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List of available voice actors:


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There is a similar list over at ttlg, but I though we should start the same thing over here. I people can do as has been done over on the ttlg thread, post thier recording equipment, and what FM's (TDP, TMA, TDS, TDM, etc). I will then put a link for each person in this thread on this post for easy access etc. The post below is how people should reply




Bikerdude: view information

Mortem Desino: view information

Ocn: view information

Betpet: view information

Noelker: View information





FM authors looking for a voice actor can either:

  • view these posts to find out who is available/most appropriate for what they want, and contact them (PM / e-mail)

Other voice actors who want to be listed above:


Create a post post in this thread with the following information:

  • Experience (name the missions you lend your voice to)
  • Type of voice (sounds best for hammerite guard, thief, nobleman, or pagan etc)
  • Recordings (post any links where examples of your voice can be heard)
  • Status (currently to busy, already occupied, available until summer, that sort of thing)

When you make your own post, a link will be put in the first post, behind your name.


General points of attention:

  • Wait until your mission is in the final stages of development, before asking voice actors to record conversations. It happens too often that voice work has been done for a mission that never made it to release.
  • No need (as voice actor) to divide your info over multiple posts. You can make one, and edit/update it whenever you want.

Let me know when:

  • I forgot to mention your name above, and it will be added
  • you're mentioned above but no longer available, and it will be removed

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I've done a bunch of voicing for T2, T3, TDM and some SS2 missions.


My kit is as follows:

  • Creative EMU 0202,
  • Realistic PZM mic
  • Windows 7
  • Audacity

The FM's that I have done:

  • TMA:The horror contest' - the entry set in winter, where I did the cook and some of the hammers.
  • TMA: The Rocksbourge series - I've done a few of the guards and some of the Souls.
  • TMA: DinkSmallwood & Christine's SS2 missions.
  • TMA: The Hammerite imperium - the gold team.
  • TDS: The voice of Lord mercer in the cabal campaign.
  • TDM: Voice of average jack Ai & other idle and misc sounds
  • TDM: The Sargent in Sotha's "The Transaction"

Type of voice:

I've done/do, Hammers, Mechanists, Guards, Thieves and undead. That said Im not afraid to try other voices.

I have done untold amounts of misc noises - farts, coughs, snoring, sleeping, spitting, laughing, humming, fighting, killing, dying, (replacements for the none verbal noises). And I'm open to try and do any noise that we can think needs replacing.


(TDP, Thief: the dark project, TMA Thief: the metal age, TDS: Thief: deadly shadows, TDM: The Darkmod)

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Oh hi thar.


My kit is as follows:

  • Shure X2U, Tascam US-1800
  • Shure SM57, SM58, Blue Yeti Pro, AT2020
  • (Cakewalk) SONAR X1

The FM's that I have done:

  • Builder 2 TDM vocalset. I'm no longer totally pleased with it, but that's pretty close to my natural speaking voice.
  • Drunk Guard TDM vocalset. That was a hoot to record, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Type of voice:

Builders (With the "holier-than-thou" tone), Guards. I'm unfortunately only "drunk" gritty, not Garrett-gritty, so I'm not positive I could pull off a Main Character monologue. I can do some foleys (sound FX) with whatever I can find laying around.


(TDM: The Darkmod)

Edited: 2014-7-7

yay seuss crease touss dome in ouss nose tair

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This thread is a great idea. It ought to be a sticky but as I've said before, too many stickies is bad because they crowd off day to day posts (I wonder what the worst forum in the world is for this? Like two pages of stickies before you find the new posts.) I always recommend one single sticky of links to important threads like this named eg Important: Must Read. Main Threads Links.

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I'm available for voice acting, sound effects, foley and ambient music too.


I've done the critic voice set, and voices for The Transaction by Sotha.

Edited by ocn

Where are the REAL brits?! The one's we have are just brit-ish.

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It's linked from a sticky post. I agree with Fidcal's post above about too many stickies.

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Time to revive this topic?

  • I've been recording as the main character on the upcoming campaign.
  • Can do thieves, guards, noblemen, and undead/supernatural characters.
  • Here are a couple possibly relevant demos (sorry, don't have an animation one).
  • I'm free during weekday nights and all day on weekends - my time zone's GMT-5:00.
  • I use a Shure SM7B with Audacity.

Message me if you'd like me to do an audition.

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This is the most recent general thread on voice acting in TDM that I could find. I have some news concerning documentation of voice acting, hopefully useful to anyone contributing to TDM:

I've made a wiki article dedicated to the topic of voice acting in TDM.

