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Model import help: Crystals


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I'd like to scale up and make some other changes to TDM's crystal1-4.ase models because the rotation hack makes them pop out of existence when seen at the border of the screen, which looks very bad -



Yet my Blender .ase importer simply does nothing for these crystals, while most other .ase's are fine. I'm using the JediAcademy importer for Blender 2.76b, with my Blender being that version.


Then I tried open3mod which can import the crystals but gets unhandled exceptions on exporting to any other format.


Also tried Wings3D but it doesn't even seem to support .ase? There's no .ase import option by default, and wings3d forums seem to imply there's no support (i.e. Post #3).




Could someone please share a working alternative .ase importer setup for me to try out, or send a zip with these 4 crystals in .obj, .blend, .lwo or another common format? It'd be appreciated

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If you give upscaled models the spawnarg inline 1, this will stop them from popping off the edges of the screen. They do become non solid though and you can't move them, but its a fix I used a few times.

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Serpentines aassimp tool looked promising but gave me one of those notorious MSVCP110.dll errors. Went to Microsoft to download the latest Visual C++ but nothing happens when I click on the download button. Nothing but trouble.



If you give upscaled models the spawnarg inline 1, this will stop them from popping off the edges of the screen. They do become non solid though and you can't move them, but its a fix I used a few times.


Great, I'll use this. No need then to place all the crystals again.

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Yeah, I've made use of that feature in DR in the past. It's just undesirable to recreate an existing model only because the import script you're using doesn't work.

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