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  1. I mean, exaggeration, but any decent headway in any discussion is typically made from pulling ideas apart, and that's just inherently confrontational, not on a personal level, but some people do take it personally. Call an argument backwards and they respond "I'm not backwards", like it's hard to tell the difference between argument and person. It's usually a defensive person who starts arguments, rather than an aggressive one, and it's irritating when something gets derailed by it. If you want a proper discussion, and to make your case, you need to work off the other's argument, and if they take that personally you'll never get anywhere. There was that topic, whichever one it was, where somebody, I forget who, took exception to having their argument called hypocritical, and just kinda folded their arms and refused to carry on. Then you tell them to stop being a baby and they're like "AHAH, SEE, AD HOMINEM." It's a self-fulfilling prophecy if there ever was one. I'd comment on the topic at hand, but it seems to be meandering between weird stuff we can only really guess at. I like debates that have results at the end, rather than this. I mean, yeah, it's fun, but it's all been said before. If there was a debate about this, and a straw poll at the end that determined whether the afterlife was real or not, I'd be down, but as it is I can't say I see the point, other than recreation.
  2. Exact hits work too. You just missed.
  3. Everybody can go home. You'll never be as rad as me. https://youtu.be/6Ov2nD_i7go

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    2. jaxa
    3. Airship Ballet
    4. RPGista


      Thought it was mario kart for a second there. Do not know that youre playing, but yeah, I guess playing soccer while driving the crazy car is pretty cool


  4. Twice all the way through. I played once to plot a route, then ran it through slowly to memorise it. After that I wrote the timer, then just played. You get better at the early stuff the more you retry. This took maybe 15 attempts, tops? Most of which I fluffed before even the stash, usually messing up locks in a major way, or screwing myself with those boxes. Otherwise, it was fairly easy. Since nothing important is random and most people are asleep or patrolling outside, I barely saw anybody, given the handy routes that avoid the streets. The only thing I could mess up is KOs, locks and those bloody boxes, and I did, about 14 times between them before this run. I did one attempt and got that first time, and then right after did this attempt and got this better time!
  5. Not a clue, must be because with all the flinching he never got a chance to register anything, even though he felt me walk into him rather than the blackjack just not working (it missed entirely). I've honestly no idea. I usually sent one guard outside the house searching by sprinting down to the sewer, and usually woke up Benny too, but somehow managed to avoid that this one time. I am playing with the default alertness settings though, which are super forgiving.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUCfdNESdeQ&feature=youtu.be Speedy as usual!
  7. "Doctor? Yes, hello, there's something awfully wrong with my what up dawg. "I'm sorry what?" "My what up dawg." "What up dawg" is not a body part." "It isn't?" "No, I'm printing you a month's prescription of Adlib Adventures."
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK_hpf6_8nM I did Briarwood Cathedral during a slow couple'a hours!
  9. My eyes are just *pouring* blood.
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    2. kano


      You shoulda seen the Dreamcast version of Unreal Tournament. The textures made my eyes bleed and all the cool effects were cut to fit in 16 MB of RAM. Still, at least the game ran at a good rate.

    3. Sotha


      Looks and runs like DayZ standalone on minimal details in cities...

    4. Melan


      I like this one:

  10. Just statics with worldspawn sealing walls, but they're fairly simple, and it's easy enough to swap them back and forth for adjustments.
  11. I got tired of mapping so I went to play with my Lego. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zELWcJvzO1M&feature=youtu.be
  12. In fact that's the whole point. Like puns, you giggle at how inane they are. The biggest part of deriving humour in something is the subversion of expectations, so the sillier it is, the better. I mean if you don't see what's wrong with bringing that up out of nowhere in a public place then it must be me who's socially awkward after all. Golly. Who is on that list?
  13. why would you bring that up rather than having a giggle, oh god what is wrong with you Anyway, the tunnel is way, way cheaper, just a whole lot more effort on your part. It was like £50 for a long holiday last I went, but tiresome as anything driving everywhere.
  14. Sounds like you have visportals or nodraw textures filtered. Both of them will hide it the moment you create one.
  15. Isn't that The Lute of Oralaphalese's lesser-known cousin, The Violin of Popalopalis?
  16. dont tell them, but im gonna call in a fake bomb threat at the venue they decide on
  17. ...and now it doesn't look like a real word.
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