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i dont know, maybe public domain? 

i got my wiki account by first building a trust between me and others,
by creating a forum account for myself (so no-one can act as me) and posting technical stuff on the forum.
i recommend you to do that too. 
(for example: i scripted some TDM installers, i posted on this forum, people created a wiki account for me and let me write this wiki article. )


please block this temporary account of the topicstarter.
(or change username and password and send this to the user)

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I don't think I ever was in a community that had a Wiki completely open, so anyone could do whatever they wanted with the knowledge base. It's also very weird to start your introductory post with asking for Wiki credentials. Usually it starts with what Freyk mentioned, gaining trust and proving that you're able to make meaningful contribution. Often people post their stuff here for peer review, even if they have the credentials.

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I am not asking for wiki credentials, I asked if registration is possible: usually there is a separation between "official" knowledge base (made by developers and/or trusted users) and a wiki thay anyone can edit. Maybe you have not been in communities that have open wikis, but they exist (Battle for Wesnoth and Warzone 2100 have both a official and an unofficial wiki, FreeCiv has its official wiki on Fandom, open to anonymous editing). Regarding the license I asked because it is not written on the Wiki (and I think it should)


Changing the password is not a good idea, this account has been created with a temporary email

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The Wiki needs to reflect accuracy, knowledge, and the tone and style of the game that the talented devs, modders, and trusted contributors in this forum prefer.

TDM is their baby for all of us to enjoy and they can protect it and limit it and grow it and nurture it as they wish.


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Can I please get Wiki access? Initially I would restrict myself to my own user pages and the one for my mission (I want to add a loot list). And typo fixes because they make my eye twitch and I can't stop myself wanting to de-typo them.

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I think it would be good if there is a Wiki change submission forum topic (stickied), since it's unclear when/how one can get wiki acces to do the changes themself and it is not clear who has access. There's a lot of clearly old and outdated information on the wiki that I come across. A list of wiki editers would also be nice.

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