The first section lists every single official vocal set present in the current releases, with basic info about who voiced what character archetype, in what release the vocal set was added, and in which .pk4s you can find a particular vocal set. For now, I've left out the undead, animals and monsters, since most people are interested in the verbal vocal sets. You can play a brief sample of each vocal set by clicking the name of the character archetype in the first column. I am still missing info on the exact voice actor for two or three entries, so if anyone is knowledgeable about those, feel free to contact me.

The second section lists available voice actors for one-off or recurring voicework for FMs, voicework not part of the vocal sets from the base game. I've tried to only add those to the list who seem to visit the site regularly enough, making it probable to get in touch with them if you'd need voiceovers for an FM you're working on.

I have also added made a few useful additions to the existing Voices article and the Vocal script article for the 'Average Jack' vocal set. The general voices article, though very good, needs some updating in the section listing vocal sets, it's quite outdated at this point. Since I've already done the Voice actors article, I'll also get to updating that section in Voices, but I need to gather some more documentation first, especially the release numbers of the vocal sets. I've been able to find a few, but I'd prefer to compile them all in my notes, before I do the update. I prefer larger updates to older articles, rather than piecemeal ones.

Finally, I've created a new subcategory on the wiki - Voice - under the Sound category. I didn't want the vocal documentation articles getting mixed with the ones that specialise on explaining ambient sounds and so on. Currently, there are three articles in that little subcategory: The two older ones, and my new one.

Why did I bother ? Well, I've noticed we really don't have a one-stop bit of documentation for the voice acting yet. There are lots of threads on the forums, old and new, some general, many very specific. The wiki only provided some info at the end of the Voices article. (An older article which I plan to update as well, as soon as I have fully accurate and concise notes.) But there was nothing specific on voice actors, who did what vocal set, where you can ask voice actors for help if you're doing an FM, etc. It was all scattered. Therefore, I hope my new article can be of some use to people hunting for voice actor info relevant to TDM.

Also (minor update): I'm now working on making transcripts of all the current vocal sets. There's one for the Jack on the wiki, and a few were posted years ago, during development, but there's no other documentation. Having a transcript to compare the 2.05 vocal sets with possible future additions or changes would be useful.


On 11/16/2017 at 10:51 PM, Bikerdude said:

Can someone remind me who did the voice over for the original St Lucia intro..?

I'd like to know as well.

I have a hunch that the St. Lucia briefing was done by the same fellow who did the vocal set "Builder1". Just listen to the voice. Extremely similar. I've compared it with a few other voices from the official vocal sets, but none of the others seem a good fit.

(Incidentally, this would make him the same man whose name I don't know. I have the other three Builder vocal sets already covered in my article. Builder2 was Mortem, "Builder3" was Norbert, "Builder4" was Goldchocobo. But I still don't know who did "Builder1".)

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Oh, and I've noticed we don't have vocal sets yet for some of the already included AIs. I need to work on mic testing and then some brief voice acting for ERH+ first, but if that proves successful, I'm toying with the idea of attempting some vocal sets we still lack. I don't want to compete with the archetypes we already have, they're rather perfect, but a few niches might still need to be filled.

Whenever I speak English and don't try to put a bit of an anglophone accent in my voice, my accent sounds fairly foreign. Not excessively, but it's there. If I recorded a male voice set with that sort of unaltered accent (and maybe exaggerated it just a tiny bit), I think it would be a good metaphore for the Pagans' otherness and relative non-conformity towards the Empire. Hence the different manner of speaking and a more "backwoods accent", than in the case of the "city-dwellers" or the people from more civilised rural areas. I could also try variations on this "Pagan accent" that would sound less "Slavic" and more "Germanic" or vaguely "Basque/Iberian", if needed. Of course, this will be the more believable TDM Pagan, a member of a "poorer cousin" land neighbouring the Empire (and perhaps its vassal). Not Thief's tree-hugging, diminutive-using guys, more of a "craftsman from a hill-fort" or "raider from the north or east" type of personality. I'm trying to develop a reasonable script for the set.

Alternatively, I could do a "trader from the East" persona, a travelling merchant or vendor bringing various fine goods with him (gems and small luxury stuff, pelts from the eastern fur trade, those sorts of items). I suppose some of the civilian barks in the Pagan vocal set could serve that dual pupose, if a separate vocal set would be unnecessary for said trader character.

I'm also thinking of doing some rural peasant or sailor/captain vocal sets in the future, though those would have a more British Isles tinge. (The seafarers possibly with a faint Irish-esque accent - something approaching real Irish accents, not the Hollywood comedy version. Think Dylan Moran or Colm Meaney, just more rustic/nautic.)

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