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Load save crash help!

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You might get some results if you set "seta logfile" "2" in your darkmod.cfg, then look at the resulting file in your project folder. I have experienced a very similar issue on a very large map, which I haven't solved yet. If I try to quick load, I don't get a crash, but the map doesn't load and I get an error:


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Hmm okay I got the log, I dont see anything out of the ordinary but I also don't know what to look for really. It crashes about when it looks like it should finish loading. qconsole.log

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17 hours ago, datiswous said:

Is that a crash to desktop without error?

Yeah, it loads about 80 percent there and crashes. Its hard to diagnose because I havent touched the mission in a while and afaik, I havent added anything new to it in a while. This might just be the first time Ive noticed the crash and its just been hiding in the mission. 


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Have you tried loading a quicksave in 2.11? What version of tdm do you use currently?

Have you tried disabling all scripts to see if it's script related?


I mean I just share some ideas, I'm sure you know much more of tdm.

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I havent tried in 2.11 yet but I will.

Just an update on this. For now I think I fixed it by:
- Addressing most of the warning in the log above. Outside common errors like some missing textures and such that are part of the core. 
- Made sure to give my parallel lights "parallelSky " "1" spawnarg. 
- Deleted my .aas files and rebuilt them
- Dmapped the entire thing

Right now I am not getting the load error . It's a very hard problem to nail down because the console isn't giving a specific script name that it's getting hung up on (if that is even the issue similar to Amadeus's problem) AND I am actively working on the mission, creating new errors, fixing other broken things. ect. 

Its definitely something I fear will pop back up in beta testing though :(

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