wanna lose bump map altogether but it's an option. If you use regular image_downsize make sure Postprocess is off or the screen will be black.
  19. (the screen went black for a few seconds and Dark Mod didn't actually started, just saying, because I don't know if that was supposed to happen) logmysound.txt: http://pastebin.com/XCDPQUxa
  20. Judging by that particular monitor's response time (5ms) I would say its a TN panel and this is just something that goes along with TN panels in my experience. Regardless if you're using 32bit color output in Windows/Linux, the monitor is limited in its color spectrum as are all 8bit panels. 10bit panels can provide the full color gamut but they are prohibitively expensive. Also, since its an older monitor, it more than likely has CCFL backlight which is something else that hinders proper black color reproduction. LED backlighting is much better at producing black blacks. Looking at your screen shot and owning 3x TN panels myself, I don't personally see anything different about it vs. mine so my advice would be.... get used to it? You can possibly tilt the monitor either UP or DOWN a bit to alter the colors shown on the screen. just my 2 pennies.
  21. I guess it's also a problem with S3TC: Checking portable OpenGL extensions... v - using GL_ARB_multitexture v - using GL_ARB_texture_env_combine v - using GL_ARB_texture_cube_map v - using GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 v - using GL_ARB_texture_env_add v - using GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two v - using GL_ARB_texture_compression X - GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc not found v - using GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic maxTextureAnisotropy: 16.000000 v - using GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias v - using GL_EXT_texture3D v - using GL_EXT_stencil_wrap v - using glStencilOpSeparate X - GL_NV_register_combiners not found X - GL_ATI_fragment_shader not found X - GL_ATI_text_fragment_shader not found v - using GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object v - using GL_ARB_vertex_program v - using GL_ARB_fragment_program X - EXT_depth_bounds_test not found It's strange because my hardware/software actually supports S3TC. Could it be I would need to install libtxc_dxtn for 32bit? The solution from the FAQ doesn't work: seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" seta image_useNormalCompression "2" seta image_useAllFormats "1" seta image_useCompression "0" seta image_preload "1" Besides, I've got a completely black screen, not a "mostly" black screen.
  22. Checked Nvidia control panel, nothing looks forced, things are left up to applications. The updater was crashing instantly so I tried a fresh copy of the game, updated, same problem in the game even with default in-game settings. I can get one or two 1 frame flashes on the pre-mission screen, then just black. If I can find any solutions on my own by messing with things, I'll post it.Found the problem (sort of). Alberic's Curse mission was causing the problem. Other missions work fine, but the pre-mission menu for that one mission causes a black screen. No idea why, I'll try uninstalling it and re-downloading it.
  23. Ok, well although I got it working 1920x1080 in fullscreen at 16x9 ratio, I can't play missions. All my missions show up in the list, but whenever I install one (and tdm restarts), it says Mission Installed: "" i.e - it's blank. However, I have the option to start the mission, but then I get this error. So.. what's going on? I have deleted my entire dark mod folder and replaced it with the one I originally downloaded, but it doesn't make any difference. The FPS counter is still enabled by default as well. Plus, when I try to use the tdm launcher after a mission is installed, I don't see the usual dark mod initial loading screen. Instead, I see the regular doom 3 loading screen (with the planet), but then the dark mod appears to load, but the screen is now black. So yeah.. I don't know what's going on. Sometimes I get a black screen and sometimes I don't, but I can't play any missions regardless.. : ( Maybe simply deleting my darkmod folder isn't good enough? I noticed that there were some additional files installed to my doom 3 base directory, but I'm not sure which ones they are, so maybe someone could tell me how to completely uninstall darkmod? Or if you know what's causing my problem and how to fix it, that'd be great as well..
  24. I use catalyst. Radeon OSS results in a black screen where the menu screen should be. User permission is Owner: Can View and Modify Content. Groups and Others: Can View Content
  25. I once got tdm working on my desktop once, and it was great! But I have since scrapped it, and now have a laptop instead. Though I have got it running on my laptop, things aren't as smooth as hoped. For instance, if I enable vsync the game becomes VERY choppy, even from the menu screen. This makes it virtually unplayable. I've managed to get it to run by forcing vsync off in the nvidia control panel, but this has left me with the annoying lines that vsync corrects. Also, one thing I have not been able to change at all is the the screen size. For some reason the game doesn't utilize my entire screen. Instead it only takes up about only half of the screen, leaving black borders on the sides. I've tried messing with the aspect ratio an resolution to no avail. This, coupled with the vsync problem has proved very annoying. Has anyone had a similar issue? My specs are: Windows 7 64bit i5 2.40GHz quad core GeForce 335M 4gb DDR3 RAM Note: This might even be a problem with my video drivers. Last I updated them, they've been conflicting with my source games. Thanks!
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