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Fan Mission: Business as usual by b1k3rdude (14/01/2010) Christmas FM Contest Entry


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So, finally found the damn chest. (beautiful chest, btw)It was really hard to find cause of the minimal frob distance! But on the other hand it is more realistic, like touching the wall for a secret lever or something. (I would have hidden the last, but I don´t know how?)Have 100 loot missing, wonder what I have missed.I found the cat! It was a little annoying cause I´m playing with headphones and the cat-sound is really loud! It felt like a flashbomb, was out of control for seconds!:laugh:I liked the interior of this mission very much (the waterwheel was nice), but outside it was a little too small. Would´ve liked more streets and patrolling AI´s. But for a first mission release (what was it, 3 weeks or 3 months build-time?) it is a very good mission. I´m looking forward to the updated version you talked about.Damn it, I have an intention for writing too much! I hope, I haven´t bored you!:unsure:


LOL gladed you licked it, yeah i will get around to releasing an expanded version of this map one day, atm I'm working on a new map. So watch this space.

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I cannot finish this mission.

I've completed all the objectives except the "find the hideout.. Get you stash back."



Is the hideout the place in the sewers where there are 2 thugs? I've taken all the loot there, but the objective won't complete. Am I missing something or is the objective broken?



-The mapper's best friend.

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I've completed all the objectives except the "find the hideout.. Get you stash back."


Is the hideout the place in the sewers where there are 2 thugs? I've taken all the loot there, but the objective won't complete. Am I missing something or is the objective broken?




From memory, there is a bag(stash) under the table


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This was fun (a bit cramped but ;) )


Anyway, I had to come read the thread to find the chest, that was tough, but still can't



find key to open chest




Reading through the thread I noticed there was some talk of lag, I actually got at least 30 throughout the map. Out the first door I did get a little lag spike, but I think there was a torch guard there, plus everything else popping into view. Not bad though.


I got curious and looked at portals and wireframe. Looks pretty optimized, I'm curious though, I think maybe having so many portals might be slowing it down, it didn't ever seem like there was just an enormous amount of polys on screen at once.

Just figured I'd mention as it looks like you're working on more maps (good deal!).


Any windows that don't open should probably just be solid terrain. Either use the window model and put a really thin sliver of caulk in between the glass, or use a frame with no glass and use window textures on a solid brush.

Then Doom never has to open/close them/worry about if they are open/closed.


Well, looking foward to the next one. And finishing this after I get a hint.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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Hi (and up because this subject hasn't been replied since 2011), I just started to play TDM again. I sucked too much to control the thief when the game aired, so I quit. You're good, I don't even have 2000 gold at the end of the mission. Btw, I was wondering :



Is there a way to open the barred door in the taffer's tower ? I think it may be possible with a sword... except I don't have one. Can it be opened ?


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There is a note on the table regarding that door...

Yep, but I thought that the guy just didn't want anyone to go behind the door because of the damaged walkway, which may be challenging for a master thief, especially if the taffer has hidden some gold before blocking the door. But I just noticed that it's at the edge of the map, so there's really nothing...


Also there is a new version of this mission - BaUv2 and to stop this happenign in future with this thread I have updatedthe 1st post andf the dowbnload link.


Ooops. I had downloaded and played that map a couple of years ago, and stopped playing tdm since. Restarted playing last week and played this map yesterday. Then I googled for a walkthrough, didn't saw there was a V2 - and a dedicated thread. Thanks. ^_^

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@fpk: hint:

check out the garden



I've been thru the map countless times,

I also found a secret room on the top floor of a house that you have to climb to get it

but I still find the chest key. Can someone give a more detailed description please?


Also is it possible to reach that archer on the gatehouse just left from the room you start?


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