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We don't have a lot of use for concept art at this stage of development, but we are always on the lookout for people who can create new textures, both for maps and for meshes.

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I'm a huge theif fan and would love to contribute to some sneaksie game,

I can't do 3d (yet) but I can do 2d-a-plenty.


check out my website - http://www.planetquake.com/skingun/quickfolio.htm


I liked your work alot, and I can see that you could do some work for TDM, but at the moment I am a bit at loss at what that should actually be. As Springheel said, Concept Art is that needed (because we already have way to many things to do :)


But maybe you can do some 2D carvings (e.g. textures with bumpmaps/depthmaps) that can be used as textures for objects or walls.

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phide - i was a texture artist there, when they were just starting out


as i said im just starting out learning 3d, zbrushing etc. i don't know how to normal map stuff, i just know how to paint the textures. the transition won't take long... hopefully.


meanwhile i suggest i could work with your modeler(s) to texture readied models or touch up existing ones. i can also hear from you what you need (stone walls / floors, railings, wood support with carved glyphs, etc.) and paint them, and until i learn it myself the 3d-guy can bump map it afterwords. how does that sound?

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Great looking stuff.


I'd say what we're in need of most is textures. It's hard to find really good texture artists, we have some nice stuff but we also have alot of stuff that could be considered 'placeholder'.




IMO we need bricks, woods, etc...




You should google CrazyBump. I think you'd like it alot. You can take psd files or bmps (whatever) and map bump and specular maps with it, it's pretty cool.




I really think we need sets of stuff.


Plain brick wall. Same brick wall but dirty along bottom. Same brick wall again but with a nice window in it. Same brick wall with drips down it... Stuff that can be tiled together.




Also, we REALLY need alot of great window textures, etc...




I do some modelling and wouldn't mind the help, I'm just slacking alot lately. Anyway, We really need good world textures more than model tex help at this point. We need good metals, etc... Brass/copper/vents/trims

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I also created a couple of textures some time ago for my personal TDM-testproject, which I'd like to donate. I think some of them are pretty good. Shall I zip the best ones up and upload them somewhere, or would you like to preview them?

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Ok. I have made 24 tileable Highres-textures (1024x1024 in average) from photosources (cgtextures.com) and created normalmaps (mostly crazybump but sometimes I remodeled the structures to get a proper result) and specularmaps where needed. The textures are fitted into the TDM-folderstructure described on the wiki and I also wrote the material files accordingly. Basically you only need to rename the fileextension to pk4, add it to the TDM directory and hope there are no filename duplications... :) I added a 'wet' version and a normal version of (nearly) every texture to the material file, so that the mapper may decide whether to have specular on it or not. The ZIP is 53.8 MB big.


Here are some screens, but basically you need to see the textures 'moving' in order to judge them of course, because of the specular and normals. First some screens of my testmap:



And some screens of a showreel-map (with real poor lightning):


Rooftiles Shiver 2




Wood smooth

Tiles 1



(Hard to decide which to show :) )


And here is finally the download link! I hope you like my textures and can put them to some use... ;)

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I'm tinkering with the normal mapping process, the intensity is pretty low in order to avoid the plastic,


The normal map can be stronger, it won't make things look like plastic. The specular map is what causes this if it's too intense. You only really a spec map if you want something to look wet/shiny, otherwise it can be omitted. For stone, it's a good idea to include a spec map so we can create material definitions for a wet and dry version of the texture.

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OK, here's a couple:




Sewer - download here [upd. 16/7]



The mossy could use a better spec. I couldn't get it to work in doom3 for some reason, so I will play with the editor later for more testing. If anyone would like to take some sshots in action please do.




Mossy - download here [upd. 16/7] (less radioactive moss, preview pic not updated)

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Yep, not too bad. Maybe just a touch too straight and square in spots, especially in the bottom-right-ish of the image.

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Hi all, here's another update:

3 new textures, essentially 2 are "XXL" variations of the original (extra moss, extra rust). The mossy download link above has been updated to include the variation, and expect an update for the yellow one as well.


Mossy XXL







Rusty XXL



Rusty - download here



Once, I'm done tinkering with the yellow texture I'll move on to specific variations. If any of the mappers intend to use any of these, please advise me for specific texture needs.


Springheel - you're right, some bricks are too linear in shape. I didn't feel like going back over everything and readjusting, but I'll keep it in mind for next time. Thanks.

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I'd love to see "mossy" versions of a few dozen of our existing stone, brick, and wood textures! That moss just BREATHS life into a map, it reeks of decay and darkness, great stuff for The Dark Mod! :D

shadowdark50.gif keep50.gif
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The green colour of the moss is perhaps a bit too saturated - nuclear radiation moss! - but otherwise yes, those are reasonably good textures. :)

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I just had a look at the links above, I think the diffusemaps are really ok.


I noticed that the localmap is very similar for all textures, so I suggest that all textures will be using the same normalmap (note that I haven't checked them out in-game, so maybe there are subtle differences in the normals which justify having separate ones).


On a general note, I saw that all files are 512x512 - do you have 1024x1024 versions of these? (Especially the localmap should be 1024x1024, this is where the detail goes.) This would be TDM standard size and especially for textures used at large scale (and in a tiling fashion) the resolution is somewhat important.


On another note - from experience we learned that Doom 3 is rendering the textures a bit over-saturated so it might be necessary to tone down the saturation of the diffusemaps a bit. Not a big deal, this is just a matter of seconds in Photoshop, just saying.


Are we allowed to use these contributions or (even better) would you be willing to set them up for use in TDM yourself (in a Contributor role)? There are a few steps needed to get them ready for upload into our repositories, but I can guide you through the process. Just let us know.

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greebo: The normal maps are rendered similarily, but the surface detail in each is unique. A single NM would mean clean surfaces, or at the most arbitrary surface detail.


I don't have any 1024s. I played and examined all the artwork in doom3 to realize 512 works fine. Yes, 1024 is better, but let's just say I don't have the resources currently :). I think 1024 is appropriate for characters (which I am totally willing to do), just like id Software did it.


Yes, all these textures are being made solely for you guys. Use'em, abuse'em, or throw them away, whatever you want. I'll be glad to see it in your project. Regardless, I intend to make much, much more.


The new yellow texture, as well as a new sewer texture -- tomorrow morning.

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