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  1. Just got done watching The State of the Union Address. No regrets but 2018 looks like it's gonna be a packed year for sure. Pretty happy with what I heard overall.

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    2. Lavender


      Let's celebrate with a parade, shall we?

    3. Bienie


      Trump didn't come out of nowhere. He has a life long record of being a blundering idiot. Sorry to burst that bubble for you. I had kind of hoped was that since he is so disgustingly rich that he wouldn't be so easily bought by corporations. No such luck... At this point it seems the most well thought out plan he had was to give himself and his 1% buddies a massive tax break.

    4. Bienie


      With the recent peaceful deposing of his South African mirror image Jacob Zuma we can only hope that the Reps grow some balls and actually stop brown-nosing Trump and come up with a different candidate that isn't going to start a nuclear war over twitter. Either that or they deserve to lose every seat possible in the midterms (wouldn't that be nice?).

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