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    I was thinking how far into industrial era the consumerism starts to drive some big numbers of major group society. Mass-producing of cheap things from celluloid (combs, kitchen utensils, etc.) making modern marketing and advertisement spread around streets and people's minds. Child labor and 12-hour shifts, seven days a week is one thing about factories dominating the world, but putting more modern image of a human in basically dark age grounded society needs some serious rethinking of the whole world set. And for now, a tank. With no context.
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    The Turret. VIDEO The Turret works with a little script with 2 functions in it. These functions are called by "atdm:target_callscriptfunction"s (the yellow cubes in the picture) and are triggered by "trigger_timer"s (the purple cubes in the picture). "trigger_timer"s can be triggered on and of by other triggers. In the spoiler I put the script, with, i hope, as many information you need to understand a bit what is going on, so you can adjust it to your needs. You can use the script as is and give your own entities the same names as the entities in the script. (Script is also in the Turret.pk4) In the Turret.pk4 is the mission folder with in it the map folder and the sound folder. In the map folder is the Turret.map file and the Turret.script file. They both have to have the same name otherwise the script won't load, and won't work. In the sound folder is the soundshader Turret.sndshd that is needed for the custom explosion sound I made (from a thundersound that is already in the game) to be loaded. A soundshader file is actually very simple to make, and adding custom sounds to your map is therefor very easy. The audiofile is in the sfx folder, that's also in the sound folder. Questions? Ask them. Have fun : ) Turret.pk4
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    Setting up S/R for def_attached items is more complicated, but should work basically the same. The problem is that you cannot directly use the S/R editor, but have to create all the spawnargs manually. I would create a dummy entity and set up the response effects you want with the S/R editor. That way you have all the spawnargs you need. In order to set them up on the arrow, you have to give the arrow a name via the spawnarg "name_attach3" (e.g. "name_attach3" "special_arrow") and set each spawnarg that was created for the S/R on the dummy entity with "set XY on special_arrow" "YZ". See this Wiki-Page in the section "== Example, attaching a key to an AI == (bikerdude)". Not 100% sure if this works as intended, but it would be what I would try first. An alternative, that should definitely work, would be to write a new definition for the attached arrow: Again, use a dummy entity to create the S/R spawnargs. Then copy the definition of atdm:prop_quiver_arrow to a new definition file, rename the definition to a unique name (e.g. "atdm:prop_quiver_arrow_special"), add the S/R spawnargs created via the editor to the definition and change the spawnarg def_attach_3 on the AI to the new name. The latter alternative is especially useful, if you want to have this response on more than one AI, because you only have to set up the spawnargs once and can easily give the special arrow to various AI by changing the def_attach_3 spawnarg.
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    @R Soul It can't be downloaded anymore. Can you re-upload it? This is a mf good looking set of buttons. Sorry I wasn't looking. Have downloaded it now : ) And if you might have time to much, I would like a 5 button version for my diorama ^^ https://streamable.com/7xy8n With your custom square buttons it already looks very good:
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    You can e.g.: https://quixel.com/megascans/library/collections/nature/CastleRuins
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    I can't encourage you enough to give it a try. You definitely have a good eye for the look and feel of our world, so I'm certain you could make a great FM! And if it's any help, Dark Radiant is muuuuuch easier to work with than Dromed. The results also look a lot better. And you also have us who will help you as much as we can.
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    As the holiday season is concluding, I will be getting back in the saddle with regards to this project. I'd like to thank Dragofer and all the others for their suggestions so far. Keep at it ! We still need to trim them down eventually, so that we have plenty of varied lines, but not too much, and then I'll move on to try some recording. On a sidenote, I am already starting work on another vocal set, this time for a merchant type character. Wanted to already back in December, but I was just too busy with life and other stuff.
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    Iron trees? Not in my part of... oh. Great stuff buy the way
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    So an older (1999) game that comes to mind that maybe maybe have not played that has a ton of steampunk elements within is...... Shadow Man It's quite a bit older and can be pixelated but make sure you get the new texture pack mods that some have added to the original game. Makes it a lot better and the game is still fun and has nice wrapping level design and just about the creepiest monsters around.
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    There's the Lower Ward and the Godsmen faction in the Fountry from Planescape: Torment which is very steampunk. That goes without discussing how this one is one of the most significant classics. Fallen London free on the internet. Text RPG. More than 2.5 million words. Bigger than War and Peace by Lev Tolstoi. And other games by the same developers - Sunless Sea, Sunless Sky....
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    I just completed Vitalic Fever, which was more complicated than the first. I made a quick walkthrough to remind me how to play it again in the future. I have really enjoyed the Hidden Hands series. https://darkmodfanwalks.weebly.com/hidden-hands-vitalic-fever.html
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    Dragofer asked me for a lighthouse engine, giving 160x 160x 160 units as a maximum dimensions. It is a bit rushed (few hours) and looks more like a clock tower mechanism as I think about it now.
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    The bank of Colliford Lake (HH:TLC, Part 1: The Weir) Did not make much progress the past weeks due to RL things. Original plan was to start beta next week. Far from it, actually.
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    Speaking of nautical themed missions, here's some from On Silent Waters:
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    The copper maiden golem - indestructible, red-hot block of metal, with equally unbreakable will. Slow, silent, can set a deadly trap in atight corridor.
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    Blues News announced his first TDM mission (Langhorne Lodge), and I made him mention the anniversary as well . So is there any way to see whether this has some influence on download numbers?
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