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TDM in the oculus rift


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It looks like someone over in the oculus forums has done a hack to get Doom3 working... https://developer.oc...hp?f=29&t=13130

I wonder if that would be an easy port to TDM? That would be the ultimate Thief experience.


Oh boy. We have a Rift at work. I would love to try out TDM in that someday. :)


Quote from the person developing it:


1) Getting 100% of Doom3 functionality working in the Rift DK2.

2) Adding VR experience with updated UI and controls.

3) Keeping the code portable and usable to other projects.


Sounds mod friendly and the source code is available.

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It should be possible, the problem being that for Rift to work you need extra FPS. Doom 3 BFG was optimized to run 10x as fast

as vanilla Doom 3 so it has the extra performance needed to have each eye at 60fps or higher.

Take that along with the fact that many of our mission authors like to use extra FPS for "large open areas" and it seems only the smallest missions

would probably be playable without someone porting GPU Skinning or somehow optimizing the engine further.

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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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I'd not worry too much about the performance - only players who can afford a Rift will use this, and they just might use a PC from this decade for a change :)


However, from the thread:


About the dark mod. I believe the modify the Doom3 source and not just the gamedll. Integrating my change into that should be easy but not something I want to do myself. The other thing is that I realise its not really possible to give player a good VR experience if you don't modify the HUD and aiming. I'll look into using a wiimote or PS eye/move.


So it is nice to see someone breaking ground, but unless we find some spare developer capacity to integrate it in our code, and solve a bunch of other problems (weapon models, GUI not scalable, aiming) at the same time, I don't see this becoming something playable soon.


Edit: Apparently, there are also licensing problems on top of that:


I do use private git repo. Not to sure how to manage the conflicting licensing issue with the rift SDK. Probably need to write a rift sdk DLL and not link to the sdk library. That is pretty much why I don't have it public. At this point I even consider having all the GPL code on GIT and non GPL code somewhere else with a script to download all the code and then merge/build locally on the user PC with VS express. That way I don't have to deal with the licensing problems.


If the Rift SDK does not include GPL code, we can't even use or link it.

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"Totem", a Canadian Kickstarted Rift competitor, will support Rift games. I don't know about Sony's Project Morpheus:




"'Oculus showed that they're into that mindset; they opened their SDK to partners, so I think that's a really great thing right now,' he added. 'We don't need to be like all in our corner and fighting against each other. For now, I see them as friendly companies who try to achieve the same thing that we do.' Totem is open, too. The company says its headset works with Oculus Rift DK1 games, and support is on the way for DK2 games."




"Sony has showed off the Morpheus in action at several events this year including the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco in March and the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in June. While it is nearing completion of the hardware, software is likely still another story. The company has only demonstrated early proofs of concept, and much of the development support is likely to come from people who are already making stuff for the Oculus Rift. Oculus VR has sent out thousands of development kits to creators and hobbyists around the world, and several early games are already available for that device. If Sony has sent out development kits for Morpheus, it has kept that quiet, and it's likely not on the scale of Oculus Rift. Still, Yoshida is already thinking about the potential for PlayStation VR beyond gaming."


Samsung has "Gear VR", which is like Google's Cardboard in that it snaps onto a phone/phablet (Note 4 in Samsung's case). So it will only run Android/ARM games.

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I don't have a Rift yet, but plan to get one next year or later if I can't then. I do however have red-cyan glasses, and would be happy if stereoscopic rendering was implemented for them as well. In either case, support for VR headsets is totally something I'm interested in!

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