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  1. A little bit of introspection and you might see where the lack of civility came from.
  2. I think the entitlement being off the charts is owing to the natural proximity between developer, whiner and consumer that the internet allows for. Nowadays, any demanding man-child can go crazy and have their ridiculously exaggerated rants heard by a bunch of people. They act like they're the vox populi in an oppressive society because they once again fell for embellished E3 marketing. I imagine they just feel dumb for being gulled for the nth time and throw a tantrum about how unfair it is rather than simply dampening their giddiness at E3. It's like people forget that nobody there is their friend and they're all up on-stage to sell you something. The irony there is that they then go out and call anyone buying it a sheep who perpetuates the dishonesty in the industry. Except the game is an amazing new standard for RPGs everywhere in terms of world design and writing. The combat's pretty simplistic and Geralt controls like a tank missing a track, but it's otherwise an impeccable and thoroughly 10/10 vidyo game. Probably best to save that spiel for Ubisoft and EA.
  3. Dmappin' super speedy like Speed of dmapping on an 11MB map probably doubled. I haven't timed it, but it's blatantly miles faster so there's no need.
  4. More than happy to be known across the lands for my Merigoldian snark. Whoo!
  5. Oo, sign me up! you guys like me, right?
  6. Thanks for the lights! They look awesome.
  7. No this is the Doom reboot are you high?
  8. Thanks! The only thing stopping me from trying that out is the assumption that they'd rotate on the wrong axis after being attached, but I've never really played with def_attaching other than for sticking props on AI. By all means experiment! I added a moveable version of the leather tube and a wall version of the display case. All three parts of the tube are frobable, so you'll probably find that you can't pick it up without opening it and taking the scroll out first (they're prioritised, because otherwise it's impossible to do anything other than pick up the sealed tube). Still, if you wanted to throw around an open, empty leather tube, I gotcha covered. Oh, you'll also have to download the .ase and .cm in the assets .zip if you want to use it.
  9. I don't see why not! It'll be #11 in the .zip in a little while. I'll see if making one works out, could be glitchy owing to the confined interior and the abundance of patches on it. Yeah, but considering the number of these I'm making, I frankly can't be bothered going through 4x the monotony of moving them to the origin and saving them.
  10. Kyyrma's arrow trap would probably be a bit of a halting point
  11. We here at Merry's Marvellous Mapping Co. are proud to sponsor all your mapping endeavors! That's my favorite too~ I set those with hinged doors to open twice as quickly and changed the opening sound to match. I'm glad you like 'em!
  12. Added a bunch of nifty containers for storing note and scroll readables in style (under prefab containers).
  13. Those photos are all really recent-looking, like late C19th and early C20th, so they could be either wood or plaster. People used plaster and wood at different times throughout history, but since those are so recent they could be either depending on the designer's taste/budget. It's almost certainly not marble, though.
  14. Core mod *bangbangbang* core mod *bangbangbang* core mod *bangbangbang*
  15. Aw man, I love the elevated skybox houses in the background. Gives a neat sense of scale to the place. That building on the left in the first picture reminded me of the machine room on the river in Hammerhead. I remember loving that the whole level was built around the water. Probably wouldn't be viable with this engine, though.
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