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Windows 10: Why you should NOT upgrade...


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M$ said the 'S' doesn't stand for anything in particular - do they think we are 's'tupid it's' obviou's' it means 'S'ubscription mode.


Windows RT, Windows 10 S or S mode and Windows 10 Arm , all will or have failed. All just confuse consumers so haven't and wont last long.

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Okay, 2 or 3 days into using Win10 on a touch tablet and set up main configs settings etc and installed a firewall before finally connecting wifi yesterday. I set my firewall to block pretty much everything but no idea if M$oft are furtively updating or hoovering away data invisibly. So I want to leave wifi disconnected and only connect as needed. (I won't be using this tablet much, my main PC is Win7.) So far so bad. Installed Vivaldi browser, checked I can access the web, then disconnected.


From now, I want to be able to quick connect disconnect as needed but can't find any option. There is a quick action called Connect but it scans for half a minute or so then gives up with a link message: 'where is my device.' If I click that link it tries to go on the net and fails because there's no connection! D'uh! The only way I can connect is:


Right swipe for Action Center

All Settings

Network and Internet


Show Available Networks

Scroll back up (because it lists a lot of others too, all of which are ticked Connect Automatically no matter how often I untick them the become automatic next time I look. And why didn't anything show when I clicked Connect in Action Center?)

Click my ISP

Click Connect

Hey! I'm connected!


Is that really the only way to connect every time!!!!


Now to disconnect I need only:

Right Swipe for Action Center

Click Wifi OR Flight Mode - both of which seem to do the same thing and disconnect. But neither of them reconnect when I click them again.


So, what am I missing? Is there any way to quick connect?

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Can you tick a box with soemthing like a preferred Wifi in the list of your networks? I could do that on my notebook (although this was Win7), so Windows first checked if one of the preferred networks is among the ones available and automatically connect to one. Otherwise I have to check available networks.


Regarding telemetry: Is there an Anti-beacon app for Windows tablets? I use it on my PC and it disables all telemetry settings in Windows.

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No preference, but you got me thinking - there is a 'connect automatically' option which I've always disabled because I thought it meant Windows (M$oft) or any other app could connect automatically. But anyway, I just tried enabling it and, sure enough, I can now just click Wifi in the Action Center to reconnect automatically. The question is, what else do that 'connect automatically' enable? I mean, there a dozen other wifi links nearby and M$oft marks all of them 'connect automatically' even when I UNset that option, it still resets it very quickly maybe immediately after I've close the panel. So what's different about my ISP? If I'm not connected and click Wifi, why should it try to connect to my ISP? Does it perhaps set my last connection to be my preferred connection (a bit like file open dialogs in apps often default to the last used folder.)


With my wifi password in there, how can I be sure that anything is not connecting behind my back? But it would be tedious to remove the password and enter it every time. I removed my password on my old android tablet (the one I'm using only as a digital clock!) BTW that's keeping good time despite not being able to access the net, and even updated correctly this morning to summer time (daylight saving time.)

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This is one thing that I know is broken, network 'Homegroup' for linking more than one computer together, setting up homegroup sets a default password, that is only known by the person who wrote the program at microsoft, there is a work around to fix it, but its a long and buggered one. You need to have previously set homegroup on a version on windows previous to win 10 and know the password for that homegroup and are using that computer it was set on. If its a new computer network you have to turn them all off except one and try and set the homegroup on that one, but you might have problems because windows 10 will only see one computer not more than one which is needed to set up a homegroup,


one of the creators updates broke homegroup, as it sets up a default homegroup during its install and you don't get to see that password for it.


microsoft wont tell you the default password, you might be a hacker, and they wont hand that information over.


network is also broken, it will sometimes see another computer as a media device, but not a computer and instead of it sharing full access you can only see the picture directory on the other computer that is seen as a media device.

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So... I searched for best firewall but none of the review sites gave in-depth info and many sounded like they were just repeating some promo blurb. In the end I decided to test them one by one (except Zone Alarm which sounds like it is now predominantly anti-virus with the firewall an extra plus still annoying nag screens. Anyway, none of the others worked well for me. I only use my tablet as a kind of glorified e-reader for reading stories on-line and watching videos on Vimeo (Youtube is so cluttered and ruined with ads I mostly use 4K-downloader for that.) Anyway, all I wanted was a firewall that would totally block everything by default, alert me if any program tried to access the net and let me choose whether to let it. None of them did well for me and many finished up blocking my browser even though it was shown in the list as 'allow'.


Finally I went back to the one I use on my main machine. It's the one with no name. Well, it's a firewall Control called erm... 'Firewall Control' which is kind of stupid. But it's produced by Sphynx so I always rename its folder etc as that. Anyway, the Win10 version was okay but didn't let me stop all of M$oft. Also I had another problem I forget what. Then I had a brainwave: I installed the Win7 version! It works great. I totally block M$oft except for:


Background Task Host - which I've set for what Sphynx call WebBrowserZone

Host Process For Windows Services - set to Local+DNS+DHCP+Update(svchost)

System - set to LocalSystem.


The only other thing I've enabled is my Vivaldi web browser - Web+FTPZone.


I'm considering disabling some or all of the Windows ones but not sure. Would that affect my web browser? Thoughts?


BTW I don't need email or anything much else. So far, I've blocked things like Dropbox, Outlook, all HP stuff (much of which I'd alread uninstalled or disabled anyway.) The funniest one is Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool because it sounds like a tool to remove some malicious software called Microsoft Windows (which in a way, it is! It's software. And it's malicious!) :D


Oh yeah, and of course, I turn off wifi except as needed. Still not sure what 'connect automatically' means though. Could/would M$oft simply turn on wifi when it wants? Ideally, I'd like some (reliable) desktop freeware that would feed in my password, connect, then reverse that when I disconnect, so nothing can connect without a password to my wifi router. Or can it? I mean, quite a few other services are listed. What's to stop M$oft setting up their own network. How could one stop it?



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  • So... I searched for best firewall but none of the review sites gave in-depth info
  • What's to stop M$oft setting up their own network. How could one stop it

I am fairly sure I have spoken about this before, but "Windows Firewall Control", its provides a very user friendly front end to controlling the windows firewall and working on every version of windows from 7 onwards.

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A lot of things should happen in Brazil. But that's exactly why it's Brazil.

"I really perceive that vanity about which most men merely prate — the vanity of the human or temporal life. I live continually in a reverie of the future. I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active — not more happy — nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago. The result will never vary — and to suppose that it will, is to suppose that the foregone man has lived in vain — that the foregone time is but the rudiment of the future — that the myriads who have perished have not been upon equal footing with ourselves — nor are we with our posterity. I cannot agree to lose sight of man the individual, in man the mass."...

- 2 July 1844 letter to James Russell Lowell from Edgar Allan Poe.


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I don't have those bloatware games, maybe they are only for the americas, north and south.



newest update to windows 10 Homegroup no longer exits, its been purged by microsoft, so if you use it, then it isn't there anymore.

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permission manager (via Xposed)

I wish something like this existed for windows and Linux, we could then for example restricts origin from only seeing and browsing folders, file and registry entries authorise by the end user.


Am currently looking at BufferZone pro, its a sandboxing application.

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You can do this on Linux. When I double click a .exe file, it switches to a "wine" account, which runs in a separate home directory, not allowed to read or write to this one. I also block "wine" from the Internet. You can also use Firejail.

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