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I'm a dad, new mega drive game, and other things not worth creating a new topic


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Congratulations on becoming a Dad!!!

It's one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you.

Be forewarned, though. It happens again when your son becomes a Dad. (Or your daughter a Mother.) During these Virus days, you cherish every picture of these special people that comes your way. Or, if they live close by, every time you get together.


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Thanks! Yeah, the pandemic is making things harder for us 😕 It's just the two of us taking care of a newborn and maintaining the apartment, all the time every day, no external help whatsoever. My wife is also a very social person so the isolation hits her particularly hard. 

I look forward to become a grandpa!

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12 hours ago, Diego said:

So yeah, I am a dad now! that is actually a thing. He looks like me and is very tiny and I love him. Also, the easiest personality to raise a child I've ever seen! this is baby easy mode, for sure. He barely screams and cries and just generally makes my life happier. The day before he was born I was super insecure and afraid. Would I love him? would I raise him well? as soon as I held him I knew that if anything happened to him I would murder an entire football team with my bare hands and then kill myself. As grim as that sounds this is actually a good thing.

I totally get that. Those little shits make you feel things! 😄 When my son was born last year, there were quite a few complications. After 23 hours of labor and his heart-rate constantly going up and down, he was finally born by c-section. It was the most intense and stressfull experience of my life!! We spent the night in the hospital as a famility, but I couldn't get any sleep at all, because that poor guy was crying all the time except when he had skin contant with one of us. However, I was so afraid of "sudden infant death" that I made sure I was awake all the time, when he was laying on me, just to be sure nothing could happen to him. Thankfully, me and my woman managed to relax the day after that... Still, I'll never forget how I felt that night!

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I always wondered if a fan could port Doom to the Genesis. Someone did it with Wolfenstein 3D and it looks pretty damn good. Even the music is there! Snes had Doom, but Genesis users got kinda shafted. Snes had official Wolfenstein 3D as well, though it was thoroughly censored, real, real bad.

Anyway, you can kinda sorta play Doom on a Genesis with a 32X, but it is pretty terrible. No music, low FPS, tiny window. Something you might expect from a version of the game running natively on the Genesis hardware, but 32X brought more goodies to the table, which naturally enhances one's expectations of how Doom should play in such an environment.


Of course the thing about cartridge based systems is that someone can always build an augmented cart with extra processors and memory inside, which is how yet another fan got Wolfenstein 3D to run better on the Gameboy Color than it did on the GBA! Also, there was a fan project (I think) to port Quake to the GBA, which would have been absolutely insane.

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Here's the fan-made Genesis version of W3D. If you spent as much time playing the original version of this game, you'll notice how different the music is in this version, since the synth chip in the Genesis is different from that of a PC.



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There's a guy working on a raytracer for the mega drive. He pops up on the SGDK discord server every now and then. His seems more advanced than wolfenstein, with slopes and levels, but I think it's not going to have texturing.


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